Endless Path : Infinite Cosmos

Chapter 16 - Rewards

Chapter 16 - Rewards

Vahn stood stark still beyond the treeline observing the effects of the arrow he had just released towards the Chief. He was momentarily unable to comprehend the turn of events that had just taken place. Though he had originally planned to thin the goblin tribe down and make use of the explosive arrows later that day, he was caught off guard by how the encampment had responded. Instead of immediately charging towards his position, the goblins seemed to enter a chaotic state which only escalated with the emergence of their Chief.

Vahn noted the Chief was acting in a peculiar manner outside his initial expectations. He noted the demeanor of the Chief to be one of indecisiveness and scorn. For nearly a minute it just stood in the same spot observing the chaotic state of the encampment as it likely ruminated over the next course of action.

It was during this period of time that Vahn decided to change his plan. If the goblin Chief was just going to stand there aimlessly, why not try to eliminate it now instead of later?

Vahn readied his magical bow and arrow, this time charging the bow beyond the safety threshold he had decided upon. He allowed the runes to absorb enough energy to bring the bows' attack to a value of 200. Vahn noted that the string of the bow had begun to glow, and it became increasingly difficult to draw to its apex.

Taking aim at the Chief, Vahn began charging his arrow to its maximum potential. Moments before it reached a full charge, the Chief broke from its absentminded state and used the magical staff within its possession to burn the large goblin that was struggling on the ground. Its expression turned to one of hate and maliciousness as it watched one of its subordinates' struggles. As the Chief raised the staff towards the sky, Vahn loosed the arrow that had now reached capacity.

The arrow traveled with a speed far greater than any of Vahn's previous shots, and he held his breath in anticipation of the impending result.

The goblin Chief, as if sensing the incoming projectile used the raised staff to intercept the arrow along its flight path. It displayed a look of satisfaction and contempt at having succeeded...


With an expression attesting to its successful defense still fixed on its' face, the Chief and every goblin within 15m were consumed by the explosion triggered after contacting the arrow.

As they had all been previously observing the Chief as it burned the large goblin, the remaining tribesman stood awestruck at the aftermath of the explosion. Their once revered Chief who inspired both fear and respect among their kin had been reduced the nothing more than pulp before their eyes. The staff which had become a symbol of his power now lay embedded within the walls of the largest hut of the encampment in a shattered state.

They continued to stare for a brief moment, as the remnants of their Chief turned to dust along with several of their kin including the remaining executors. Broken from their stupor, a chaos far greater than their previous state returned to the tribe. They began to flee in all directions, many of them choosing to jump into the rapids of the river adjacent to their encampment only to be claimed by the current. Some of the bolder ones had elected to avenge their fallen Chief and ran towards the accursed creature that had claimed so many of their kin.

Vahn stood amongst the treeline observing the spectacle caused by the explosive arrow he had loosed upon the goblin Chief. He observed as they fled in random directions and began to fear he would fail his quest as a result of being unable to eliminate the tribe in its entirety. Just as this thought crossed his mind several notifications sounded in his head. He took a quick glance and had noticed it was congratulating him for completing the quest, but he had to dismiss it to engage the thirty or so goblins that had begun to charge towards his position.

He began to enact his original plan to eliminate the goblins as they approached his location and managed to take out more than half before they forced him to retreat deeper into the forest.

Continuing their mad charge, the remaining goblins were rapidly dispatched by the combination of anti-personnel mines and archery. After less than ten minutes of actual fighting, all of the berserk goblins had fallen. Vahn quickly gathered what crystals he could find before observing the goblin encampment once more. At this point, the majority of goblins had fled leaving a few that had been injured as a result of the earlier explosion.

Vahn slowly approached the now abandoned site and dispatched all the surviving goblins. After a cursory glance in all of the decrepit mud structures, the only spoils Vahn could find were fragments of the broken staff, the Chief's crystal, various small crystals, and lastly a book that had been kept within the Chief's 'compound'.

The staff had been completely splintered into three larger fragments and various smaller parts which Vahn did his best to collect. The crystal obtained from the corpse of the Chief was much larger than a normal goblin, around ten centimeters compared to the usual one-to-two.

After consulting with Sis, she speculated it could be exchanged for around 230 points, nearly 23x the amount of a single small crystal. She had also encouraged him to keep it within his inventory, as it could prove a useful item to trade in once he entered the City. Agreeing with her recommendation, Vahn stored the crystal and inspected the book.

The book was much larger than any book he had ever seen. It was even bigger than the textbooks provided for Vahn's education in his previous life. The outside of the book seemed to be comprised of a kind of aged leather that had been embossed with golden leaves, vines, and runic symbols. The cover displayed a large golden tree with various gems inlaid to represent fruits. Curious to its contents, Vahn tried and failed to open the latch holding the book closed.

"Sis, do you know what this book is? Why am I unable to open it, even though it doesn't have a lock?"

(*I am unable to determine the origin of the book or its uses. I would recommend leaving the book in of your inventory so it can be analyzed by 'The Path'. As for being unable to open the book, it could be the result of a magical spell or enchantment.*)

Storing the book, Vahn left the goblin encampment towards his home. Along the way, he took the opportunity to inspect the notifications that had popped up after the slew the Chief.

//Quest Complete//

[Quest: Destroy the Goblin Tribe]

Status: Completion rate 100%, Grade: SS

Rank: (D)

Rewards: Complete activation of the 'Quest' function, 1x 'Effigy of the Hero', 1000 Origin Points.

Grade Rewards: Skill: Call of the Reaper (B) [Complete quest without being seen by the Boss], 50,000 Origin Points [Grade Reward: S], 1x Skill Enhancement Scroll [Grade Reward: SS].

//Quest Function Permanently Available//

Vahn was surprised at the grading and grade rewards. He hadn't expected to obtain any bonuses when he had decided to eliminate the Chief with his explosive arrow. Curious about the new skill and various items, Vahn vegan to inspect each of their descriptions.


'Call of the Reaper'


Attacks dealt from stealth deal an additional 300% damage. Your attacks carry the aspect of death, calling victims unseen into its silent embrace. Failure to land the blow removes stealth and reduces parameters by 50% for 30 minutes. Cooldown is reduced to 5 minutes if the user is able to re-enter stealth status.


'Effigy of the Hero' x1

Rank: (S)

Use: This effigy is automatically consumed by its owner when they take otherwise fatal damage. Upon consumption, the effigy transfers all wounds from the owner unto itself. The effigy will begin to burn for three minutes increasing all parameters of the owner by 3x for the duration. After three minutes the effigy turns to ash and the owner enters a dormant state for 3 hours.

'Skill Enhancement Scroll' x1

Rank: (A)

Use: Can be used to increase the rank any skill by one rank. Cannot be used on skills Rank: A or higher.

Vahn's eyes went wide at the three descriptions. 'Call of the Reaper' would give him incredible benefits if he decided to pursue the path of stealth. 'Effigy of the Hero' was essentially a life-saving item that would allow him to turn a perilous situation around, and the 'Skill Enhancement Scroll' would be very beneficial for any B ranked skills he acquires in the future.

He contemplated using the scroll the enhance 'Call of the Reaper' but decided to put it off until he was able to understand the skills potential. Since he had just acquired such a large amount of Origin Points, Vahn could learn a plethora of new skills that could prove to be of greater use in the long run than a skill with high requirements and a downside. If anything he could use it to increase his 'Bow Mastery' which had increased from Rank: (F) -> (D). With a bit more effort he was confident in being able to raise it to B in the future.

Vahn finally arrived back at the cave around noon and decided to celebrate his triumph by roasting a boar he had hunted several weeks ago. He had kept it in his inventory since it seemed to require a lot of effort to prep, but now it felt like a simple task as Vahn began to feel like he was capable of accomplishing anything.

As the day began to come to a close Vahn sat around the campfire enjoying the roasted boar. He thought about the last six months he had spent training, and how much he had grown since his arrival in this world. The quest, which he thought would be immensely difficult ended up getting completed with relative ease, with ample rewards to show for his efforts.

He opened his map and began to look towards the direction of Orario, the place where his journey would officially begin. With various thoughts passing through his mind, Vahn decided to retire to bed early that night in anticipation of the coming day. With the completion of the quest, he believed he was ready to take his first steps along 'The Path'...

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