Eternal Sacred King

Chapter 6 - Murder!

Chapter 6: Murder!

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Shen Nan wore a white brocade robe, with a jade hanging at the waist. He seemed like a rich man’s son.

But everyone in Ping Yang Town knew of his background. Shen Nan used to be the manager of the Su family’s restaurant. He was given the job on account of Su Zimo.

Shen Nan took a cup of wine next to him and walked up to stand in front of Su Zimo, passing the cup of wine to him, putting on a fake smile. “Welcome Second Young Master Su. No matter what, I have to serve you wine. Please accept it.”

“Regarding what happened today, whose idea was it?” Su Zimo ignored him but asked him softly.

Shen Nan maintained the smile on his face, leaning his head to the side, pretending not to know. “I don’t understand what Second Young Master Su is talking about.”

“Shen Nan, I want an explanation. Who is the murderer?” Su Zimo stared at Shen Nan’s eyes, but his tone remained very calm.

Shen Nan raised his eyebrow, putting away his smile. He looked upward and finished the cup of wine as he said lightly, “It seems that Second Young Master Su wants to make things difficult!”

With that, Shen Nan threw the cup in his hand onto the ground, smashing it into pieces.

All the ruffians in the courtyard stood up at the sound, unsheathing their weapons from their scabbards. All of them looked menacing and eager to fight.

“Damn, I can no longer stand this guy. Did he really think that he is a young master? He is merely an inferior-class commoner. We gave him a way out but he refused!”

“I am Mo Song. I am the one who slaughtered the man by the surname of Guan!”

“There’s me as well.”

“Hehe, it’s a pity that the old man did not die under my palm.”

Su Zimo swept his gaze over everyone who spoke up. He nodded and said, “Very well, very well.”

Shen Nan sneered. “Su Zimo, don’t seek trouble for yourself. Today I will take into account your relationship with my sister and let…”


Shen Nan was not finished, but he was interrupted by Su Zimo’s holler.

Everyone in the courtyard found it weird and unbelievable. Shen Nan looked ferocious as he said coldly, “How dare you scold me?”

Su Zimo glared at him.

Shen Nan was taken aback by his sharp gaze. He had yet to recover and Su Zimo made his move.

Su Zimo did not make any other movement. He stretched his palms and slapped Shen Nan on the face.


After being slapped by Su Zimo, Shen Nan was sent ten feet away under the watchful eyes of everyone!

Shen Nan had been practicing martial arts for the past three months and he had made huge improvements, achieving the Postnatal early-stage. He could not imagine that he would fly away after being slapped by Su Zimo.

The other party was not being swift in his attack. Why could he not react in time?

In the eyes of the ruffians, they had different views to Su Zimo’s attack.

No ordinary man would be able to send people ten feet away with the strength of the palm.

But everyone present survived through battles and fights. Many of them were Postnatal Experts. Mo Song and several others were Postnatal Perfected. They thought nothing of Su Zimo.

“Kill him for me!”

Shen Nan’s cheek was swollen and there was blood at the corner of his lips. He laid on the ground and hollered as he pointed his finger at Su Zimo.

Without waiting for Shen Nan’s orders, Mo Song already led a group of men to slash at Su Zimo. They attacked him from all sides, it was frightening!

Although Su Zimo had been cultivating for three months, he only knew three styles and he had never engaged in a fight with others.

Su Zimo felt a slight panic at the current situation. He automatically used Plow Heaven Stride, and charged toward Mo Song.


Su Zimo took two steps forward, covering a distance of more than ten feet. His speed was alarming and he managed to escape from most of the attacks directed at him.

The rest of the people seemed to have blurred vision. A shadow flashed past them and their knives and swords missed the target.


Mo Song’s eyelids kept twitching. His countenance changed.

The other people could not tell, but Mo Song who was at the front shivered at the monstrous force that was directed at him when Su Zimo took two steps forward!

Su Zimo was no longer a feeble scholar. He was obviously a ferocious beast that devoured humans!

Mo Song had yet to recover from his shock and therefore he was slow to react.

By then, Su Zimo had already reached Mo Song’s side. He stretched his arms from under his abdomen, clenching his fists with the joint of his index finger slightly raised, thrusting and pushing forward!

Su Zimo was very familiar with these series of movements. He would be able to execute it with precision even when he shut his eyes.

And right now, Su Zimo directed all his pent-up frustrations in the past three months in his attack.


Everyone turned silent.

Mo Song had an odd expression on his face. He lowered his head slowly and realized there were two bloody hollows as huge as bowls in his chest. Two muscular arms were protruding from the hollows.

The blood was gone from Mo Song’s face. He slanted his head and died on the spot!

In the eyes of the other people, the two sides had only sparred with each other for a single round. Mo Song had yet to land his saber on Su Zimo, and the latter had already driven his arms into Mo Song’s chest!

Two bloody fists were seen protruding from the back of Mo Song’s chest. It was a terrifying sight.

Although the ruffians of the pugilistic society had been through many fights, they could not imagine the scene that they had just witnessed. How could a fist drive a hole through blood and flesh?

A Postnatal Perfected Expert was taken down by a frail scholar!

Who would have believed it if they had not seen it themselves?


Su Zimo was in a daze. All he could remember was that Die Yue once told him lightly, “Most of the styles in The Mystic Classic of the Twelve Demon Kings of the Great Wilderness are killing techniques…”

There were killing techniques. If he used them, he would definitely take lives!

Until now, Su Zimo finally understood her words.

Someone waved a knife to hack at Su Zimo’s neck while he was in a daze, while another person attacked him with a sword, stabbing him in the middle of his back.

Clang! Clang!

Instead of the sounds made by the weapons when they pierced through human flesh, one could only hear the sounds similar to the clashing of metals.

The steel knife that was on Su Zimo’s neck strangely bounced up, while the long sword in the middle of his back bent into an arc. It could not stab into his flesh!


Everyone present gasped.

Su Zimo might have worn superior-class armor and hence the sword could not stab through his flesh. But what about the steel knife that slashed his neck? There was no way to explain why it bounced back?

Corporal mortification martial arts?

What kind of corporal mortification martial arts would be so powerful?

Although the knife and sword did not hurt Su Zimo, he staggered from the force of it.

The skin tempering skill could block the cutting edge of the knife and sword, but it could not block the force directed at him through the knife and sword. Su Zimo felt immense pain in the middle of his back and neck. He gritted his teeth to endure the pain.

“Scoundrel, you must be courting death!”

Su Zimo hollered, executing Plow Heaven Stride and charged toward the person on the left.

Bang! Bang!

Su Zimo plowed and made two deep ravines out of the ground that was made of extremely hard green stone. The gravel and small stones flew around, it was a frightening sight!

The person’s countenance changed. He finally knew the fear and terror Mo Song felt in the final moments before his death.

Su Zimo was too imposing and terrifying!

He merely strode forward, but the menacing aura about him was enough to suffocate him.


He executed Bovine’s Moon-gazing, making two hollows in the chest of a late-stage Postnatal Expert. He died on the spot.

Seeing that Su Zimo seemed immune to swords and knives, everyone had no idea how to take him down.

Su Zimo had killed two men consecutively in no time. His blood seemed to be boiling. The initial panic and tension had disappeared.

“And you!”

Su Zimo turned and directed his fiery gaze at the last person.

The person had boasted of wounding Uncle Zheng just now. But he felt a chill at his back and had goosebumps all over his body now that Su Zimo fixed his gaze on him.

“Everyone, let’s attack him at once. No matter how powerful his corporal mortification martial arts is, he would definitely have a vital gate, and there is a limit to his endurance!” The man hollered.

Everyone in the courtyard felt like taking him down together, but they were still wary of him. They were frightened by his menacing aura and they did not attack at once.

Ta! Ta! Ta!

Su Zimo took three steps and had already arrived in front of the man in no time. He executed Bovine’s Moon-gazing without another word.

The man already realized that Su Zimo only executed the few styles.

Although he was frightened by the sheer power of Plow Heaven Stride, he was able to avoid the attack by dropping to the ground agilely. He did not care to preserve his dignity, but to execute a Lazy Donkey Roll.

Bovine’s Moon-gazing was meant to attack one’s waist and upper abdomen.

The man counterattacked with the move and was able to avoid Su Zimo’s fists.

Even so, he could still smell a strong and musty smell of blood in the air, extinguishing all his desire to fight back.

“Run! He is invincible!”

The man managed to escape from his Bovine’s Moon-gazing. Su Zimo watched as his opponent rolled about on the floor, feeling somewhat confused.

This was the only movement technique that he knew.

If Bovine’s Moon-gazing was unable to kill the opponent, Su Zimo had no other way to defeat him.

Right then, a thought came to Su Zimo’s mind and he took big strides to catch up with the opponent.

Lazy Donkey Roll might be a brilliant move and when used occasionally, it was quite effective. However, his speed of rolling on the floor would not be as fast as his running legs.

Su Zimo roared and caught up to the man in no time.

The man heard Su Zimo’s roar and knew that he was in serious trouble, looking upward at him.

His view was blocked by flying gravel and stones. Right then, an enormous force smashed right into his chest.


The next moment, the man smashed against the wall, and he slowly slipped off the wall seconds later. His chest was punctured and he died on the spot.

Su Zimo was able to react according to circumstances, using the brute force of Plow Heaven Stride to kick at the man.

Killing techniques!

Plow Heaven Stride was a killing technique as well!

Several experts at the courtyard who were jeering at Su Zimo turned silent. There was fear in their eyes. Everyone retreated slowly, for fear that they would be Su Zimo’s next target.

It was understandable that everyone was fearful of him. Su Zimo had displayed very formidable prowess.

It had only been ten minutes since he made his first move and he had already killed two Postnatal Perfected Experts and one late-stage Postnatal Expert!

Su Zimo sneered as he turned to walk toward Shen Nan who had turned pale in fright.

“W-what do you want?”

Shen Nan’s voice trembled. He wanted to turn and flee, but his legs were too weak. They gave way on him and he could only sit limply on the ground, while he inched slowly away from Su Zimo.

“Whose idea was it today?” Su Zimo towered Shen Nan, looking down at him, as he posed his question, enunciating each word slowly.

“N-no, it’s not me…”

“Who is it?!” Su Zimo roared with anger.

Shen Nan trembled, gasping for air. There was a flicker of malice in his eyes as he said through gritted teeth, “If you dare to wound me, Su family will be exterminated!”


Su Zimo’s expression darkened. He squinted his eyes. “Are you threatening me?”

Su Zimo had barely suppressed his murderous intent, but he could feel the strong urge to kill again.

Right then, an eerie and sorrowful sound could be heard from the inner hall of Shen family’s residence.

“You are a junior, you must be courting death. How dare you behave so atrociously here!”

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