Everyday, Boss Is Pretending To Be Weak

Chapter 7.4 - Rescuing people on Songyu Mountain(4)

Chapter 7.4 Rescuing people on Songyu Mountain(4)

Inside the house, He Ye was hugging his knees squatting at the corner. When he heard He Zhou’s voice outside, he couldn’t help but inwardly scold him. Was this cheap brother of his crazy? While thinking about this, a silky thin voice entered his ears.

“Don’t move and listen to me. Wait until Wen Renyi has Tan Shu’s attention and secretly go to the northwest corner and hit it with all your strength. The array will then break. use this opportunity to bring the others out and escape.”

He Ye was secretly scared. He didn’t know why this voice sounded so much like his elder brother’s, but the topmost priority right now was to follow the instructions. The only problem he had was that he only had an Earth Rank Early Stage Cultivation Base and he didn’t know if it was enough to break the array.

At this moment, He Zhou and Wen Renyi had arrived at the door of the house, Tan Shu was still holding the frail neck of the student and bellowed in a hoarse voice. “Come in and close the door.”

“No, let the children go first.” Wen Renyi’s voice was like a cold pond.

Tan Shu sneered. “You still think you have the authority to bargain with me?”

At this moment, a cry came out from the outside of the camp. “Ah Zhou!”

He Zhou’s ears moved slightly, it was He Shaoning’s voice. The matter this time had really blown up. To add on, juniors of Gu Wu clans were present. There were a lot of cultivators who rushed here after receiving the news, He Shaoning and Zhao Jing knew that He Ye was trapped so they naturally couldn’t help but worry endlessly, but unexpectedly, they haven’t seen He Ye yet and instead saw He Zhou about to head straight into facing danger. This made them panic even more.

“Tan Shu, if you were to hurt my He Family’s people, He Family will definitely pursue you until the end!” He Shaoning burst out in anger.

Tan Shu wrinkled his brow and looked at He Zhou. “You are one of He Family’s people?” He Zhou and Wen Renyi didn’t hold a wedding ceremony and just quietly retrieved a certificate, so only a small circle of people knew of this matter. Tan Shu also just knew of Wen Renyi getting married and wasn’t clear of He Zhou’s identity. Seeing that he was only an ordinary person, he didn’t think anything of the matter.

Now hearing He Shaoning say these words, some of the hesitation came back.

He definitely needed to kill Wen Renyi. After all, they had a blood feud. When the time comes for the Wen Family to investigate, the Zhengmo Sect would not be afraid, after all, the group of Wen Family presumably wouldn’t make a big fuss over a waste of a person but the He Family was different. The He Family was famous for shielding a shortcoming, if the time came for the two power families to cooperate, he feared the Zhengmo sect would receive a big blow to their strength.

Wen Renyi suddenly extended his hand pushed He Zhou outside before stepping into the house. He only left He Zhou a clear, lean shadow of his back.

At this moment, He Ye suddenly moved. Tan Shu was alarmed. He Zhou entered the house in a flash like the swift wind and snatched the student away from Tan Shu’s grip before throwing him to He Ye. He Ye stagnated for a moment before directly throwing the person out of the house. In any case, he was an Earth Level Cultivator, how could he leave his brother alone here?

The matter happened way too quickly that when Tan Shu finally reacted, half of the students had already run out. He detected the broken array and indignantly let out a roar, throwing a fist towards He Zhou. The might of a Sky Level Late Stage was out of the ordinary, even if He Zhou utilized the Golden Core Ranked godly sense as well as the small array’s resistance, he would still be pounded and flew crashing onto the wall, spitting out a mouthful of blood.

He was still too weak.

Tan Shu also threw a punch towards Wen Renyi. A faint purple light flashed through Wen Renyi’s cataracts. The power and influence in his whole body increasing sharply, in that moment, he seemed to have stepped into Xiantian Realm, surpassing Tan Shu.

A weapon that was hidden shot out, directly stabbing Tan Shu’s throat!

Tan Shu speedily dodged it causing the dagger to only cut Tan Shu’s skin leaving behind a bloody scar. To Tan Shu, this was only a superficial scar but what made him more shocked was that, wasn’t Wen Renyi unable to practice martial arts? How could he be a XianTian!

He Zhou took advantage of the period he was stunned to quickly use his own blood and wrap a few circles around Tan Shu. One second before he finished, Wen Renyi’s face became pale white as fresh blood spurted out from his mouth before he fell directly towards the ground and was caught by He Zhou.

He Zhou took a look at Tan Shu who was trapped in the array and held the feeble Wen Renyi. He told the dazed He Ye. “Let’s go, leave this to the operations team.”

He realized during Wen Renyi’s sudden drastic increase in martial skills, Wen Renyi’s body had a large amount of strength, and when this strength burst forth, it nearly destroyed Wen Renyi’s veins.

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