Epic Of Caterpillar

Chapter 2194 Devastating The Enemy Army

Chapter 2194 Devastating The Enemy Army




"[Harmonized Chaos Mandala Arts]: [Harmonious Chaotic Wrath]"

I pushed my palm forwards, trying to be gentle while doing so. My Authorities, exuding Demonic Powers of three Sins combined together, Chakra, Chaos, Void, Space, Time, Cosmic Energy, and a myriad of other powers, resembled an endlessly swirling sea of black stars.

And all of it gathered into the palm of my hand, releasing it forwards. The demons in front of me were immediately disintegrated, their armor, everything disappeared. A beam of blackness shooting forward.


The beam hit the army of Wrath Demons behind, a huge explosion that looked like a nuke spread out everywhere. Half of the demons exposed to it died instantly, the other half were left dying, poisoned through a myriad of substances entering their bodies, their souls slowly being eaten away by Gluttonous Miasmic Chakra Flames.

For a moment, the entire battlefield fell into silence. Not only because of that attack, but because the beam also hit the Demonic Gate several hundred kilometers away, and it directly impacted the interior of the Layer of Wrath, leaving behind a titanic hole and killing two hundred more demons on the way.

"Oh my, did I overdo it?"

I ignored the system notifications showing up by my side, I had gained more than just a few levels after that accidental massacre. Yet I still felt like going for some more. The power of my Spirit Hearts channeling their essence into my body, further giving me an absolute aura of elemental power.

The different energies and powers of many worlds were extracted and made into those spirit hearts, naturally giving me a tremendous, combined power.

And I haven't even gone all-out yet.

"S-So strong…"


"P-Please don't hurt us!"

The Greed Demons were falling on their knees once they saw what I did. I was technically "World Devourer Realm" but just as Mammon had said, my power could be comparable to a much higher Realm than that, solely based on my Skills and Stats.

"Don't worry, don't worry, I am a friendly caterpillar~" I winked at them. "Run to the back, my wife will heal you and take good care of you. Come on!"

"A-Ah, yes!"

They quickly ran away, as I stopped any Wrath Demon from chasing them, teleporting from place to place easily with my Partial Dimensional Warping and crushing the Wrath Demons with a single punch. Each time I crushed them, their entire bodies exploded into pieces, as if they were balloons.

Their armor broke, but without using techniques I at least managed to not completely disintegrate them, giving me the ability to pick their corpses, rise them as Undead, and add them to my Chaotic Cosmic Swarm, which was also the source of my higher stats, as it gave me additional stats the larger it became.

Their screams of agony as they were pulverized with my attacks reverberated across the battlefield, explosions of Chaotic Charka flames spread everywhere, a third of their army already eliminated by me. But more were coming constantly from the cracks, just how was Satan able to produce so many damned demons? Well, that's more EXP for me anyways.

However, this was still too slow, I had to cover a wider range!

"Alright, time for the real party to begin." I smiled. "[Myriad Combined Authorities] + [Swarm Queen's Summon] + [Divine Aberrant Swarm Summon] + [Absolute Cosmic Enchantment] = [Endless Abyssal Chaotic Cosmic Swarm Maxima Summon: Swarm Hive Mind Queen Insecta]!


The combination of countless Authorities fused together, of many powerful Skills, and lastly, of my Swarm all together into a monstrous entity, a temporary Maxima Summon of Cosmic Proportions. My Swarm Aura, the Sea of Chaos, Chakra, Void, and Demonic Flames, and my Cosmic Powers all combining together and then erupting from my body.

Something suddenly covered hundreds of kilometers in a mere second. Undead, Insects, Monsters, Chaotic Creatures, Abyssal Miasmic Beasts, Undead Demons, everything I've battled so far was now here, part of my endless army!

And also, part of my new little Maxima Summon, she's only a temporary existence, but even then, she'll become really useful!

And I baptized her with a name.

"Insecta, spread yourself to every corner, aid my family and friends to gain EXP as efficiently as possible. If you can, weaken foes until death, and let them finish them off. As for my area, kill everything."

I smiled, my entire body slowly fusing with her as I dissipated, I felt as if I had become countless of beings at once. This was one of Insecta's Unique Skills [Cosmic Soul Swarm Assimilation]! So, this also meant I was fighting everywhere my swarm was.


The sound of countless gigantic insects echoed everywhere. The Wrath Demons saw with great horror as their comrades were being torn to shreds and destroyed into pieces by countless of deadly mandibles.

While I was killing hundreds per minute, it was now quickly becoming tens of thousands now. There were literal millions of wrath demons, so this wasn't bad at all! The massacre continued, blood and guts filling the entire battlefield.

Mammon and everyone else were unable to comprehend how deep my power was, and not even I could. I was still in my experimental phase after all!

I saw my entire family fighting too, my wives and children tried out their variety of skills and techniques. Especially their new Authorities and their new Vampiric Paths, or well, for those that got them. They were amazingly strong! I saw Gaby engulfing hundreds of foes with a single bite of her Void-Swimming Megalodon Aura.

I saw Nephiana cut through over fifty demons and shred them into pieces with her mighty slicing storm attacks using her wings. I saw Agatheina and Alice above me, conjuring their powerful Blood Magic. Crimson Lightning in one side burned everything with the wrath of an evil goddess. The other side was engulfed in an endlessly spiraling vortex of blood, consuming everything.

And my little Alucard happily enjoyed the chaos and bloodshed in the middle of all, his powers similar to both Agatheina, Alice, and mine, combined together at once. It was as if he was summoning thousands of vampires out of his own Blood Aura. Swords, spears, axes, all kinds of weapons, explosions of crimson flames, crimson lighting, darkness, everything!

My children Aarae and Valentia conjured their respective and powerful Sea Spells. Aarae summoning endlessly swirling tsunamis, storms, and destructive sea serpent summons, Ervin by her side protecting her with his upgraded stats after he became a World Devourer Realm, his trident easily piercing any foe that got closer to her.

Valentia in the other case, transformed into her even larger and monstrous chaotic dragon form, devastating everything like a living, walking calamity. Seas of chaos spread by her steps, everything suffered, everything died.

Scarlet and Nirah were also devastating the battlefield not so far away from me, both girls transforming into gigantic, chimeric cosmic monsters and devastating everything with their sheer physical prowess and deadly divinities and abilities.

This was way too fun to watch!

Indeed, we are quite the chaotic family, aren't we?


However, nothing could be fun and games for so long, Satan was raging.

And I saw his gigantic, titanic red hands tearing through the cracks of space.

Crack, crack…!


Oh? Is the real deal coming here now?

Maybe I'll finally be able to kill the real Satan.

Good, Shub-Niggurath was certainly not enough.

Let's see how much EXP can an Archdemon give to me!




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