Eternal Sacred King

Chapter 2248 - 2248 Anaconda Shifting Mountain

Chapter 2248 - 2248 Anaconda Shifting Mountain

2248 Anaconda Shifting Mountain

“This can’t continue.”

A thought flashed through Su Zimo’s mind.

He had only recovered around 30% of the power of his Essence Spirit.

If he were to clash head-on with Yue Feng’s divine powers and secret skills, he might still be able to secure victory. However, the power of his Essence Spirit would be expended too much and it would definitely become a huge problem when he encountered Feng Yin later on.


In a flash, Su Zimo sped towards Yue Feng.

When Yue Feng saw Su Zimo approaching, he chose to avoid the battle and retreated, circling around the edge of the green stone battlefield to maintain his distance.

Yue Feng’s plan was simple.

He knew Su Zimo’s weakness. As long as he used divine powers and secret skills continuously to exhaust the power of Su Zimo’s Essence Spirit, he would have the advantage!

At that time, be it in melee combat or ranged attacks, he would have an absolute chance of winning.

“Sea Calming!”

Su Zimo’s gaze intensified as he raised his palm like a saber and suddenly slashed in the direction of Yue Feng.

That was the Sea Calming stance of the Saber Emperor’s inheritance.

When comprehended to its limits, this saber technique could turn into a divine power, releasing the ability to shackle space!


Yue Feng did not dare to be careless and released his sect’s secret skill hurriedly as well. The sound of mountains collapsing and the ground cracking echoed from his body as he dispelled the power of Sea Calming.

After Su Zimo slashed out Sea Calming, his hand gestures changed and he condensed Essence Qi, writing a gigantic ‘Trap’ word in midair.

Greater divine power, Trap Word Art!

Su Zimo knew that Sea Calming alone was not enough to trap Yue Feng.

Therefore, after Sea Calming was released, he released a second greater divine power, the Trap Word Art, right after.

A powerful divine power appeared out of thin air and imprisoned Yue Feng.


Without hesitation, Yue Feng channeled his blood qi to its limits and the sound of a tsunami echoed from his body, impacting the surrounding divine powers.

With that slight delay, Su Zimo had already closed in and Yue Feng had nowhere to run!


Yue Feng hollered, “Let me see how strong you are in melee combat!”


Yue Feng’s blood qi circulated wildly and rose to another level. Suddenly, the phantom of a gigantic mountain appeared behind him, towering into the clouds as though it was the center of the world!

Against the phantom of the mountain peak, Su Zimo even felt extremely tiny.

Even the many Heaven Immortals present, Perfected Immortal Xie Ling and even the massive Yan Yang Palace seemed to be shrinking continuously against the phantom of the mountain, let alone him!

Yue Feng did not hold back and released his Bloodline Phenomenon right away!

As for that Bloodline Phenomenon, it was incomparably terrifying as well. A single phantom was enough to emit such a powerful might that looked down on all living beings!

At the same time, Yue Feng attacked and punched towards Su Zimo.

Coupled with the rise of the Bloodline Phenomenon, that punch released an unshakable will and indestructible power!

It was majestic like mountains and surged like the seas.

That punch gave Yue Feng a mysterious feeling.

Under the pressure of Su Zimo, he released the strongest and most perfect punch he had ever released since he started cultivating—it felt extremely satisfying!

His essence, qi and spirit rose to another level!

Su Zimo did not retreat either and his gaze intensified.

His Green Lotus True Body had healed and his physique had recovered to a great extent. He raised his fist and punched towards Yue Feng’s fist!


The fists collided and the gigantic green stone beneath their feet trembled.

A tremendous shockwave burst forth from the center of the collision and spread in all directions. The long hair of countless cultivators at the spectator area swayed slightly.

Their fists collided and neither of them took a half-step back!

Su Zimo’s eyes were filled with admiration.

Although he was wary and did not use his blood qi, there were not many people who could defend against the full-powered attack of the Grade 10 Green Lotus True Body in melee combat.

On the other side, Yue Feng was shocked!

That punch was already his peak and it was an unimaginable release. Even if he did it again, he might not be able to release such peak strength.

However, in the end, Su Zimo was not pushed back, not even by a half-step!

‘How did this person cultivate his physical body?!’

Yue Feng was alarmed.

However, Su Zimo did not give him time to think. He strode forward and bent his knees slightly, as though his legs had crossed the ground.

Boom! Boom!

Instantly, Su Zimo’s feet landed on the ground and his aura surged, as though he wanted to trample on the phantom of the mountain behind Yue Feng and even plow two ravines!

He clenched his fists and his knuckles protruded slightly. Leaning forward, he raised his arms and punched towards Yue Feng’s chest!

Yue Feng’s pupils constricted!


Gasps could be heard from both sides of the spectator area as well and many cultivators were shocked.

To everyone, Su Zimo’s figure seemed to have vanished from the green stone battlefield.

In its place was a massive and torrential bull demon. It raised a pair of sharp horns and stabbed towards Yue Feng!

The pair of horns seemed to be able to penetrate everything and even the firmaments!

Even bystanders could sense a tragic aura.

Yue Feng who was on the battlefield endured even more pressure.

He reached out and gripped the pair of horns tightly.

However, the power of the bull demon’s charge was way too ferocious. Although he managed to negate most of the power, the horns still struck his chest.


Yue Feng grunted and circulated his sect’s secret skill hurriedly.

His skin and flesh turned incomparably tough like rocks.

When the horns struck his chest, the sound of metal clashing echoed and sparks flew!

Although Yue Feng managed to defend against the attack, his chest throbbed in pain and he staggered a step back.


Su Zimo’s figure vanished once more.

Yue Feng’s heart skipped a beat as he suddenly felt a cool breeze beneath him and realized that something was amiss.

Su Zimo lowered his body like an anaconda snake and slithered forward, arriving behind Yue Feng in the blink of an eye.

Suddenly, Su Zimo’s body wrapped around Yue Feng’s body in a soft and boneless manner!

In the eyes of many cultivators, Su Zimo could no longer be seen. They could only see a gigantic anaconda coiling tightly around the phantom of the mountain on the green stone battlefield!

The anaconda’s body expanded continuously and the phantom of the mountain that was being squeezed let out crackling sounds as well.

Yue Feng felt suffocated and his bones were about to fall apart.

The suffocating feeling did not only come from his body. Even in his consciousness, his Essence Spirit felt an unimaginable pressure, as though it could die on the battlefield at any moment!

The anaconda reared its head and roared. Relying on its massive mouth, it breathed in and out endless Essence Qi and Solar Luna essence. Its body expanded and its head protruded, as though it was about to transform into a dragon!

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Finally, the phantom of the mountain could not hold on any longer!

Yue Feng’s Essence Spirit escaped from his consciousness as well.

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