Endless Path : Infinite Cosmos

Chapter -2 - Rage : The Path (Parody Chapter)

Chapter -2 - Rage : The Path (Parody Chapter)

(A/N: This will be moved to Auxillary chapters soon. I just wanted to vent out and be the dumbass some of the commenters want me to be. I appreciate all the kind feedback from my fans and just wanted to write this as parody/satire. It won't stop the other 2-3 chapters I'm releasing later.)

*Trigger Warning. This Chapter may contain violent and graphic content. You have been warned.*

Vahn mindlessly slaughtered every monster on the 14th floor before he realized he didn't have to take things so slowly. He started self-mutilating his body and derived pleasure from the incisions in his flesh. Why wait to suffer wounds in a fight when he can just maul his own body whenever he wants? What use is pain resistance if he doesn't exploit the f.u.c.k out of it right?

He carved into his flesh and even wrote the names of the people he liked on his arm. It made him feel closer to them, and he especially enjoyed the fuzzy feeling that spread in his mind as the blood continued draining from his body. He quickly managed to transition between his turtle and vermillion bird forms, but why should he be satisfied with just that?

Vahn kept mutilating his own body until the flames began to burn out and were replaced by an azure radiance that pulsed under his skin. It was cool so he kept going even further and watched as azure/golden scales began to cover areas of his body. Small horns from his head and his hair began dancing in the wind due to the aura his body was generating. Lighting emitted from his eyes as a powerful repressive force emerged from his body.

Observing his change, Vahn noticed he had become much more muscular and his height had increased. Instead of his puny 150cm midget body from before, he was now 200cm tall with muscles that would make any girl collapse from pleasure as the mere sight of his manly frame.

Vahn looked at his surroundings and realized that this dungeon was just a prison, even if it wasn't for himself. Couldn't he just use his Chainbreaker skill to break the entire thing? Realizing his own foolishness for trying to become stronger on his own, Vahn began channeling the skill with all his willpower. He noticed that his parameters were increasing at an astronomical rate since they too were just another thing restricting his body.

A terrifying aura spread throughout the entire dungeon as the dragon sealed at the bottom looked up with fear in its eye. On the surface, all the weaker people began collapsing at the sheer majesty of the aura while the various gods and goddesses had to resist its effect by mustering their own Divinity. All the non-plot related characters spontaneously died as sounds began ringing in Vahns head about all the negative karma he was gaining.

Vahn scoffed at the number before willing it out of the system. What use was karma the wielder of 'The Path'. There was nothing that could restrict him after all. At this point, all of his stats had nulled and turned into infinity symbols. His level was no longer represented by a number but instead showed MAX.

Vahn laughed loudly, and each syllable carried with it a powerful destructive force. Every single monster in the dungeon began to explode under the pressure and he began gaining OP by the millions. He immediately completed his quest and obtained a Zanpakutou it its sealed state. Vahn scoffed at the idea and channeled his energy into the blade.

Since the Zanpakutou shared the characteristics of his soul, it too couldn't be restricted so he immediately awakened his Bankai which transformed the blade into a 7m long jade-white sword. Vahn lifted the blade and cut down with a tremendous might. The entire tower of Babel and the dungeon beneath were split in two and created a crevasse more than 20m wide.

Vahn allowed himself to free fall into the hole before realizing gravity was also just a restriction, so he started flying. He quickly arrived at the bottom of the tower and disintegrated some strange goddess covered in black miasma before beheading the giant black dragon that had the audacity to attack him. He put it's head into his inventory as proof of his subjugation before leaving the dungeon.

After he exited, he saw thousands of people surrounding the tower in a panic. Every major Familia and their gods had gathered to investigate the rampant destruction and were in awe seeing the god-like boy floating in the air before them. Vahn gazed over the crowd and all the men spontaneously felt inferior and looked away while the women blushed at the sight of Vahn's majesty.

When he had changed forms, all the clothing and equipment that had been restricting his body were annihilated so he stood there in all his n.a.k.e.d glory for the whole world to see. From the crowd, Hephaestus could be seen with both of her eyes uncovered as she marveled at his form.

Vahn smiled and waved his hand, pulling Hephaestus towards him. He used a billion OP to purchase a skill that would allow him to form divine grade relics with just a thought and then created a pure golden hammer made of condensed flames and gifted it to her. "Now you're mine." Before she was able to respond, Vahn kissed her deeply as waved his hand an disintegrated her clothing.

Hephaestus didn't resist at all as she understood her place as Vahn's possession. She let the boy that she had grown so fond of ravishing her body as the onlookers stared slack-jawed at the sight. She m.o.a.ned loudly and contentedly at being able to experience the pleasure only known by a woman who had submitted herself to a strong man.

Vahn continued plowing into Hephaestus as he felt the pleasure overwhelm his body. He used his [Hands of Nirvana] which had also reached SSS to rapidly heal her body to prevent her from breaking due to his mighty force. From the crowd, he could see several other women looking at him with anticipation. Vahn quickly ejaculated inside Hephaestus and imbued his energy into his s.e.m.e.n to guarantee she would be i.m.p.r.e.g.n.a.t.ed. Even though Goddesses couldn't conceive the children of mortal men, Vahn wasn't bound by such a restriction.

Vahn descended from the sky as he waved his hand and stored Hephaestus into his inventory. Though it didn't allow him to keep living things inside, Vahn, of course, wasn't going to pay any attention to that restriction. What were the laws of the world against his awesome power?

Waving his hand, all the well-known characters from the manga were pulled towards him. For the ones that weren't yet of age, Vahn accelerated their time and forced their bodies into a mature state. Even though some of them resisted at first, he was able to bring them endless amounts of pleasure with just a single caress and they quickly began squirming under his prowess.

From the side, some of the Familia's the girls belonged to tried stopping him, but Vahn just waved his hand and created an isolated space that even gods couldn't enter. He continued ravishing the women until they were a sloppy mess barely able to stand. They all had enamored smiled on their face as even people like Ais were groveling at his feet while trying to lick his toes. Vahn felt proud of himself for subduing such quality women with no effort.

Waving his hand, he stored them all into his inventory before looking towards the tower that had been split in twine. Raising his palm, Vahn made good on his promise to burn the tower and created a giant sphere that consumed the entirety of the structure. Everyone in the City began to disintegrate and Vahn frowned slightly before waving his hand and instantly resurrecting them all. He wasn't a monster after all.

After he was done, Vahn looked into empty space before cracks began to appear in the sky itself. The shards rained down and a black void was opened in reality which Vahn passed through with ease. Sis had told him that he would have to give up some of his power when he went to other worlds, but Vahn didn't care about such insignificant restrictions. Instead, he cut through the dimensions until he had arrived at the stone dais where his journey began.

Vahn waved his hand and created thousands of dimensions cracks that opened to several worlds. He even spent some of his OP to purchase anime/manga from the system shop and downloaded it to his brain all in the time it took for an electron to circ.u.mnavigate an atom. He then purchased the shadow-clone jutsu from the shop and instantly mastered it.

After creating thousands of clones, Vahn sent them into the various worlds he had connected to his own personal dimension. To expedite the process, Vahn created a spatial field where time was enhanced by thousands of times. He brought the girls out of his inventory and marveled at their sensuous forms. He began ravishing them again while channeling his [Promethus] to increase their strength.

He completely ignored the restrictions of the skill and instantly brought it up to rank SSS. At this point, all of the girls had also transcended their limits and were essentially immortal goddesses. Vahn started ravishing them in an endless orgy as OP began pouring in from the thousands of worlds visited by his clones. Every few minutes memories would enter his body after a clone had completely conquered the world he sent it to.

Without having to make any effort on his part, Vahn was able to experience thousands of lives all at once. He married countless girls from all his favorite anime/manga and sired hundreds-of-thousands of children of his own. There were even worlds where he created clans that lasted for generations under his leadership as he subjugated the various gods and pantheons of each world.

When his clones got tired or defeated, they would disperse and upload the memories to Vahn's main body. The women left behind would be devastated, but since his clone had increased their strength to a massive extent they were able to cut through the dimensions and find their way to Vahn's main body.

Laughing madly, Vahn continued reveling in the pleasures of the flesh for eons until he finally started getting bored. There was even a time where he made a body for Sis and embraced her for a hundred years straight. It was very interesting seeing a previously synthetic energy construct m.o.a.n out with emotions.

Once his l.u.s.t had been sated, Vahn created a clone for all of his women who now numbered more than 140 million. He cut through space until he found his way to an isolated white space where the Goddess Klyscha resided. She looked at him with horror on her face after seeing what he had done.

Before she could say anything, Vahn silenced her mouth with a kiss as he immediately forced her body into estrus. He had waited a long time to get to the point and wanted to return everything he had received to her. How else could he thank her for giving him something so convenient as 'The Path'?

Vahn continued to make love to Klyscha for eons as she m.o.a.ned out in pleasure that shook the very heavens. Even though she still resisted, she was unable to prevent her bodies natural desire to submit to Vahn from taking over. Eventually, she gave up trying to reason with the boy she had placed all of her hopes in and just accepted her role as a woman fated to serve his desires.

When he was finally satisfied with Klyscha, Vahn left a clone to tend to her needs as he made his final stop on his journey. Since he wasn't bound by space or time anymore, Vahn went to the point where his mother had just given birth to him. He saw the woman on the verge of death and waved his hand to make her immortal. He looked at his tiny and pale self before scoffing at his own weakness.

Vahn reached his hand towards the past version of himself as his Mother tried protecting the newborn child. She was frantic after seeing the god-like Vahn suddenly appear in the hospital bed. Even though she felt a strange affection towards the man, she was more concerned about protecting her baby than understanding the uneasy feelings building within her.

With a gentle smile on his face, Vahn waved his hand and gave his mother all of his memories related to the past. She paused as the processed all the information before looking incredulously towards Vahn. "Vahn...?" His mother tested the word on her lips before smiling brightly. Her little boy had grown up and overcome so much just to make her happy.

Vahn reached forward and his mother no longer resisted as he imbued all of his power into the young infant's body. By the time he was finished, his original form disappeared as the infant opened its aquamarine eyes that showed an infinite intellect and power. Vahn could see his mother smiling down at him as the nurses and doctors stared on in horror at the events that were transpiring.

Vahn allowed himself to fall asleep in his mothers embrace while splitting off a small piece of his consciousness. He began to destroy the souls of all the people that harbored ill will towards him and his mother. By the time his purge had ended, nearly two-billion people had been erased from the world. Vahn didn't even leave any memory of their existence behind as he altered fate to recognize his infant body to be the god of this new world. A world he created for himself to allow him to walk along 'The Path' he had decided upon.

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