Everyone Else is a Returnee

Chapter 10 I Hunt Alone (2)

I Hunt Alone (2)

His thoughts became complicated. The time he randomly thought ‘it shouldn’t be over 200, right?’ was actually 1000 years, and the animals who had matured well like him evolved into monsters to take revenge for the 1000 years of solitude……


But so what.

After finding the horde of monsters that showed themselves on the streets, and the leader-class huge Direwolf which led them, Yu IlHan thought while moving faster.

No matter how long the time that had passed was, it couldn’t change his current situation.

Even if the monsters on Earth were stronger than those in other worlds, I don’t even know how strong they are since I neve went there! Fuck, so it’s none of my business! – he thought.

There was one thing that was sure.

That I’m stronger than that thing!


His steel spear stabbed head on in the giant Direwolf’s face, which didn’t know that Yu IlHan was approaching thanks to his passive concealment.

The spear which was accurately stabbed between its eyes, pierced everything from its spike-like fur, hard skin, the complexly formed muscle, its flesh which strangely tightened to block foreign substances, and the bone which developed to be stronger than steel, to smash its brains.

[You have earned 12,904 experience.]

[You have earned the record of Lv35 Brown Direwolf.]

[You have become level 9. 4 Strength, 2 Agility, 2 Health, 2 Magic increases.]

[You cannot become Level 10 without obtaining a class. All records acquired before obtaining a class will be calculated after generating a class.]

[All of your records will be materialized into possibilities. From the following jobs, you can select……]

At the same time the enormous experience and record that the Direwolf had was all absorbed by Yu IlHan, countless texts appeared on his retina.

However, Yu IlHan had to move his body quickly without even the opportunity to recognize that. It was because the monsters on the streets attacked him fiercely, much less being frightened after their leader died.

“Fuck, monsters!”

“So many……One man is fighting them!”

“Wait, I will emit fire from my hands!”

“Soldiers! Really, these guys are never here when we need them!”

At almost the same time as Yu IlHan’s preemtive strike, the people moved around chaotically after they recognized that monsters were attacking. Whether it was running away quietly, calmly reporting, looking for the military, or looking for signs to shield themselves in.

They didn’t seem to have gone to other worlds for 10 year for nothing as they reacted calmly to the monsters, but amidst of them, a few clumsy people were trying to show off their non-existent fireballs with their non-existent mana.


And a wild dog which disdained that man barked lowly and attacked him. Yu IlHan, who half-expected that situation, swung his spear once to throw them all apart and kicked off the ground.

The moment the strength stored in his body kicked the ground, it was purely turned into thrusting force and his body shot out like a cannon ball.

After focusing his strength by leaning forward in that state, Yu IlHan pointed the spear towards the front with both of his hands. At the end of the trajectory that the spearhead drew was the wild dog’s head which was about to assault the man.


[You have earned 1,700 experience.]

[You have earned the record of Lv18 Wandering Dog.]

For a dog, it has a too cool of a name!

While tackling only in his heart, Yu IlHan landed on the ground. The monsters which didn’t deviate their gazes from him from the beginning, glared Yu IlHan with a ‘I will kill that guy and live’ gaze while shortening their distances with Yu IlHan, after their comrade died. Anyway, it was fortunate that other people weren’t in danger now.

“Step back.”

Yu IlHan warned shortly while looking back. However, the man who was rescued after failing to shoot fire from his hands, was surprised when he saw the Ir*nm*n mask that covered Yu IlHan’s face and shouted.

“I, Ir*nm*n mask……!?”

Someone who heard that blurted out.

“Perhaps, Sungdaein Bolt!?”

“What, did you just say Sungdaein Bolt!?”

“That cheap Ir*nm*n mask……It’s the real Sungdaein Bolt!”

From some time, that embarassing nickname was spread out loud! Yu IlHan hid his feelings to cry and turned back. His feelings were complicated – he was slightly happy that his name was known, but he was still sad.

“I said step back!”

“Cheer up, Sungdaein Bolt!”

“Wow, so strong. Just how many levels did he level up in one day to become like that?”

“He got his 2nd job, definitely.”

The returnees were adapting too well to the situation. They all distanced themselves and watched the fight. Someone even took out a smartphone and recorded Yu IlHan’s fighting on a video.

Yu IlHan thought it was truly fortunate that he was wearing a mask and swung the steel spear. His spear, which would have already been ripped apart if it was made of ordinary steel, was in reverse, showing its might by breaking all their teeth.

[You have earned 3,300 experience.]

[You have earned the record of Lv26 Grey Wolf.]

[You have earned 1,950 experience.]

[You have earned 1,500 experience,]

Countless texts were printed on his retina. He thought that not levelling up despite killing so many of them was related to class or whatever that popped up when he killed the Direwolf, but as the monsters didn’t even give him room to rest, he had no time to read and confirm it.

Of course, these things were insta-kills so it didn’t matter if he levelled up or not!

But it was when he decreased the number of monsters about 20. From the hole where the monster horde first apeared, a big sized wolf popped out and howled loudly.


[It’s the second strongest. It seems like it’s passing some sort of order down so be careful.]

“……So they can even pass the authority of control and even give orders, eh?”

At Erta’s warning, which made him instantly realize that the monsters’ intelligences were high, he turned the gear upwards in his heart.

I can’t hear what the people were chatting loudly about back there. The important thing was me, and the things I had to kill with my spear. – he thought

At that moment, 5 wild dogs, which were distancing themselves from him and only watched while on guard, attacked him simultaneously.


Left leg, right leg, right arm, left shoulder, head. Their figures of attacking different parts of his body when assaulting him reminded him of the humans’ bullying. (T/N: Raws was 합격술/合擊術, it’s some martial art… but it’s basically bullying martial art.).


When he saw that, the move Yu IlHan chose was attacking. If he fell back, then his posture would become unstable and be in a state where he would receive continuous attack easily; and if he defended, then he will get bitten somewhere.

Stepping out with his right foot, he leaned forward and shot the spear to smash the head of the one aiming for his right leg, with its corpse still stuck on the spear, he swung it and sruck the one aiming for his left leg.

The strength stat that should be calculated to several tens of levels suppressing the wild dog’s body was truly a frightening scene.

[You have earned 1,300 experience.]

[You have earned 1,250 experience.]

However, by that time, the third dog was already within 10cm of his left shoulder. A trajectory that wouldn’t hit even if he swung the spear. He let go of his left hand holding the spear and swung his arm. At that moment, the sharp scythe that popped out from his wrist cut apart its mouth.


He retracted his left arm to hold the spear with both of his hands, and he smashed hard on the ground with the spear while stepping out with his left foot.

After getting rid of the dog’s corpse with that shock, He struck upwards with both the 4th and 5th dog in the trajectory which were about to bite his head and right arm respectively.




The moment after the sharp spearhead shined due to the sunlight, the two’s bodies snapped in half and was trashed onto the ground.

[You have earned 1,400 experience.]

[You have earned 1,330 experience.]

Lastly Yu IlHan finished the fight by stepping on one of the dog’s head, which was wailing on the ground and had half of its mouth gone. He had finished five of them in a blink of an eye.


However, the wolf which watched that cried short as if he disdained it. The moment Yu IlHan raised his head while thinking to smash it apart after rushing up, a different scene came inside his view.

“Kkuk, Please… help me…….!”


Did it have an objective to distact him from the beginning? It had procured a ‘hostage’ by moving fast in those few seconds.

Where? The hostage wasn’t from the streets. The crowd from the streets were also shocked after they recognized that there was a hostage, and that was just now. There were many kinds of humans such as those who ran away too late fearing that they would also be captured and humans resolving to rescue the hostage.

However he was able to realize soon. The time that these monsters appeared and the time that Yu IlHan found these monsters couldn’t have been the same.

So, in other words, these things have already assaulted once or maybe more, and may have procured the hostage from then.

It looked at Yu IlHan. Its disgusting-looking mouth and the protruded fans seemed as if it was lauging at Yu IlHan.

Although Erta said that killing humans to earn experience and record was a monster’s instinct, it was even temporarily suppressing its instinct to try to corner Yu IlHan.

The aim of that action is to suppress Yu IlHan’s actions. That wolf had the most simplest but efficient scheme to defeat Yu IlHan by attacking his weak poitn while he couldn’t move properly due to minding the human under its foot.

It was a strategy only possible because of having seen through human psychology.

And if it really thought that, then it had judged Yu IlHan wrongly. Because the moment he saw that, Yu IlHan threw the spear in a straight line without any hesitation.


The moment Yu IlHan showed movement, the wolf panicked and put a little strength into his foot, but returning the spear that was already out of his hands was impossible even for Yu IlHan. It had become a situation where threatening didn’t work.

The wolf which figured that out not too late, tried to kill the hostage then avoid the attack. And the moment it thought that and was about to put strength into its foot, the steel spear penetrated its head.

[You have earned 6,700 experience.]

[You have earned the record of Lv32 Cunning Big Wolf.]

Yu IlHan thought of himself as an ordinary human.

He wanted to save a person if that person was in a crisis, and would help even if he had to exert himself if he could. To him, who had lived for 1000 years without human presence, a living and breathing human had become a precious existence.

However, if he was asked ‘can you put yourself in danger to do that?’ then he would just laugh it over. That should be the same for other people. A person had to respect his/her own life as much as he/she respected others’ lives.

Just that was what was different for him from criminals, was that it was possible to judge the situation instantly and move and not show panic in the face of a crisis like other people, who may even be selfish.



Immediately after Yu IlHan threw the spear to kill the Big Wolf, the remaning wolves and wild dogs simultaenously assaulted him.

It was obvious that they were trying to do something now that he had lost his weapon, but their current actions were also a bad move. This was because Yu IlHan’s body, which learned all kinds of martial arts with Vale Tudo at the beginning, was a weapon enough to kill them even without the unique rank steel spear.


Yu IlHan laughed at the fact that he could now relieve some anger when he was coincidentally feeling down, and he threw his body towards them.




“Wow, even on dog days I wouldn’t be able to kill that much.”

“Did you see that eye-poke? Look at him poking the eyes with his index and pinky fingers just because their eyes are wide. Such a meticulous guy, that!”

“Someone save that girl. Quickly! She’s about to be run over by monsters!”

“2nd platoon, move out fast!”

And at that moment, the soldiers had arrived at the scene. Fortunately, as they had arrived before the monsters’ indiscrete rage, due to having lost their leader, spread to the civillians, succeeded in dragging out the collapsed hostage before she was injured.

And after that to suppress the monsters they……

“Don’t shoot! Sungdaein Bolt is inside there!”

“You should’ve come earlier! soldiers are as slow as always!”

“W, wait! Hold your fire, didn’t you hear that there’s a person!?”

They had to retract their barrels while panicking due to the people’s barrage of complaints before they even got to shoot. Meanwhile, Yu IlHan severed the monsters breath one by one while moving like water.

After he thrashed the 2 leaders, it didn’t seem like there was a new one to take the lead so the monster’s fighting methods became instantly simple, and Yu IlHan, who was rampaging, could process all the monsters at that place within 3 minutes.

It was a truly dominating battle.

[You have earned 1,100 experience.]


After Yu IlHan severed the last wild dog’s breath, he sighed at the fatigue that came at him and raised his head. The same type of gazes that looked at him after he rampaged at the college campus yesterday were mercilessly striking him.

And there was one that gave him the most fierce gaze, and it was the gaze of the platoon leader. It was a second lieutenant that had a pressed berret on her head. She shouted while looking directly at the Ir*nm*n mask that Yu IlHan was wearing.

“I finally found you. Sungdaein Bolt!”

Are you the main culprit behind the rumors!

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