Everlasting Immortal Firmament

Chapter 10 Book 1: 9: Military’s Confidence Shaken

Chapter 10 Book 1: 9: Military's Confidence Shaken

Book 1: Chapter 9: Military’s Confidence Shaken

Merchant City, outside Gao Xianzhi’s tent in the Song Nation army’s camp:

After Lin Chong bared his torso and knelt, revealing numerous scars, more and more people started kneeling with him. Soon, five hundred people who were familiar with Lin Chong knelt with him.

After the news spread, all the soldiers came to know of the crown heir’s monstrous crimes, killing the soldiers’ families in the rear. The people who previously received bad news but were pacified by Gao Xianzhi also knelt with Lin Chong.

The target was the crown heir, a prominent symbol. He was someone whom everyone considered to hold a lot of weight. Would the commander treat him the same as everyone to appease the soldiers? The soldiers wondered whether the commander would choose to sacrifice them, should their families suffer mishaps, because of the other party’s status.𝑓𝘳𝘦𝘦𝘄e𝙗n𝒐vel.𝘤o𝙢

Many of these soldiers had been through life and death together. With one person kneeling, their many close friends would follow. This resulted in a chain reaction, like dominoes falling over.

Five hundred, one thousand, two thousand, four thousand, eight thousand, ten thousand, twenty thousand…

“We beg the commander to uphold the law. Execute those who killed our families!”

“We beg the commander to uphold the law. Execute those who killed our families!”

“We beg the commander to uphold the law. Execute those who killed our families!”

First, there were hundreds. Then, there were thousands. After that, there were tens of thousands. The soldiers’ voices spread out, reaching the sky. Their bellows contained rage. Their rage contained dissatisfaction. All this eventually gathered into the loud, roaring chant.

Nearly all the soldiers roared, the sound spreading throughout Merchant City.

When Crown Prince Song heard this sky-shaking roar from an increasing number of kneeling soldiers, fear swamped his heart.

This is not a commotion. This is sheer mutiny! This is something countless times more severe than the previous commotion. This time, countless soldiers are showing bloodshot eyes.

“How can it be like this? How can it be like this?” Crown Prince Song viewed this scene with horror.


Inside Gao Xianzhi’s tent:

Gao Xianzhi released the shattered teacup in his hand, showing an unsightly expression. “Gu Hai? Old ginger is indeed spicier than young ginger. It turned out that you were kidnapping the soldiers’ families to induce fear in my camp. Did you do that for so long, all for today, to use the entire army to pressure me?”

Gao Xianzhi could not regain his calm in a short time. His heart churned with all sorts of emotions before finally calming down.

Outside, the roars seeking justice shook Merchant City. More and more soldiers gathered and knelt there.

Gao Xianzhi stood up and slowly stepped out of the tent.

Crown Prince Song, who was not far away, rushed over in a fluster and watched Gao Xianzhi come out of the tent.

“Commander!” everyone cried out loudly.

“Commander! I beg Commander to uphold the law, take revenge for Xiaodie. This subordinate is willing to lay down my life for this!” Lin Chong cried.

Thud! Thud! Thud…!

Lin Chong continuously kowtowed. By now, blood from the impact with the ground covered his forehead.

Lin Chong’s blood-, tear-, and dirt-smeared face looked incredibly sorrowful.

Upon seeing Lin Chong, Gao Xianzhi took in a deep breath. Although Lin Chong caused this mutiny, he did not blame Lin Chong. On the contrary, some guilt flashed in his eyes.

Gao Xianzhi understood that even without Lin Chong, Gu Hai would still make today happen. Furthermore, Lin Chong had followed him for many years, always carrying out his orders without question. Lin Chong always charged ahead. The scars on Lin Chong’s body came from fulfilling his various commands. Over so many years, Lin Chong never cried, no matter how severe his injuries. At this moment, Lin Chong had a complete emotional breakdown while kneeling before him.

“We beg Commander to uphold the law. Execute those who killed our families!” The hundreds of thousands of soldiers roared at the same time. That was the collective spirit of the soldiers, a collective spirit that no one could block. At this moment, everyone looked at Gao Xianzhi, waiting for the commander to show the same spirit.

Immediately execute the crown heir?

Gao Xianzhi felt dazzled as he looked at the hundreds of thousands of soldiers kneeling before him. It seemed like he saw Gu Hai standing before him, clad in armor. At this moment, Gu Hai was the commander, leading his hundreds of thousands of soldiers against him.

The one commanding this eight-hundred-thousand-strong army was no longer himself but the Gu Hai in his imagination.

At this moment, the Gu Hai in his imagination raised a sword and pointed it at him. With just a command, the hundreds of thousands of soldiers would charge at him and tear him to shreds.

Gao Xianzhi instantly felt fearful.

“Commander?” Crown Prince Song, who rushed over from nearby, appeared extremely unsightly.

Crown Prince Song was not stupid. With the army mutinying at this moment, how could he not make out the situation? The military’s confidence could not be shaken. Once it was, the Song Nation would be in danger. The Song Clan’s empire would crumble. The military’s confidence was the nation itself. That was paramount. However, the other side was his son.

Song Zhengxi, you bastard, why did you humiliate and kill the families of soldiers?!

“We beg Commander to uphold the law. Immediately execute those who kill our families!” the soldiers bellowed again.

Gao Xianzhi startled awake from his daze. Then, he looked at the soldiers and shouted gravely, “Soldiers!”

The soldiers immediately stopped and looked at Gao Xianzhi.

Gao Xianzhi steeled himself and continued, “This commander once said that we would execute those who kill the families of the soldiers, no matter who!”

With this shout, the soldiers turned even more silent.

“This is effective, no matter who it is, even the crown heir. I, Gao Xianzhi, guarantee that as long as the crown heir really killed the soldiers’ families, I will implore the emperor to uphold the law, even if I get stripped of my military position. I will uphold the law!” Gao Xianzhi shouted with determination.

Crown Prince Song stumbled, feeling like his energy had instantly gotten sapped dry.

The hearts of the soldiers, who were initially worried, skipped a beat. Now, they trusted Gao Xianzhi even more. If the commander declared it, he would do it.

“Commander, are your words trustworthy? How can I trust you?” Lin Chong asked with bloodshot eyes.

Others might not know, but Lin Chong clearly knew. Not long ago, Gao Xianzhi wanted to cover up for the crown heir. Would he do the same thing to Lin Chong now?

Lin Chong already experienced the earlier scheme. Now, he feared trusting Gao Xianzhi.

Gao Xianzhi looked at Lin Chong and sighed in his heart.

“Since I declared it, I will do it. Since you are still worried, then come with me to Song City. Once we have verified the truth, I will immediately implore the emperor to execute the crown heir! How’s that?” Gao Xianzhi replied gravely.

“Commander is personally heading to the capital?” The soldiers immediately revealed shocked expressions.

At this moment, Gao Xianzhi had no other choice. He had to treat this matter seriously. Otherwise, the doubt in the soldiers’ hearts would grow increasingly stronger. Gu Hai would take advantage of that.

“Many thanks, Commander! Many thanks, Commander!” Lin Chong said as he continuously kowtowed.

“Soldiers!” Gao Xianzhi looked to the hundreds of thousands of soldiers.

“Why did our army camp end up in such a situation? I still have to say this: this is all part of Gu Hai’s schemes. However, I believe that there are some here who still do not believe that. Nevertheless, I, Gao Xianzhi, always fulfill what I promise. I hope you all will trust me, Gao Xianzhi. I said before that we would immediately execute anyone who dared to humiliate and kill a soldier’s family. This is an absolute military command. Lin Chong and some of the soldiers will come with me to the capital to stand witness for everyone. We will uphold the law. I hope that any other false information will not sway you. All of this is part of Gu Hai’s schemes!” Gao Xianzhi shouted.

The soldiers looked at each other, frowning heavily. Indeed, these things did not happen in the past, yet the entire army had mutinied. Did Gu Hai really cause this?

Some people believed it, but some people still did not. Gu Hai was not a god. How could he be this capable?

“I do not ask for much. I only want everyone not to trust in any rumors while I am away. No matter how wronged you feel, wait for me to return, and I will get justice for everyone. In the meantime, listen to the military commands. Alright?” Gao Xianzhi shouted.

The soldiers looked at Gao Xianzhi. Thanks to their past reverence for him and his earlier upright and plainspoken attitude, countless people immediately responded.


“We obey Commander’s command!”

“We obey!”

The soldiers continuously shouted, promising that they would not believe in any rumor nor mutiny while Gao Xianzhi was gone. Instead, they would wait for his return.

“Lin Chong and the others, immediately make preparations to follow me to the capital. We will depart two hours later!” Gao Xianzhi ordered.

“Yes!” Lin Chong and the others shouted.

Gao Xianzhi returned to his tent after pacifying the entire army again.

Inside the tent, Crown Prince Song appeared dispirited. As he looked at Gao Xianzhi, he showed an extremely complicated expression. Gao Xianzhi was going back to kill Crown Prince Song’s son, but Crown Prince Song was helpless to do anything. He truly felt helpless. Despite his anger and reluctance, he could not do anything.

“Your Highness, follow the earlier instructions. Rally the eight hundred thousand soldiers and immediately head to Hulao Pass. Complete this quickly!” Gao Xianzhi said with an unsightly expression.

“I will. However, when will you return?” Crown Prince Song asked bitterly.

At this moment, Gao Xianzhi was not in a mood to console Crown Prince Song. This was a matter of great importance to the nation, so he could not permit anything to go wrong. Given Crown Prince Song’s intelligence, Crown Prince Song should be able to figure it out.

“Even if I rush to the capital, it will take eight days. Making my way to Hulao Pass from there will take about fourteen days. I might be delayed in the capital, so I estimate that I will return in about twenty-odd days. You should lead the entire army to Hulao Pass. Since there are many people, you will definitely be slow, so you will probably reach Hulao Pass after twenty-odd days. We should return more or less around the time you arrive at Hulao Pass,” Gao Xianzhi said.

“Are we having the decisive battle now?”

“Yes. I have studied Gu Hai’s military strategies and tactics. He once said, ‘Surround with tenfold the numbers, attack head-on with fivefold the numbers, and with just double the numbers, split up and attack various weak points. Being able to surround the enemy would be the best. Using psychological warfare to pressure the remaining Chen Nation soldiers would be ideal. However…however, the opponent is Gu Hai. If we keep dragging this out, it would just become more disadvantageous for us. Thus, we can only attack with force. I understand that attacking with force will result in the enemy’s army fighting to the death. At that time, my army will suffer heavy casualties. However, we can only settle for the lesser of two evils. Immediately rally the troops and rush to Hulao Pass. After we conquer the pass, the Chen Nation will fall. Everything will end,” Gao Xianzhi said sullenly.

“I understand. However, might you fall into Gu Hai’s trap if you return? Would he lay a trap for you there?” Crown Prince Song asked with a frown.

“If Gu Hai follows the usual plan of luring his enemy away from their territory, he definitely will. This is the best opportunity for him. However, he is Gu Hai. I cannot figure him out. Don’t worry. I made preparations as well. I will bring a group of elites to escort me. At the same time, doesn’t the First Song Sect have Innate Realm experts? They follow me at all times to obtain first-hand information. By following me, they protect me to a certain extent,” Gao Xianzhi said seriously.

“I’ll assign my royal clan’s secret service to you as well,” Crown Prince Song said through gritted teeth.

Crown Prince Song felt incredibly pained about sending countless experts to protect Gao Xianzhi so that Gao Xianzhi could go and kill his son.

Gao Xianzhi did not reject the offer, merely nodded.

“We have spies in Hulao Pass. When Your Highness arrives, work with them. Be careful in everything you do.”

After leaving instructions, Gao Xianzhi quickly headed for Song City.

Tian Residence, Song City:

Gu Hai sipped on a cup of refreshing tea as Gu Han rushed in.

“Adoptive Father, the messenger pigeons sent word of Gao Xianzhi leaving the camp with a group of people. They should be heading for Song City. Since they left the camp, should we try and keep him here?” Gu Han asked with some excitement.

“That’s no use. We will not be able to do that. There are definitely many experts by Gao Xianzhi’s side. It would be impossible to assassinate him. Just follow the plan,” Gu Hai said between sips of tea.


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