Escape from Marriage 100 Days: Sweet Wife Steals a Treasure

Chapter 30

Chapter 30 – Boyfriend?

Another hour later.

“Xiao Qiao…” Jin Mu Lin started to roll again.

Gong Xiaoqiao hit the table, “If you disturb again do you believe that I will slap you! ╰_╯”

“Sister, I especially love to see it when you are about to explode out of anger because of me!”

“The perverted mind is really incomprehensible…..”

“Xiao Qiao, there’s really something going on this time. Can you buy me some bandages and liquid medicine?”

“What happened to you? Where are you hurt?”

“It’s alright, a minor injury. I wasn’t careful at the concert!”

“Shit! Jin Mu Lin, you’re really looking for a slap! How come you’re only saying it just now?”

“Wasn’t I busy! ”

“Yes ah! Busy looking for trouble! You this damn pervert. Let me see where it hurts!” Xiao Qiao said, going to lift his quilt.

Jin Mu Lin behaved like a woman from a good family being forced, “Don’t, don’t look at it! Just buy it for me!”

“Where the hell are you hurt? You’re not lying to me, are you?” Gong Xiaoqiao looked at him suspiciously.

“Really, it’s hard to see where I’m hurt….”

Was she seeing an illusion? Unexpectedly, her second brother was blushing….

Just now, except for the bath towel around his waist, he was almost naked.

As a result Gong Xiaoqiao could roughly guess where the injury was, and smiled unkindly….


Gong Xiaoqiao did not expect to meet Qin Yao in D City.

She was looking everywhere for a pharmacy when she vaguely saw a familiar figure in the distance.

The man looked at her at the same time.

Then he turned his head.

Gong Xiaoqiao thought she was wrong and was about to turn her eyes, when she saw the man say something to the men behind him, then rush over to her, a little out of breath, “Xiao Qiao…..”

“Qin Yao. Why are you here?” Gong Xiaoqiao looked at the person, her brows only raised slightly, there was no special emotion other than that.

Seeing Gong Xiaoqiao’s indifferent reaction, Qin Yao’s eyes darkened. “I have something to deal with. I heard Xiao Rou say that you’re here for the audition in D City?”

She must be, if she mentioned her name.

Hadn’t seen her for four years, only that day at the engagement banquet with a hasty glance. Almost unable to coincide the her now with the memory in the heart.

Gong Xiaoqiao ‘hmm’ed’, someone was really concerned about her!

“How was it? Did you succeed?” Qin Yao asked.

“Three days later, there will be the final review. Not an important role, just a little servant girl.” In order to avoid the same misunderstanding that Jin Mu Lin had, Gong Xiaoqiao stated it clearly.

“Yuxiu?” Qin asked.

“Xiao Hong.” Gong Xiaoqiao cast him a suspicious glance. How did he know Yanxiu?

“This character….it doesn’t seem to have much parts….” Qin Yao said euphemistically.

“Have you also seen ‘World without demon’?” Gong Xiaoqiao was a little surprised.

“A bit. What are you doing out so late?”

Gong Xiaoqiao said casually, “Buying bandages and anti-inflammatory drugs. Do you know where there are sold around here?, forget it, instead of asking you, I might as well ask myself. You haven’t been in China for four years.”

Qin Yao’s eyes flashed with a trace of sorrow, “Where are you staying? The average hotel should have a special infirmary.”

“Please, young master, what average hotel! I’m not even staying at a three star place, okay!”

“I’m sorry. Give me a minute.” Qin Yao licked his lips and ran away in a hurry.

Five minutes later, Qin Yao ran back with a small bag. “Here, where are you hurt? I don’t know how you’re hurt, so I bought some….”

Qin Yao thought, she can still come out to buy medicine on her own, it should only be a minor injury!

Gong Xiaoqiao glanced at the contents of the bag, immediately thunderstruck by the pink hellokitty kitten patterns.

“Oh, I’m not hurt. It’s a friend of mine. Anyway, thanks.”




“Ah…… I guess!”

Male + friend = boyfriend.


Gong Xiaoqiao was ready to go back to the hotel when she was suddenly surrounded by a scorching hot breath which contrasted the cool air coming from Qin Yao in front of her.

“Baby, why haven’t you come back for so long? I was worried about you!”

If she hadn’t smelled the perfume of Jin Mu Lin from the hug, letting her know that it was that evil doer, her conditioned reflexes would have kicked in to throw the person off.

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