Eternal Sacred King

Chapter 2260 - 2260 Parasol Tree Secret Ground

Chapter 2260 - 2260 Parasol Tree Secret Ground

2260 Parasol Tree Secret Ground

Yan Yang Palace, Imperial Wind Temple’s palace residence.

After three days, Feng Yin’s complexion had changed drastically. His face was rosy and the hole in his chest had long healed. His body’s recovery capabilities were shocking.

The physique and blood qi of someone who could cultivate a Bloodline Phenomenon was naturally not to be underestimated.

It was only because he encountered Su Zimo’s Green Lotus True Body that Feng Yin was suppressed so badly and encountered his greatest setback since his reincarnation!


Right then, Heaven Immortal Green Peak walked in from outside. When he saw Feng Yin’s rosy face, he nodded slightly. “You seem to be fine now, Senior Brother Feng Yin.”

“I see.”

The depths of Feng Yin’s eyes were dark, as though he had yet to break free from his defeat for the top of the Earth Ranking.

As a reincarnated Perfected Immortal, he was defeated in front of countless cultivators. This was an unacceptable humiliation for him!

“Don’t worry, senior brother.”

Heaven Immortal Green Peak said, “From what I know, Su Zimo is in trouble and will most likely not be able to return to Heaven and Earth Academy alive!”


Feng Yin’s eyes lit up as he asked, “What happened?”

Heaven Immortal Green Peak said, “Su Zimo spoke rudely of the Zither Immortal in front of everyone and even declared that he wanted her to accompany him. That’s equivalent to having a death wish!”

“The Zither Immortal is extremely famous in Divine Firmament Mainland and has countless followers and admirers. Even without her personally appearing, there will naturally be people who will settle Su Zimo in order to please her!”

Pausing for a moment, Heaven Immortal Green Peak said, “From what I know, a prince of the Yan Yang Immortal Kingdom has admired the Zither Immortal for a long time…”

“What’s his cultivation realm?”

Feng Yin asked.

“Grade 9 Heaven Immortal,” Heaven Immortal Green Peak replied.

“What can a Grade 9 Heaven Immortal prince do?”

Feng Yin was a little disappointed. “The elders sent by Heaven and Earth Academy this time round are all Grade 9 Heaven Immortals. Could he bypass all the elders of Heaven and Earth Academy and kill Su Zimo directly?”

Heaven Immortal Green Peak smiled. “This prince is not simple. He rules over Spirit Cloud County of the Yan Yang Immortal Kingdom and has hundreds of cities under him. He is extremely powerful and influential among the many princes of the Yan Yang Immortal Kingdom as well!”

“As for how to deal with Su Zimo… senior brother, don’t forget, this is the Yan Yang Immortal Kingdom after all. It’s his territory!”

When he heard that, Feng Yin’s eyes lit up and his lips curled with a look of anticipation.

This day, the hundred Earth Immortals on the Earth Ranking gathered on the square once more.

After three days of recuperation, most Earth Immortals had already recovered to their original states.

Xie Ling stood at the highest point and said in a deep voice, “This time round, everyone will be heading to a secret ground in the Yan Yang Palace. Even those of the royal family can’t cultivate casually inside.”

Over the past few days, through Princess Scarlet Rainbow, Su Zimo gained some understanding of this secret ground.

This secret ground was set up by the Yan Yang Immortal King personally. The core of the secret ground was an ancient Parasol Tree that was said to be older than the Yan Yang Immortal King!

In the upper world, there was a powerful world called the Parasol Tree World.

In this world, the most common flora and fauna were the ancient Parasol Trees.

The living beings that ruled over this world were the divine phoenixes!

That was the reason why there were all sorts of rumors in the upper world that phoenixes only resided in parasol trees.

The Parasol Tree was a royalty of the trees; no birds would dare to roost nor would living beings dare to enter. In the Heavenly World, there was only a single stalk of it in the Yan Yang Immortal Kingdom!

The secret ground did not have much space. Coupled with the presence of the ancient Parasol Tree, the Heaven and Earth Essence Qi in the secret ground was extremely rich after years of consolidation.

Therefore, there was a legend that a year was worth a thousand years of effort cultivating in this Parasol Tree Secret Ground!

Of course, as Xie Ling had said, even the royal family of the Yan Yang Immortal Kingdom could not cultivate casually inside.

The Heaven and Earth Essence Qi in the Parasol Tree Secret Ground would only accumulate to a certain level after it was sealed for about 10,000 years for cultivators to cultivate.

As for cultivators, after cultivating inside for a period of time, the Heaven and Earth Essence Qi in the Parasol Tree Secret Ground would gradually thin and be no different from the outside world.

At that time, there would no longer be a need for them to cultivate within..

As such, the Parasol Tree Secret Ground would be sealed once more.

Xie Ling raised his voice. “Everyone, according to the order of your ranking on the Earth Ranking, the time you can cultivate in the Parasol Tree Secret Ground is different as well.”

“The top of the Earth Ranking can cultivate for a full 100 days in the Parasol Tree Secret Ground. The second on the Earth Ranking can cultivate for 99 days inside and so on. The last on the Earth Ranking can only cultivate for a day inside.”

Even so, the cultivator at the bottom of the Earth Ranking was delighted.

Although he could only cultivate for a day, that day was equivalent to dozens of years of cultivation!

“Your Highness, will there be any danger in the Parasol Tree Secret Ground?”

Right then, a childish voice sounded from the crowd.

Everyone looked over and saw a child around nine years old wearing a green shirt. His face was flushed and he had a few small pigtails that swayed slightly—it was Liu Ping of Heaven and Earth Academy.

Third on the Earth Ranking this time round!

“Don’t worry, your senior sister here will protect you!”

Princess Scarlet Rainbow waved her hand and rubbed Liu Ping’s head, speaking as though she was coaxing a child.

Everyone chuckled as well.

Xie Ling burst into laughter and shook his head. “Everyone, you don’t have to worry about that. The Parasol Tree Secret Ground is a cultivation secret ground and there’s no danger.”

“However, the power contained by the ancient Parasol Tree is extremely immense. The closer it is to the ancient tree, the richer the Heaven and Earth Essence Qi. However, it also means that the Essence Qi is even more berserk and difficult to absorb and refine. Everyone, do your best.”

Everyone agreed.

“Everyone, just hang this badge on your waists,”

Xie Ling waved his hand and a hundred badges landed accurately in front of many cultivators on the Earth Ranking. Each badge had a number written on it that corresponded to the time that each cultivator could cultivate in the Parasol Tree Secret Ground.

Xie Ling said, “Once the time is up, this badge will naturally take you guys away from the Parasol Tree Secret Ground.”

Elder Zhong of Heaven and Earth Academy looked at Su Zimo and the others and smiled. “Go on, we’ll meet again a hundred days later. I hope that all of you will be able to break through by then!”

The rewards for the Earth Ranking had already been distributed to everyone.

For people like Princess Scarlet Rainbow and Liu Ping who had already cultivated to the peak of Grade 9 Earth Immortal and could cultivate in the Parasol Tree Secret Ground for more than 90 days, as long as they consumed the Parasol Tree Elixir, they would most likely be able to break through to the Heaven Essence realm and become Heaven Immortals!

Elder He said, “Zimo, you don’t have to feel any pressure. It’s fine as long as you can break through to become a Grade 9 Earth Immortal.”

Su Zimo’s situation was different.

After all, he was only a Grade 8 Earth Immortal. If he cultivated in the Parasol Tree Secret Ground, it would not be a problem for him to break through to Grade 9 in a hundred days and stabilize his cultivation realm.

However, it was almost impossible for him to advance further. After all, time was too short.

Everyone followed Xie Ling to the southernmost part of the Yan Yang Palace and stopped at the foot of a mountain.

There was a gigantic cave at the foot of the mountain that was pitch-black.

On both sides of the cave, two armored Heaven Immortal experts guarded.

Arriving here, Xie Ling channeled his spirit consciousness and tapped his finger gently, sending a few spirit lights into the cave not far away.

Right on the heels of that, a screen appeared at the entrance of the cave, rippling like a water barrier.

“Everyone, go on in,”

Xie Ling said, “After your cultivation is over, the palace guards will naturally take you away. We’ll bid farewell here.”

With that said, Xie Ling waved his sleeves and left in a flash, disappearing from everyone’s line of sight.

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