Eternal Reverence

Chapter 1008

Chapter 1008: Tier 7 Primary Extreme Sword

Deep Blue Plane, on a deserted continent.

Li Fuchen was concentrating and starting to inject the primary extreme sword patterns into the sword embryo.

Injecting sword patterns into a regular sword embryo and a sword embryo with an energy source were totally two different things.

Injecting sword patterns into a regular sword embryo didn’t need much attention.

But when injecting sword patterns into a sword embryo with an energy source, one had to be as careful as not to damage the energy source.

It was the same as a person cultivating. They couldn’t just cultivate blindly or they might damage their meridians or even dantian.

Using the spirit soul power to observe, all details of the sword embryo had been magnified countless times. Using the flow of the detailed texture, Li Fuchen found an entry point to inject the primary extreme sword patterns.

Visible to the eye, there was an ancient and unadorned pattern that was climbing up the surface of the sword embryo. The pattern was extremely mystical and any random portion of it was enough to form an absolute sword art. It was the same as to transform the rotten into divine, returning back to the origin, where all daos merge back to one.

The sword pattern injection was very slow. Li Fuchen didn’t wish to do it casually as he hoped that the primary extreme sword patterns could be combined flawlessly with the sword embryo.

On a star that was near the Deep Blue Plane, there were two figures standing on a mountain.

“Mingyue, it is all up to you.” The Myriad Flower Lady was filled with expectations and also apprehension.

It was truly unbelievable for such expressions to be on the Myriad Flower Lady.

In the past, the Myriad Flower Lady gave off an nobly and elegant aura. It felt as though she was really an empress who couldn’t be compared with.

However, in the face of absolute strength, nobility or elegance were just a false front.

The Myriad Flower Lady had a request to Li Fuchen, but who was Li Fuchen? He was a lord and not just a regular lord, he was a 12th rank lord on the Lord Rankings. Even the Crosswise River Primogenitor and the Blood Ax Lord would need to be respectful to him, let alone the Myriad Flower Lady.

The reason why she brought Zhao Mingyue to the Deep Blue Plane was simple. She hoped that Li Fuchen could give her an opportunity to comprehend the World Fruit.

She had been stuck as a city lord-level heaven lord for too long. Originally, without the World Fruit, she would continue to cultivate patiently. According to her estimation, within 100 thousand years to 1 million years, she was confident she could break through into the star domain-level and become a lordess.

But with the World Fruit, the amount of time would be shortened by 100 times or even 1000 times.

“Lady doesn’t have to worry, Li Fuchen is a great person. If it is just to comprehend the World Fruit, it shouldn’t be a problem.” Zhao Mingyue was already at the saint level. With the all-out help of the Myriad Flower Lady, she was now at the 7th level of Soul Merge Realm.

Turning into radiance, Zhao Mingyu flew towards the Deep Blue Plane.

“Sword pattern injection completed!”

On the copper sword embryo, it was filled up with the primary extreme sword patterns. Li Fuchen took a deep breath and poured the primary extreme sword dao energy into the Primary Extreme Sword.


There was a sword hum that echoed throughout the Deep Blue Plane. It felt as though an ancient absolute artifact sword had awakened.

At the same moment, there was an indescribably sharp radiance that skimmed across the entire Crosswise River Star Domain. It extended until the dark void between star domains.

“Tier 6 or tier 7?” Li Fuchen was carefully inspecting.

Before injecting the sword patterns, the Primary Extreme Sword embryo was already a tier 2 extreme-grade artifact sword. After injecting the primary extreme sword patterns, it wouldn’t be a problem to upgrade it by three or four tiers. After all, Li Fuchen’s current primary extreme sword patterns were already at the late-state of star domain-level. In the universe, there were only a few individuals with martial arts or innate ability that were at the late-state of star domain-level. Many half-gods couldn’t even achieve it either.

“Such a terrifying sharp radiance.”

As the sharp radiance went across her body, the Myriad Flower Lady felt chills on her body and spirit soul. She didn’t need to guess to know that it was Li Fuchen who caused the phenomenon.

“A tier 1 extreme-grade artifact sword can roughly enhance the lethal power of an unparalleled lord by 10% to 20%. A tier 2 can enhance by 30% or 40%. A tier 3 can enhance by 100%. A tier 4 can enhance by 10 times, tier 5 can enhance by 100 times. Tier 6 can enhance by a few hundred times while a tier 7 can enhance by 1000 times. With my strength as an apex unparalleled lord, it can enhance my strength by a few dozen times and close to 100 times. It should be considered a tier 7.”

The same extreme-grade artifact sword would enhance the lethal power differently for different individuals. A tier 1 extreme-grade artifact sword would definitely increase the lethal power of a regular lord by more than 10% or 20%. But an unparalleled lord was too powerful, therefore, the demand towards the artifact sword was also higher. Weaker artifact swords would naturally enhance the lethal power less significantly.

Between unparalleled lords, there were also differences in strength. A tier 7 extreme-grade artifact sword would be able to enhance a normal unparalleled lord’s lethal power by 1000 times, but definitely less than 1000 times for apex unparalleled lords. But the exact amount of enhancement could only be found out after testing.

At this moment, Li Fuchen had already sensed Zhao Mingyue and the Myriad Flower Lady’s presence. He had also guessed the Myriad Flower Lady’s intention. But there wasn’t a need to hurry, he wanted to test out of the Primary Extreme Sword first.

With a flash, Li Fuchen arrived in the universe above the Deep Blue Plane.

“Break!” Wielding the Primary Extreme Sword, Li Fuchen slashed at the universe.


The universe was like a black curtain with tiny stars. It was sliced open in the middle as all universe law and space-time were turned into void.

“My lethal power is enhanced by 85 times. It is most likely a tier 7 extreme-grade artifact sword.” Li Fuchen revealed an expression of delight.

In the past, Li Fuchen was already able to execute the Primary Extreme Sword Art freely. Right now, it felt as though the Primary Extreme Sword was a divine assistance. Energy surged quickly and it was faster by countless times.

Li Fuchen knew that the Primary Extreme Sword was guiding his energy. After all, the Primary Extreme Sword had an energy source.

“The tier 7 Primary Extreme Sword is indeed incredible. My strength is already at this stage and it can still enhance my strength by 85 times.”

It was nothing to enhance an unparalleled lord’s strength by 85 times. But to enhance it by 1000 times, it would be comparable with an apex unparalleled lord. It was unimaginable what it meant to enhance an apex unparalleled lord’s strength by 85 times.

“I reckon that I can kill a regular lord as easily as drinking a cup of water.”

A normal unparalleled lord wouldn’t be able to kill a regular lord in a single move, but killing was still easy.


Letting out a breath, Li Fuchen’s figure flashed as he appeared at the star where the Myriad Flower Lady was at.

“Greetings to the Primary Extreme Lord.” Seeing Li Fuchen’s sudden appearance, the Myriad Flower Lady quickly bowed.

Li Fuchen said, “You don’t have to be so courteous. Are you here because of the World Fruit?”

“Yes, Myriad Flower is willing to pay any price.” The Myriad Flower Lady had an expectant expression.

Li Fuchen said, “It is nothing to allow you to comprehend the World Fruit. But you are unable to enter the Deep Blue Plane, and I am also not willing to allow the World Fruit to be in the outside world for a long time.”

The World Fruit was very safe within the Deep Blue Plane. Even if Li Fuchen wasn’t around, no one would be able to break the Sword Lock World and snatch the World Fruit. But it was different outside the Deep Blue Plane. If Li Fuchen wasn’t around, an unparalleled lord would definitely come to snatch it. Li Fuchen couldn’t possibly stay around forever to protect it.

Before the Myriad Flower Lady could speak, Li Fuchen asked, “With the World Fruit, how long do you need to break through?”

The Myriad Flower Lady thought for a moment and lifted her head to reply, “At most 1000 years. No, 500 years will do.”

It was unknown if the World Fruit had any specific effects, therefore, the Myriad Flower Lady wasn’t certain how long she would need to break through. To be honest, 500 years was actually very uncertain too. It was possible that she wouldn’t be able to break through, but if she asked for too long, it would be over demanding.

“Alright.” Li Fuchen nodded.

With a wave of the hand, a sphere-shaped spatial zone that was covered in sword talismans had flown out from the Deep Blue Plane. Zhao Mingyue had also flown out at the same time.

“Both of you may enter.” Li Fuchen said to the Myriad Flower Lady and Zhao Mingyue.

After entering the Sword Lock World, the Myriad Flower Lady and Zhao Mingyue were shocked. They were presented with a fruit that was as big as a star. However, the qi presence emitted from the fruit was far beyond 10,000 to 1 million stars.

“Myriad Flower Lady, don’t resist, I will accelerate the space-time around you. It will shorten your time to break through.” Li Fuchen said.


The Myriad Flower Lady was rather astonished to know that Li Fuchen was actually sub-cultivating the space-time dao. But it was a rather good thing. She wasn’t hoping to have a space-time acceleration of 10 times or 100 times, just 3 or 5 times would be good enough. As such, 500 years of comprehension would be equivalent to 2000 years or so, allowing her a greater chance of breakthrough.

As the space-time power was circulated, Li Fuchen started to accelerate the space-time around the Myriad Flower Lady.

2 times, 5 times, 10 times…

“What? Over 10 times?” The Myriad Flower Lady was stunned.

50 times, 100 times, 150 times.

The Myriad Flower Lady seemed to be much stronger than the werewolf incarnation.

Li Fuchen accelerated the space-time for the werewolf incarnation up to 200 times, but he was only able to provide 150 times acceleration for the Myriad Flower Lady.

“150 times?” The Myriad Flower Lady took a gasp of cold air.

What kind of concept was 150 times? 500 years in the outside world would mean that she had comprehended the World Fruit for 75,000 years.

“In 100 years, I should be able to break through.” The Myriad Flower Lady gave a grateful look to Li Fuchen and immediately entered a comprehension state.

“Once the Myriad Flower Lady breaks through, I will make the trip to the Forbidden Grotto.”

Body sinking back into the World Fruit, Li Fuchen continued to comprehend the space-time dao. He knew that once the space-time dao reached star domain-level, it was nearly impossible to break through again within a short period of time. After all, he was only sub-cultivating the space-time dao, hence, the space-time foundation was far inferior to the sword dao.

10 years, 20 years…

Soon enough, 50 years passed by.

“Is she going to break through?”

Li Fuchen felt a powerful wither energy brewing on the surface of the World Fruit, it was awakening.

One month later, the Myriad Flower Lady opened her eyes. Countless vines grew out from her body and the vines had countless green leaves. Between the green leaves, flowers blossomed. Small flower fairies flew out from the flowers and danced around the Myriad Flower Lady.

After countless years of cultivation, the Myriad Flower Lady had finally stepped into the star domain-level.

Right now, her strength had been enhanced several times and her lifespan was also eternal.

“Congratulations, Myriad Flower Lady.” Li Fuchen flew out and congratulated.

“I have no way to repay the lord’s favor. If there is any way you need Myriad Flower in the future, please let me know.” The Myriad Flower Lady was extremely excited. Without obtaining the power of a lordess, it was impossible to imagine the wonders of it.

“It is just a small matter, you don’t need to mind it.” After a pause, Li Fuchen said, “Since you have broken through, I shall not send you. Let Mingyue continue comprehending the World Fruit here.”

After speaking, Li Fuchen sent the World Fruit back to the Deep Blue Plane.

With a few short exchanges, the Myriad Flower Lady left. She wanted to return and familiarize with her newly gained power.

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