Eternal Sacred King

Chapter 1245 - Essence Spirit Fight

Chapter 1245: Essence Spirit Fight

With a slap, Su Zimo took out the Mystic Magnet Mountain from his storage bag and smashed it towards Dao Lord Hatred!

As Su Zimo entered the Dharma Characteristic realm, his Dharmic powers increased exponentially. By now, the Mystic Magnet Mountain was a thousand feet tall and it descended from the skies like a hundred-story building with a huge shadow.

The only reason why Su Zimo summoned the Mystic Magnet Mountain right away was to hold back the fiend saber!

“Mystic Magnet Mountain!”

Dao Lord Hatred’s gaze intensified as he recognized the ancient Unique Treasure right away.

“This is a great treasure. Unfortunately, you must be dreaming if you think that you can hold back my fiend saber with this Mystic Magnet Mountain!”

His arm trembled and his fiend saber released streams of pitch-black fiend qi. They surged towards the Mystic Magnet Mountain above him with immense hatred.

Before the Mystic Magnet Mountain descended, the entire mountain was already shrouded by the fiend qi and its glow dimmed instantly.

By cultivating the Hatred Sutra, one could condense a unique fiend qi of hatred that contained extremely strong negative emotions. It was ever-changing and could destroy Dharmic weapons with ease with torrential fiend might!

Thankfully, the Mystic Magnet Mountain was an ancient Unique Treasure. If it was any other ordinary Dharmic weapon, it would have been destroyed by the hatred fiend qi!


Dao Lord Hatred strode forward and swung the fiend saber in his hands. Fiend qi burst forth and a gigantic pitch-black fiend saber condensed in midair, descending from the skies!

Before the fiend saber even slashed down, all sorts of negative emotions surged and affected Su Zimo’s Dao heart.

Su Zimo praised internally.

It was no wonder why the Hatred Sutra was the number one fiend sutra of the ancient era. That fiend qi could affect a cultivator’s mind and heart. If one’s Dao heart was not steady, they would not be able to last long against the shroud of the hatred fiend qi, let alone fight against Dao Lord Hatred!

However, the person Dao Lord Hatred was facing was Su Zimo.

This was Dao Lord Desolate Martial who had received more than 30 ancient inheritances and deduced the Martial Dao with experience accumulated over 5,000 years!

His Dao heart was absolutely indestructible against fire, water or even Heaven and Earth. Even if the ancient Fiend Emperor was the one here personally, he might not be able to shake Su Zimo’s Dao heart, let alone Dao Lord Hatred!


Suddenly, a green beam of light shot out from Su Zimo’s glabella and spun in midair, emitting a green glow.

The Creation Green Lotus!

The Grade 6 Creation Green Lotus of the past had lost its stem and leaves, leaving only this lotus platform.

Although it was no longer as enigmatic as before, this lotus platform was still incomparably strong!

Under the channeling of Su Zimo’s Essence Spirit, the Creation Lotus Platform spun and blossomed slowly. 54 white lotus petals opened up and mist rose with a resplendent glow!


The fiend saber collided heavily against the Creation Lotus Platform.

The Creation Lotus Platform trembled gently!

Su Zimo focused his gaze.

Although the Creation Lotus Platform blocked the attack, it was slightly disadvantaged in this clash!

Since it was not a complete Creation Green Lotus, the Creation Lotus Platform could not defend against this shocking ancient fiend saber!

“I can’t waste time with him!”

Su Zimo judged the situation instantly.

It was difficult for the Hatred Fiend Saber to suppress the Creation Lotus Platform within a short period of time. However, if things dragged on and the Creation Lotus Platform was completely tainted by the hatred fiend qi, it would most likely be rendered immobile like the Mystic Magnet Mountain.

Su Zimo’s eyes flashed coldly.

A green glow burst forth from the Creation Lotus Platform and emitted a boundless sharpness, forming a green sword instantly!

This was a killing technique targeted at the Essence Spirit – Green Lotus Sword!


Su Zimo pointed forward and hollered softly, “Instant Thunder!”

Through the endless void, the Green Lotus Sword descended instantly and stabbed towards Dao Lord Hatred’s glabella!

“It’s an Essence Spirit secret skill!”

Dao Lord Hatred’s expression changed slightly.

He felt a strong sense of danger from that green sword!

He had never felt this way ever since he obtained the Hatred Sutra.

Even when he was defeated by Yan Beichen previously, he was only defeated by half a move. It was completely impossible for Yan Beichen to kill him!

But now, that green sword could threaten his life!

“Devouring Fiend Cave!”

A powerful spirit consciousness fluctuation burst forth from his glabella and formed a pitch-black fiend cave in front of his forehead.

The center of the fiend cave caved in continuously, as though it could suck in everything in the world!


The Green Lotus Sword pierced right in and disappeared before long, entering the pitch-black fiend cave.

There was a slight pause.


The fiend cave exploded.

54 green lotus seeds fell and were already dim!

Dao Lord Hatred released an Essence Spirit secret skill and blocked the Green Lotus Sword completely without suffering any damage!

That Green Lotus Sword could even kill Conjoint Body Mighty Figures!

However, Dao Lord Hatred’s combat strength was even more terrifying than most Conjoint Body Mighty Figures!

The only person who could defend against the Green Lotus Sword unscathed with an Essence Spirit secret skill was the past monster incarnate of the immortal sects, Di Yin.

With a thought, Su Zimo controlled the Creation Lotus Platform and put away the 54 green lotus seeds.

If those green lotus seeds were exposed to the hatred fiend qi, they would be destroyed after a long time.

After returning to the Creation Lotus Platform to nourish themselves, the fiend qi could be cleansed from them and they would be revitalized.

“I’ve long heard that Desolate Martial possesses a universal utmost treasure. Now that I’m seeing it for myself, it truly lives up to its reputation.”

Dao Lord Hatred grinned and said in extreme disdain, “However, you’re truly way too naive to think that you can injure me with such methods!”

“Is that so?”

Expressionlessly, Su Zimo lowered his gaze and said coldly, “Take another attack from me then!”

A bedazzling golden light shone from his glabella and his terrifying spirit consciousness condensed rapidly, forming a golden swastika symbol!

The entire void trembled when the ancient word descended!

A series of sacred Sanskrit sounds seemed to echo from the firmaments!

At that moment, the fiend qi around Dao Lord Hatred was significantly suppressed!

Rulai Dharmic Seal!

The Essence Spirit secret skill recorded in the Great Day Rulai Sutra was extremely terrifying and took a huge toll on one’s Essence Spirit.

Back then, Su Zimo killed the titular disciple of Malevolent Earth Sect with this Essence Spirit secret skill!

“Another Essence Spirit secret skill!”

Sensing the terror of that word, Dao Lord Hatred’s lips twitched viciously.

In a fight between cultivators, even if it was a life and death battle, they would not release their Essence Spirit secret skills right away.

After all, a fight between Essence Spirits was extremely dangerous and even if one won many times, it would be easy for their Essence Spirits to be injured.

However, Su Zimo released Essence Spirit secret skills after a single round of exchanging blows. Furthermore, he released two of them in succession!

He did not even condense any Heaven and Earth Dharma Characteristic.

He wanted to kill his opponent’s Essence Spirit directly!

The moment the two of them exchanged blows, they did not test the waters and released killing moves one after another, revealing their trump cards!

Sensing Su Zimo’s killing intent, Dao Lord Hatred was even more enraged and his hatred deepened. He channeled the Hatred Sutra and the fiend qi within his body surged out, purging away the descending golden light instantly!

“Hatred Slash!”

Suddenly, a fiend saber condensed from spirit consciousness flew out from Dao Lord Hatred’s glabella. Similar to the fiend saber in his hands, it slashed towards the swastika symbol that was flying over!

Dao Lord Hatred released his second Essence Spirit secret skill as well!

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