Epic Of Caterpillar

Chapter 2239 Kill Her!

Chapter 2239 Kill Her!


"That bitch killed Furia already?!" Mammon on his axe form panicked. "She's much stronger than the degenerate of Erdetoth!"

"Don't worry, Furia's not dead. I can summon her again after a few hours, she's linked to my Bloodline after all." Kireina said. "More importantly, we need to finish her off, and quickly!"

She rushed towards Ashatath, swinging her giant black hammer, Metatron, and releasing powerful shockwaves of Chaotic Cosmic and Demonic Energies. At the same time, her [Eternal Radiant Sun's Divine Swarm] surged from her Authority-Cosmic-Fusion Aura, endlessly firing beams of Divine Sunlight against the Recessed.

"Tch, how come you're so damn tough?!"

Ashatath was furious, tanking hits while exchanging them against Kireina. Her powerful limbs kept regrowing, resembling sharp spears made of the toughest of diamonds, impacting Kireina's armor and rapidly beginning to dig through it, shattering it.


However, each time she was about to get through, Kireina's triple-layered armor reformed, negating any damage she could have done by piercing through them!

This was because Kireina's "armor" was composed of three different components. The first one was Aquamarine, who had already turned into his armor form, and had been merged into her exoskeleton since the beginning.

The second was her [Impenetrable Primordial Chaos Armored Cocoon Body] Skill Armor, which constantly regrew anew, increased her defenses, and made her even tougher.

And lastly, the third and outer layer was her [Primordial Azure Sea Orichalcum Armament Creation] Skill, its metal wrapped around her body tightly, solidifying into a very tough third layer of armor over her entire body.

With these three layers, Kireina secured an immense amount of Defense, and with their stacked stat boosts, from the Orichalcum's Speed-boosting Azure Aura to the Khepri Transformation's All Stats boosts…

Kireina was perhaps over thirty times as strong as she actually showed in her Status!

Like this, even while being at peak World Realm, and even without receiving any extra stats from the Maxima Universe, she was almost in equal footing to Ashatath!


Ashatath couldn't accept someone lower than her to overpower her so easily, furiously clashing against Kireina. Her limbs kept regrowing as Kireina crushed and hacked through them with her Hammer and her Axe, explosions of chaotic, chakra, and cosmic flames erupting with each blow they exchanged together.


Ashatath furiously kicked Kireina in the last moment as Kireina was beginning to overwhelm her, shattering all three layers of her armor in that very instant.

Then, as Kireina was being pushed away and began to harness her Energies into her fists, Ashatath rushed forwards, her legs suddenly fusing, transforming into a single, gigantic, and pointy diamond spear.

She aimed at the large wound within Kireina's armor she created!



The blow released a shockwave of cosmic energy, distorting reality itself and creating cracks through space, which shattered like glass. Yet…



Ashatath looked in disbelief as Kireina caught her spear with her four other hands, and then lifted her up into the air.

"After I ate half of you, you've surely become weaker…"


Ashatath furiously unleashed a myriad of Cosmic Spells, giant blazing meteors made of corrupted nether sunlight started bombarding Kireina constantly, as Kireina quickly shattered her spear and intercepted the spells with her own.

"[Chaotic Star Fall]!"

Her Cosmic Domain spread out, as countless stars surged, corrupted with darkness, they started to intercept Ashatath's own spells, explosions spread across the surroundings, beginning to destroy the dark palace's interior.


Kireina rushed amidst the explosions, swinging her axe against Ashatath, hacking through her body and splitting her into two halves! An engulfing eruption of Wrathful, Greed, and Lustful Flames engulfed her, attempting to consume her mind and soul.


Ashatath gritted her mandibles, distorting space and time around her with her cosmic energy and quickly creating a dozen black holes surrounding Kireina, using their gravity and absorption powers to pull her towards them and tear her to shreds.


Kireina wasn't completely dominating everything though, she was actually equally matched, meaning that between the two, there was an equal chance of winning! The gravity pulled her entire body apart, the armor shattered and several of her limbs were torn apart.

"Fuck, this bitch has so many spells she hasn't used yet! Was she saving them to surprise me?!" Kireina thought, gritting her teeth. "Well, it can't be said I am any different though!"


Ashatath roared madly, rushing towards Kireina as she condensed her Cosmic Energy, fusing it with Nether and Holy Sunlight and enchanting her entire physical form with it, creating an even more compact and stronger being. Now, she resembled a goddess made of complete black and white gold diamond, covered on red eyes, and with purple-colored spider legs behind her.

Extending her eight giant legs, each one summoning a small distortion in space, she attacked Kireina with a myriad of attacks, each one more than capable of destroying a whole Realm of Genesis, or even split apart a small planet.


Kireina's entire body was torn to shreds, the black hole's tremendous gravity quickly dissipates as Ashatath laughed, seeing her torn to pieces! Ashatath smiled, quickly about to conjure another spell to disintegrate her bits and leave nothing of her behind.


"Did you thought tearing me to shreds was a strategy for killing me? Ashatath, I suppose you truly don't know about me."

Kireina's shredded flesh, bones, exoskeleton, and innards all flared with golden and black flames, chaotic and holy energies turning her entire body completely ethereal, as Ashatath saw her transform, fusing with her own Cosmic Domain into an entity of pure Chaos and Holiness.

Kireina combined the power of her [Metaphysical Manifestation] Skill with her other transformation Skills, allowing her to turn every shred of her body into a part of her own, ethereal and cosmic body!

"W-What in the world are you?!"

Ashatath panicked, quickly releasing a shockwave of cosmic energy before Kireina could grasp her body, half of Kireina's body disappeared, but the other half continued advancing, breaking through space and accelerating her own time using Shub-Niggurath's powers.

Countless jaws, tentacles, eye beams, and limbs rushed towards Ashatath, attacking her from every single direction, there was not a single inch of her body that was being attacked by Kireina!



Crack, crack…!

Ashatath's entire crystal-like body kept gaining cracks!


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