Esper Harem in the Apocalypse

Chapter 787 Chains Of The Void

Chapter 787 Chains Of The Void


Pearu waited for something to happen after Rudy snapped, but he was met with silence.

"What did you do?" he asked with a confused look on his face.

"What is your name, by the way?" Rudy raised his brow. "Is it Pearu or Pearrru?"

"Don't make fun of Pearrru!"

Pearu air dashed towards Rudy, but he was stopped by an invisible force. He swung his fist, but his hand couldn't move as though he was caught by something. He tried to kick Rudy, but his legs didn't respond either.


Rudy snapped again and revealed the chains of the void, which he had used to chain Pearu.

"What did you do to Pearrru?!" Pearu yelled. "And how has it not affected you?"

"I found a way to counter your petty trick," Rudy shrugged. "You sold yourself out, actually. I copied your hoodie, but I couldn't copy the materials, which didn't make sense. But then I remembered something.

My powers can't counter my powers, but that's not restricted to my powers only. My powers won't work against something similar to it. It will cancel everything out.

I copied your hoodie, but it didn't copy the materials because it was made up of similar powers. But that's impossible as well. No one can copy or replicate my powers.

That's when I came to the realization that your hoodie is an artifact, made to copy and counter any and all physical and magical attacks."

Pearu's eyes widened in fear as he tried to break free of the chains of the void.

"However, something seemed wrong. If it was actually the power of the hoodie, then you are nothing but a lump of meat. So I used a magic attack on you to test something."

Pearu recalled the void ball Rudy had shot to devour his arm.

"As soon as my arm began to regenerate, yours did too. But the most interesting part was that the sleeves of the hoodie regenerated too."

Rudy smirked from the corner of his lips and uttered, "That hoodie is a part of your body, like skin and flesh. They merged the artifact with your body. What a pitiable existence.

You can't even take it off to take a bath. Does it not stink? Must be sad wearing the same clothes all the time."

"Arrrgh!" Pearu opened and closed his fists again and again. "Let Pearrru go!"

"Hold on, I haven't completed my analysis yet," Rudy smirked widened from the other corner of his clips, spreading across his face.

"You said you don't fear the Lord but the Lord's power. You knew about the mark and the spell I had casted on my lovers, and you were afraid of activating the spell."


Rudy snapped and continued, "Which means… you can't defend yourself against the spell, nor can you replicate them to inflict equal damage to the caster. Because as soon as a spell has been casted… it becomes innate unless triggered.

Moreover, your artifact is useless if no damage is done to you. I used the chains of the void to bind you, but that didn't hurt or inflict damage on you. Hence, it didn't replicate my attack, nor did it bind me."

"Stop! Let Pearrru go! Pearrru has to become the strrrongest! Pearrru has to prrove them wrrrong!"

Rudy got close to Pearu and choked him as he begged for mercy.

"Let's see if you have got something interesting for me."

Rudy's eyes shined purple, and the glow spread across his eye sockets. He looked into Pearu's eyes, and they began to shine purple too.

Absolute mind reading— allowed Rudy to read each and every memory of someone by accessing the core of their brain. He had never used this ability on anyone, nor could he use it on his harem, as it guaranteed permanent brain damage, which could also lead to brain failure, paralysis, or worse or better… death.

However, Rudy had no need to worry if he used it on an enemy.

"Arrrgh! Stop! It hurrts! Pearrru is in pain!"

After a few seconds, Rudy closed his eyes and opened them, deactivating his absolute mind-reading ability.

"There is nothing in your brain…"

'Did they wipe his memory? No, he has memories of his life, but… the supergene experiment has destroyed his brain and body. Even if I let him go, he will die in a couple of days… and that will be a painful death.

I remember how it felt when I was experimented on. They had no care for me, my feelings, and my pain. They treated me like an animal to perfect that supergene serum. I was tested day and night. No food, no water, no nothing.

They only let me go because my body had stopped functioning, and it could no longer be experimented on. The thing is… I didn't ask them to leave me in that forest… They threw me with the other test subjects.

I was not alone… but I was the only one alive. I tempered with my memories and fooled myself to get a happy ending, but that ended up… well, it doesn't matter. I have decided to stop thinking about that world.

That Rudy wasn't me. I simply have his memories. I have no need to feel sad or angry about what happened to him. He was a jerk and selfish asshole who destroyed the lives of his loved ones.

To be honest, he deserved to die like that. I am not like him. I am different… I am strong… I am powerful… I have already saved them. I am… the ghost of all the Rudys who have ever existed.

I am better than all of them… I am better!'

Rudy was familiar with the supergene experiment, and he sympathized with Pearu, who was chosen as a test subject.

"It hurrrts! Help me! Pearrru doesn't want to die! Pearru wants to be prrraised! Pearru wants to be loved!"

Pearu bellowed in agony.

Rudy placed his hand on Pearu's head and calmly uttered, "It's okay. You can rest now."

He had the first glance at Pearu's face, his skin was pale, and his eyes dilated but filled with tears.

Pearu's body turned into shining dust particles that scattered across the universe.

Rudy had given Pearu a painless death.

Rudy lowered his gaze wistfully and muttered, "I will find them and send them to hell. That's a personal grudge."

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