Epic Of Caterpillar

Chapter 2160 Kireina Might Be Scarier Than Abyss’ Vampires

Chapter 2160 Kireina Might Be Scarier Than Abyss' Vampires




[The Vampires Hector and Hecatriz have activated the Divine Blood Path Art [Divine Blood Soul Fusion], temporary fusing their bodies and healing all wounds in the process.]

[The Embodiment of the Fragment of The Moon Goddess resonates within them, transforming them into [Resentful Titan Of Silver Moon]! All of their Stats have been combined and increased by +1000%, their Damage Dealt has increased by +500%, Damage Reduction has increased by 50%]

[Transformation Duration: Approximately 13 Minutes (Until all their energy runs out)]

A titan made out of the gray stone of the silver moon appeared. A strange and mysterious fusion between these two Vampires and the "Fragment of the Moon Goddess" or something. There's always some sort of Fragment or a Mc Guffin with these people, isn't it? Every single world is the same.

"Alright I guess you got a bit stronger; a thousand percent boost is not that big of a deal nowadays, you know?" I sighed; my body slowly began to shapeshift into my Outer Goddess form.

I quickly became much slender, with clear insectoid appearance. Long bug-like legs, six long and sharp pairs of arms, purple, dark blue, black, and golden exoskeleton covering my body. And even a huge and intimidating helmet covered my face.

My wings flared, disintegrating and then being reborn as endless cosmic flames, spreading my Cosmic Domain around me. Thousands of miniature stars materialized within my Domain, as I pointed my long, insectoid fingers at the titan.


With a furious roar, it charged against me. Overflowing with what I would call Moonlight Energy, it overflowed with a gray divine cosmic aura, strong enough to easily attempt to overpower my Cosmic Domain's barrier.


A single attack from both of its gigantic fists was enough to send a few tiny cracks on the barrier. Although it instantly regenerated a second later. It was quite interesting. They were pretty strong!

"Alright! Please survive this, pleaseee!" I called for the heavens above. As I summoned thousands of Star Falls against the titan. "[Star Fall Rain]"

Thousands of miniature stars, made of compressed Cosmic Energy bombarded the giant's entire body. Its body started to gain large cracks the more it was hit, crumbling down to pieces and revealing pulsating red flesh beneath the gray moon stone.


Although it looked like it was dying, it kept rushing towards me, attacking me with its gigantic fists. Countless, pink-colored eyes opened from within their orifices, firing beams of Moonlight and Divine Blood Essence against me. However, my Cosmic Domain Barrier easily reflected all attacks.


With a monstrous roar, the Moon Titan opened its aberrant jaws, charging even more Moonlight Essence than ever before and unleashing a rampaging beam of all its power. I greeted it by turning two of my arms into gigantic scythe egos and slashing through the beam with ease.

"[Absolute Cosmic Enchantment: Arms] + [Absolute Cosmic Enchantment: Ego] + [Abyssal Demon Fragment: Exoskeleton Armor of Chaos] = [Moon-Cutting Cosmic Scythes Of Chaos: Shade & Umbral]!"


The beam was divided into two through the power of my temporary Scythe Armed Egos, which cut through anything. Even the giant right behind them was sliced apart into three pieces, which crumbled down into a mess of flesh and moon stone.

"Whew, these scythes are sure strong."

I looked at my own claws as I noticed a little fly on the run. It was the Vampiress that was with the twins some seconds ago. I think she tried to conjure like a thousand curses on me from a distance, but none truly worked. So she's running away now.

"Hey girl~"

I used my Partial Dimensional Warping to appear right above her. She was scared shitless, looking at the monstrosity I was and all. Not like I mind the fear. It was nice, actually. I guess it doesn't matter if I kill her, right? She attacked me first anyways.

"G-Get away from me, you aberrant monstrosity!!"

She screamed in utter anger and fear, pointing her hands towards me. I noticed her Divine Blood Aura surging from her body and her core from her chest. It transformed into a tenebrous ghostly lady holding several voodoo dolls.

"[Vampire Curse Caster Path Arts]: [Lady Of Eternal Curses: Pandora]!"

With a loud screech, the ghostly lady unleashed a wave of thousands of curses against me. I felt like they were trying to break through my cosmic barrier, attempting to affect me negatively. Paralysis, bleeding, intense poison, confusion, madness, and many other curses were trying to be conjured on my body.


However, with a mere wave of my hand, I cut the ghostly lady into pieces, and then extended my long claws towards the little woman. She might look young, but her soul was very, very old. I grasped her neck and looked at her into the eyes with my giant insectoid face.

"Show me, how you despair as I slowly take away your life."

"G-Guuggh… Aaarrggh…! M-my family… Won't… You…! We will chase you… UGGH… AARRGH…!"


More arrogant than I imagined, these Vampires are sure of another breed entirely! I snapped her neck and crushed her soul and body with my sheer comic pressure, making her completely disintegrate and become my nourishment.

"Oh well, that's about that… Hmm, right, this!"

I swiftly flew down and ate the remains of the still somehow alive moon titan, it was just fleshy tendrils, blood, and moon stone. But the flesh was still pulsating, and the souls of the twins were still trapped in that destroyed corpse. I put them out of their misery by eating them all.

"Burp… Oh, that wasn't too bad for some foreign food." I patted my belly. "Ah, I think I got the Moon Goddess Fragment thing? It's inside of me now. Hey Blood God, hey! Do you know about her?"

"Y-You just killed all those Vampires like they were flies…" The Blood God seemed disappointed on his kin.

"Well they were weaklings! My Vampires are stronger." I puffed my chest. "Anyways, are you telling me, or do I need to extract the info from your head? It's going to be painful if I do that, and you risk dying for real this time."

"I-I'll tell you!" He cried. "Yes, I know! Didn't I explain to you? The Moon Goddess was one of the two original Primordial Gods of this world."




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