Eternal Sacred King

Chapter 30 - An Eye For An Eye

Chapter 30: An Eye For An Eye

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Su Zimo left the room.

Uncle Zheng noticed that Su Zimo looked odd. he hurried to chase after him, saying in a low voice. “Second Young Master, don’t be foolish to attempt another assassination on the King of Yan. The Su family could leave for a faraway place. The world is huge, we will have a place to go.”

“Uncle Zheng, you have been worrying too much. I am not thinking of assassinating the King of Yan.” Su Zimo shook his head, he did not seem like he was lying.

Uncle Zheng nodded, not totally believing him. “I intend to move to the ghostly village to stay low for the time being. There are after all still five thousand black armored cavalry over there. It will be safer. Second Young Master, you should come with us.”

“I have some matters to attend to. I will go to the ghostly village to look for you later.”

Su Zimo changed the topic, pointing to Song Qi at the side. “This is Mr. Song Qi. He is here to protect the Su family. If there’s anything, you can discuss with him.”

Uncle Zheng did not think too much into it. He thought that Song Qi was a friend from the pugilistic society that Su Zimo knew.

Su Zimo turned to leave. He had reached the door of the mansion when Song Qi caught up with him.

“Young Master Su, are you thinking of going to the city where the King of Yan lives?” Song Qi could vaguely sense the murderous intent of Su Zimo, therefore he asked of his intention.

Su Zimo kept on walking and he remained silent.

Song Qi caught up with him again, saying in a deep voice, “Young Master Su, I know that you have the ability to kill Qi Refinement Warriors and you are very powerful in close proximity fights. However, that is only for one to one fight. You will not be able to reach the Qi Refinement Warriors when you are surrounded by the huge army. You won’t have any chance!”

“Even if you manage to kill King of Yan, will you be able to escape from the closely guarded city where the King of Yan lives in?”

“There are the city army, the elite Imperial Army, the siege crossbows and various killing devices, as well as the attack by the Qi Refinement Warriors. There is no way for Perfected Qi Refinement Warriors to assassinate the king of a country, let alone you. There is no chance of survival!”

“All right!” Su Zimo turned abruptly, his face gloomy.

Song Qi was startled.

Su Zimo was expressionless. “Your mission is to protect the Su family. Don’t worry about me!”


Song Qi was about to persuade him further but Su Zimo waved his hands to stop him. “I will leave my brother in your hands. I hope that you will be able to nurse him back to health. As for his concern deep down inside of him, leave it to me. I will resolve it for him.”

With that, Su Zimo executed Plow Heaven Stride and disappeared out of sight in the blink of an eye.

There was only a single way to resolve Su Hong’s concern, and it was King of Yan’s head!

Su Zimo hurried along the streets in Ping Yang Town. There was nothing but coldness in his eyes. He could feel a burning rage inside of him. It was flaming.

He could only douse the flames with the fresh blood of his enemy!

Su Zimo reached his mansion in no time. He pushed the door open and walked straight to the cultivation field.

Die Yue was still lazing around on the green stone in the cultivation field. She had an indifferent expression on her face as she cast a glance at Su Zimo.

It had been a year since he last saw Die Yue. Nothing seemed to have changed about her. She still looked very beautiful. It was as if she had not aged at all in the past one year.

Su Zimo had thought of all kinds of scenes where he met up with Die Yue after one year. But… he had not expected that it would be like this.

“I am leaving,” Su Zimo lowered his head, speaking softly. He dared not look at Die Yue.

“Oh?” Die Yue raised her eyebrows slightly.

“Now that I leave this time, I might… not be able to come back.”

“Courting death?”

“Sort of.”

Since Su Zimo wanted to enter the capital and kill the King of the country, he had to face not a man, but an entire country, as well as the multiple Qi Refinement Warriors and a cultivation clan.

It was the cultivation clan that had Foundation Establishment Cultivators with them!

Su Zimo did not dream of coming back alive from his trip to the Country of Yan.

This might be the last farewell for the two of them.

Die Yue looked at Su Zimo, there was a tenderness in her eyes. “Even though you know you are courting death, you are going to go anyway?”

Su Zimo remained silent.

Die Yue continued. “Actually, you have other better options. You can choose to take it lying down and continue to cultivate until you are strong enough.”

Scenes seemed to flash in Su Zimo’s mind. It was as if it was 16 years ago.

He saw how his parents died a terrible death under the saber.

He saw how the Su family was massacred, and the river turned into blood, the corpses piled into a mountain.

He saw how his older brother protected he and Xiaoning, and escaped from the city. He suffered a slash at his face and it went unnoticed even though it was covered with blood.

In the end, Su Zimo’s gaze rested on his brother’s white hair, his gaunt and yellow face, and his blank eyes.

“Why do I cultivate?”

Su Zimo blurted out all of a sudden, as if asking Die Yue, but he seemed to be muttering to himself as well.

“I cultivate not to take things lying down. If I want to do so, I would have knelt down at Perfected Cang Lang’s bullying behavior one year ago. If I wanted to do so, I would have pleaded for mercy when Zhou Dingyun came to take my life.”

The next moment, Su Zimo suddenly looked up. He could feel the blood surging in his body, his eyes bloody red. He shouted. “Since I feel unjust, I will make sure to seek justice. So what if he is the king of a country? So what if he has a cultivation clan to support him? I will kill to my heart’s content! It is better to do things on a grand and spectacular scale this moment than to take things lying down for the entire life. I cultivate so as to go all out to exact revenge. I cultivate as I believe in an eye for an eye!”


Die Yue nodded.

In the one and a half years of cultivation, Die Yue had never praised him. This was the first time that he heard this word coming from Die Yue.

“Remember what you said today. It concerns your future and achievements.” Die Yue made another remark which Su Zimo could not understand.

There was a demonic glitter in Die Yue’s eyes. Thereafter, there were several sutras in Su Zimo’s mind.

This is the Bones Strengthening Sutra, It is taken from the Divine Steed Demon King. The divine steed was headstrong. It had the fastest gallop, it was forceful and resilient, there was a strong momentum and explosive power in its gallop.”

“I will impart another three styles to you. Divine Steed Dismemberment, Divine Steed Trampling and Divine Steed Fleeting. You can try to figure it out along the way. If you are able to comprehend it, you might be able to be on par with Level 10 Perfected Qi Refinement Warriors.”

Die Yue leaped down from the green stone and began to show him the moves.

Su Zimo did not blink at all, he was focused on learning the three styles. He knew that this could be his last hope at killing the King of Yan and returning alive!

Die Yue was done with the demonstration of the three styles in no time. She looked toward Su Zimo as she said, “Go along. One word of reminder. Demon cultivators are best at skipping the levels and killing the opponents. Given your capabilities now, although you are not as good as Foundation Establishment Cultivators, if you are able to be in their close proximity, you will still be able to kill them instantly!”

Su Zimo nodded.

Foundation Establishment Cultivators would release an explosive energy when they maneuvered flying swords. It was far better and much more flexible than Qi Refinement Warriors. They might have other attack and defensive moves that were sufficient to kill Su Zimo.

But this did not mean that Foundation Establishment Cultivators had no weaknesses. Although they had stronger bodies than Qi Refinement Warriors, their physical strength was still no match for Su Zimo.

If Su Zimo had the opportunity to get close to them, he would still be able to kill them on the spot!

It sounded simple, but it was in fact as difficult as reaching the sky.

Su Zimo looked at Die Yue, no longer hiding his reluctance to part with her. He smiled lightly and said, “Miss Die, goodbye.”

Die Yue turned with her back facing him as she waved to him.

Su Zimo took a deep breath and walked out of the cultivation field, looking toward the capital city of the Country of Yan that was far in the distance. He clenched his fists as he said softly, “King of Yan, wash your neck clean. I am coming!”

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