Everyday, Boss Is Pretending To Be Weak

Chapter 8.3 - Hugging and Cuddling(3)

Chapter 8.3 Hugging and Cuddling(3)

After Wen Renyi drank a gulp of soup, his complexion became a lot better. He Zhou looked at him and deliberated for a moment before asking. “Were you unable to fight back because of that power?”

Wen Renyi wasn’t surprised at his insight and nodded his head at his words.

“So, the rumors outside that said your martial arts was wasted are not real?” He Zhou placed his hand on Wen Renyi’s wrist.

Wen Renyi didn’t move and “looked” at He Zhou “It really isn’t a rumor, with my current situation, I really am considered a waste.” Just by using a bit of strength, he would have faced life-threatening danger.

“Can you let me see?” Young Master He looked closely at Wen Renyi’s face. After all, Gu Wu cultivators are extremely distrusting, they wouldn’t let anybody’s Inner Xi step inside their own body to inspect.

Wen Renyi paused slightly before nodding. “Be careful, it’s overbearing.”

“It’s not a problem.” He Zhou waved his hand to create an enchantment and used his Inner Xi to probe into Wen Renyi’s veins. His veins were empty and contained nothing inside. Looks like, he really was an ordinary person.

When the Inner Xi reached his nape, he found a barrier. What happened here? He was deep in thought when the barrier seemed to want to swallow his Inner Xi with brute overbearing strength. He Zhou quickly exited and frowned in concern. “What in the world happened to you that year?”

Wen Renyi lowered his eyelids and moved his lips. “I..”

“Dong, dong, dong” A uniform knock disturbed the two people. He Zhou’s godly senses swept over and noticed a young guy standing outside the door. He looked to be Wen Renyi’s assistant, so he withdrew the enchantment and returned to his own bed. “Come in.”

Guo Yang held a bouquet of flowers as he opened the doors and stepped in. He saw Wen Renyi was already awake and couldn’t help but reveal a happy expression. He entirely disregarded He Zhou who was at the other bed and stood by Wen Renyi’s bedside. “Director, you’ve awaken?”

Wen Renyi hummed in agreement. “Assistant Guo, what’s the situation at the company?”

Guo Yang placed the flowers on tabletop and said. “Everything’s good at the company. Everybody has been worried about you so I came to visit you on behalf of everybody.”

“Thank you.”

Guo Yang also poured a cup of water. “This is to be expected. Director. Please drink some water.”

He Zhou held his book, his peripheral gaze on Guo Yang’s dazzling smiling face. He could feel this person holding feelings of venerance towards Wen Renyi, and also a bit of….

“Thank you but there’s no need for that.” Wen Renyi did not take it.

Guo Yang’s smile stiffened slightly, before shortly returning to normal. “Alright.”

Wen Renyi’s face was calm as he continued to assign matters to Guo Yang. He Zhou turned to look at his side profile. It was clean and had little baby hairs scattered over his forehead. It looked to be of no difference with before but He Zhou felt that this Wen Renyi was a bit … unfriendly.

He was probably wrong.

“Assistant Guo, there are too many affairs to handle at the company, you should go back first.” Wen Renyi didn’t really use a commanding tone but these kind of cold words made people unable to refuse.

Guo Yang could only get up and bid his farewell to Wen Renyi. In this period, he really only viewed He Zhou as air. He Zhou also didn’t mind this. He also wouldn’t put unreasonable people to heart.

After Guo Yang left, Wen Renyi suddenly sat up seemingly wanting to get off the bed.

He Zhou inquired. “What is it?”

“Going to the washroom.”

He Zhou suddenly laughed. He only felt that the image of the lofty and cold Wen Renyi earlier had instantly broken. Dousing out a person’s spiritual fire was actually because he wanted to relieve physiological problem. No wonder, he didn’t accept the cup of water and even chased Guo Yang away.

“You still have the drip on, do you want me to help you?” He didn’t wait for Wen Renyi to reply and quickly walked up to him. Who knew that since Wen Renyi had lain in bed for several days, once he stepped off the bed, his legs turned soft. His knees bent forward. He Zhou was sharp-sighted and deft. He held his waist and the two people’s posture became fixed in place.

Wen Renyi was slightly stunned as the tips of his ears flushed red.

Young Master He’s breath was slightly sluggish before soon returning to normal. He was about to loosen his hand and let him go when suddenly an uninvited guest came rushing in. His entire attire was sloppy with a head of blond hair. When he saw the scene in the room, he immediately widened his eyes. “You guys continue!”

The door closed with a “pa” sound.

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