Eternal Cultivation of Alchemy

Chapter 569 - Five Yang Divine Path

Chapter 569 - Five Yang Divine Path

Alex panicked a little. 'Huh? What's happening?' 

Alex tried to force the silver stone into the storage bag, but no matter what, it wouldn't go in there at all.

"What's wrong?" Wen Cheng asked, having already opened the door in front of him.

"I don't know, master. I can't put this rock into my storage bag at all," he said, still trying to use his Qi to force it in.

"Is that so?" Wen Cheng asked with a weird face and returned to help Alex, but he too couldn't force the rock into any storage bag.

"That is weird," he said, with his hands rubbing his chin in confusion. 

"Do I take it out like this?" Alex asked.

"I don't know," Wen Cheng said. "Maybe swap it for something else?"

Alex thought about it but shook his head in the end. "I want to take it," he said.

It was an amazing rock that blocked spiritual sense. If he could make an artifact out of this rock, he wouldn't even have to worry about Saint realm cultivators finding him.

'I would rather carry it around in a backpack. Not like it's going to weigh me down or anything,' he thought and walked out with it in hand.

The three of them dropped down from the place. Alex took his leave and left to go to his sister's house. He couldn't wait to try out a few things.

As soon as he reached there, he quickly made up an excuse and went into his room.

As soon as he went in, he set aside the silver stone on the bed. The stone was definitely something fascinating, but there was something else that fascinated Alex even more.

'No way I read it correctly, right?' he asked himself as he brought out the book he had acquired from the treasury. It was the thing with the most yang aura around it and definitely something incredible.

He was more sure when he read the introduction of the book, but that… that was simply unbelievable. 

He read it once more just to be sure, and as expected, no matter how many times he read it, it still said the same thing.

"Five Yang Divine Path," he read the name with nothing but awe in his eyes. Using a cultivation technique to cultivate the yang and use it to reach the Divine realm.

Alex continued reading it as he had finally found a cultivation technique that suit him the best. 

He continued reading it and soon, his eyes went wide. He had underestimated the book.

He had truly underestimated what he had come to acquire. His hands shook while he read the book and the content of it was poured into his brains.

'No way!' he thought. 'Even if this book came down in the meteor shower, there is no way something this good can exist, right?' 

Five Yang Divine Path was a cultivation method that contained 5 different cultivation methods that were similar in most ways except for a few which made one better than the other.

The five cultivation methods all ranged from Common grade all the way to Divine grade, and one could only use those cultivation techniques when their Yang Qi was of a certain strength.

This meant that while you had to start with a not-so-great cultivation technique if you persisted and continuously broke through a couple of realms, you could reach a level where you could start using Immortal grade and even Divine grade techniques.

Alex couldn't wait to try this technique. If it worked, he could finally breakthrough from his current True Disciple 2nd realm and continue on his cultivation journey.

He could use the same technique all the way to the divine realm too, so that made him lose the problem of having to find cultivation methods again.

Alex finished reading the cultivation method and decided to try it out. He knew all 5 of the methods but wasn't sure how well his body could handle them. So, he decided to start with the Common grade one.

He sat down on his bed and started cultivating. Within minutes, he realized that it was too easy.

The Yang in his body moved in a very swift manner, and he could feel himself barely collecting any Qi at all.

'No, I have to use the Earth grade one,' he thought and changed his cultivation method.

When he used this method, he felt like it fit him perfectly. The speed of the yang Qi in his meridian wasn't overly fast, and he was collecting a decent amount of Qi too.

However, he felt like he could go a step beyond. So, he changed his method one last time and started cultivating using the Heaven grade method.

He took a deep breath and started moving the Qi in his body in accordance with the technique. 

As he did, he found it a bit uncomfortable to his body. It was like his Qi was trying to burst out of his meridians. Fortunately, as a body cultivator, Alex could handle it without any problem.

So, All in all, he could afford to use this method well, however, he didn't dare go a step higher with using the next method in line. He didn't know if his Qi was thick enough to use it or not, but his body was definitely not strong enough.

'It's likely meant to be used by a normal Immortal realm cultivator from the heavens,' Alex thought. 

As he cultivated, he could feel the Qi around him converge on him, and soon he became an eye of the vortex.

In the vortex, Alex found serenity. He fell into a deep trance, not the kind where he fell asleep, but the kind where he knew nothing but the fact that he was cultivating.

The serene feeling was something he had never felt before. It was as if he was finally reunited with something he had lost for a long time.

Seconds passed, minutes passed, and hours passed. But Alex knew not how long passed. Alex could no longer feel the time pass.

Just as he was cultivating, Alex heard a large knock on his door. He slowly stopped cultivating and felt disappointed. It was just getting good too.

He shook his head and walked up to the door and opened it.

"What the hell are you doing? Are you okay?" Luo Mei quickly walked into the room and looked around.

Alex looked around with her and didn't notice anything at all. "What's wrong, sister?" he asked.

Luo Mei looked at Alex and frowned. "Are you the cause of it?" she asked.

"The cause of what?" Alex asked.

"This heat. Why the hell is it so hot in this house? I can't even cultivate cause of it," she said in an annoyed tone.

'Heat?' Alex immediately sent out his spiritual sense and realized that there was nothing but Yang Qi in the surrounding.

"Ah, sorry sister. This must've been because of my new cultivation method," Alex said.

"Your cultivation method?" Luo Mei asked in a strange tone. "How is a cultivation method producing this much heat? I couldn't use my spiritual sense to check what was happening, since it kept getting destroyed."

"I'm sorry. I will take care of it," Alex said and took a deep breath to pull back all the Yang energy his body had defused into the air.

Within minutes, the house was back to being cool again, but Alex felt a little uncomfortable this time.

This was just too much yang Qi for even him to hold back. He needed to release it somewhere, but he didn't know where. 

Luo Mei shut down the door and left. Alex sat down on the bed with the new problem in hand.

'What the hell do I do now?' he wondered.

If cultivating for just a little while caused this much problem, there would be more problems if he cultivated it for days.

'I need to find a fix to my body constitution problem before it gets any worse,' Alex thought. 'Master managed to do it, so I should be able to as well.'

Alex was very sure that it was possible. He just didn't know how.

'How did master fix her problem again?' he tried to think. Soon a memory surfaced in his mind with a weird feeling attached to it. 

He could almost feel that this memory belonged to him, that he was the one that experienced it, even though he was never the one to have experienced this.

The feeling was weird for sure, but not very important at the moment. What was important was the memory he had just found.

He had asked the master how she got rid of the Yin Qi that her body was constantly diffusing and she had given him the answer.

'Since my Yin Qi was getting out of control, I used Yang Qi to contain it,' she had told him.

"Right!" he thought as he finally remembered it. "If she used Yang Qi, I can use Yin Qi. Now where can I f—"

Alex's eyes shined as he realized that he already had the ability to create Yin as much as he wanted.

He sat back down on his bed and started cultivating once more. Only, this time he wouldn't use the Five Yang Divine Path cultivation method. Instead, he would use the final gift his master had given to him.

Her own cultivation method, the Winter Moon Cultivation method.

Alex took a deep breath and started employing the technique and soon the Qi in his body, which was yang, was slowly being turned into Yin thanks to his Yin spiritual roots.

And very soon, things were starting to happen in his body that he had never experienced before.

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