Everyone Else is a Returnee

Chapter 12 I Hunt Alone (4)

I Hunt Alone (4)

Yu IlHan liked espionage movies a lot. That was a romance that provoked a man’s heart. A cool suit, cool moves, and the agents that don’t forget to have leisure. Villians that act cool but get beaten up by the protagonist, and a cool sexy heroine for a finish!

However, he didn’t know that there would be a day where he himself would shoot an espionage film. And with a midget angel on his head instead of a heroine.

[If I use magic, then you will not be found out. Don’t worry.]

“Tsuup, I believe you.” (T/N: Tsuup is like bitter intake of air)

He was about to have a nervous breakdown due to carrying a bag with an enormous sum of 370 million won. (≈320,000 USD).

If I knew that I would be so weak to cash, then I would’ve robbed some banks rather than training in martial arts when the time on Earth had stopped- he thought.

[You will get used to it soon. If it’s you, then there will come a day where you roll around in 1,000, or even 10,000 times the money that you’re carrying now.]

“Even if you praise me like that, I won’t give you any.”

[I don’t need it!]

Erta spoke seriously, but Yu IlHan lightly ignored her. He was still underevaluating himself even after he now knew that his strength worked on the monsters. He always did his best, and he even got good rewards, but his general evaluation of himself was still so low?

That was a truly strange personality he had there, but as a result, Yu IlHan would move without resting to improve himself. Whether it was because he would feel lonely if he didn’t do something in those 1,000 years, or whether it was because of Rita’s strict education, it was not known.

He secretly entered a secluded alley and left all his spoils of war there before looking at the scene where Erta cast magic. He somehow felt lighthearted.

[Then let’s depart.]

“No, the class is left.”

[……Don’t tell me you haven’t even acquired 1st class!? And you swung your weapon with that amount of strength and training!?]

It was the first ripple on Erta. While feeling that the distance has closed somewhat, Yu IlHan smiled.

“I scrolled up because there were too many words on my retina last time, can’t I scroll down?”

[Reading the record – I should have told you that this is the change that Earth has met. If you will that you want to read the records related to class, then that will suffice.]

Erta’s words were vague, but they were somewhat directly felt on the skin. It was also like this during his first mana crafting. Yu IlHan closed his eyes and remembered the record he saw last time.

[All of your records will be materialized into possibilities. You can acquire one of the classes below.]

[1. Lancer]

[2. Grappler]

[3. Swordsman]

[4. Blacksmith]

[5. Shielder]

[6. Hunter]



[23. Assassin]

Somehow, they were all names of classes that may appear in RPGs, but there was no time to ponder over that matter. Yu IlHan slowly read over all the 23 classes and fell in to thought.

“First, let’s exclude assassin.”

Concealment was enough as it was now. If his presence became any fainter, then he feared that his existence would really disappear.

Above all, he currently couldn’t use mana. Thanks to that, he couldn’t even use the Max level concealment as an active skill, and he could only use it as a passive one. No, actually, he didn’t want to use it, but it was constantly activated without using mana and he couldn’t cancel it.

And so, he needed a he needed a strong job, but doable without mana.

[23 for the 1st class?]

Meanwhile, Erta paled in fright when she heard that there were 23 jobs for his first class.

[23 within just two days of being in contact with the Akashic Records…… If you had more time, then you might have seen 30, or even 40.]

“What’s your recommendation?”

[Lancer, or grappler.]

Yu IlHan also agreed with that. He had achieved proficiency in countless techinques and he was confident that he could bring out maximum power with any kind of weapon, but the thing he was most familiar with was spearmanship and martial arts.

The two techniques that Rita recommended to him – the technqiues that he put the most efforts into. They were the techniques that made him remember her, and the technqiues that he was the most confident in.

[Choosing a class means that you become specialized in it. However, that doesn’t mean that you’re throwing away all the other possibilities. It’s possible to choose a sub class in 2nd and 3rd jobs so don’t hesitate and choose.]

“There weren’t anything like that on the internet, though?”

[The internet is originally a place where incompetent trash boast about what they’ve heard about. People who’ve reached level 50 in other worlds wouldn’t waste their time on something like internet, right?]

“Do you have a bad memory related to the internet……?”

Erta exercised her right to remain silent. Yu IlHan kept his mouth shut to respect her mentality and decided after pondering for a bit.

“I think Lancer is better.”

[Although I’m not curious, shall I hear the reason?]

“The differences in destructive ability due to weapons is big.”


Grapplers could also use weapons if they felt like it. It was the same with the wrist protector that Yu IlHan was using now, and it was also possible to make other offensive equipments. In simple words, sub-weapons.

However, the spear was different. Without needing any supplementative elements, it was a technique that focused all of one’s strength onto the sharp weapon to pierce through enemies.

Yu IlHan had the confidence in becoming stronger through his own ability and his technique, as well as using the new materials that he would encounter to create a spear.

And that was an answer he could arrive at due to having perfectly seen through his own ability. Erta also was planning to reommend him the Lancer, but she was satisfied that he arrived at the answer by himself.

If it’s this person, wouldn’t he have the qualifications to become strong? – She even thought this, albeit briefly.

In contrast, Yu IlHan, who had no interest on what Erta was thinking about, closed his eyes as soon as he decided. However, at that moment, a new job appeared below the 23 jobs.

[24. Bl****d Lancer.] (T/N: I could only do this as the original only put the pronunciation, it’s a pun)


Yu IlHan’s body stiffened as he was dumbfounded. Now that he’d decided on one, a new one had appeared!? Moreover, in front of the name ‘Lancer’, there was a new descriptive word attached. He took deep breaths to calm down and asked Erta.

“A new job has appeared now. It says ‘Bl****d Lancer’.”

[A descriptive word……! That’s a unique job! To think that you will acquire a unique job from the first job!]

Erta unprecedentedly became excited. Yu IlHan thought that it was vaguely good without knowing exactly, but it wasn’t a problem he could accept just with that.

A unique job. That was, in other words, a class that only existed for one existence. A class that appears when his path, achievements and records become one to write a new strike that didn’t exist in the world. It was optimized for that existence, so obviously, its performance was exceptional.

[Choose that no matter what! Moreover, Bl****d. the descriptive word looks good too. It must be a job that focuses on destructive ability. No doubt about it!]

Yu IlHan also agreed with her. He already planned to become a lancer anyway so he chose Bl****d lancer without hesitation.

It was sufficient to think in his heart that he wanted to become a Bl****d Lancer. The appropriate class, power, and qualifications for his records he piled up until now was bestowed on him

[You have become a Blurred Lancer. When attacking while concealed, attack power increases by 10%. The power of spearmanship increases by 10%.]

[Concealment skill, Spearmanship skill’s evolution conditions become easier.]

[You absorb the piled up records. You have become level 18. 11 Strength, 12 Agiligty, 11 Health, 11 Magic increases.]

[You cannot use mana. You cannot learn active skills.]


At this moment, Yu IlHan realized his trivial misunderstanding.

He thought of ‘Blood’, when he saw ‘Bl****d Lancer’, in other words, a spearman of blood. He honestly thought it was awesome.

However the reality was ‘Blurred’. In other words, a faint spearman.

“What the hell is a faint spearman!”

[Oh my gosh…… It’s too fitting that I can’t argue against it……!]

At that moment, when he was about to counter what Erta had said, an electric current flowed down his body.

The growth of his soul (T/N: Check TL notes at the bottom) due to acquiring a class, as well as the rapid changes in his body due to absorbing all the piled up experience and records made Yu IlHan dizzy.

While adapting to the stronger muscles, faster legs, tougher skin and bones, his consciousness became faint for an instant before coming back to reality. It was a strange feeling that couldn’t be explained using words.

However, it was not a bad feeling at all.

Yu IlHan became really annoyed, but he decided to accept reality. There was no way that he could not accept it anyway.

“Well, shit. Let’s go with this. I did become stronger……”

[Earning 2 unique abilties in the first job is close to a miracle. Moreover, they are abilities that fit your characteristics.]

Concealment attack, spear attack. Stacking, it would be a 20% increase in attack power.

It was really as Erta said – while thinking that, Yu IlHan muttered silently after checking his changed body due to the job advancement.

At that moment, his status automatically renewed itself and appeared on his retina.

[Yu IlHan.]

[Human Blurred Lancer Lv18]

[Title – Pancosmic Loner (Concealment becomes passive)]

[Strength – 96 Agility 102 Health – 98 Magic -21]

[Active Skill – Concealment Lv Max, Mana Crafting Lv 2]

[Passive Skill – Close Quarters Combat Lv Max, Spearmanship Lv Max, Dismantling Lv Max]

There was a time when Yu IlHan thought that a change would occur in his title when he advanced.

However, the reality was cruel. It was because the Pancosmic Loner title was keeping its place as if it declared that it will stay there for all his life.

[Did you earn an active skill?]

“No, I didn’t.”

[I knew it. Well, you can rest assured since most people don’t learn one for their first job. ……Although, looking at your growth rate, I think you won’t be able to use mana even by the time you earn your 2nd job.]

“Hey, isn’t that really dangerous? If everyone wields active skills and I don’t……”

[It is dangerous.]


[If you are a normal person.]

Erta’s words cut Yu IlHan’s counter argument off. When Yu IlHan became quiet, Erta smiled and continued speaking.

[As I said a few minutes ago, there is no wasted record. If you didn’t earn a skill in the 1st, and 2nd advancement, then you will earn a strong skill in your 3rd. An ordinary person would have problems in their growth to their 3rd job if that person didn’t have an active skill, but well, if it’s with your ability, then I think it’s quite possible.]

“So you’re saying it’s the difference between learning a chain of weak attacks and a single strong one, right?”

[You’ve understood correctly.]

Yu IlHan could rest assured when he heard those words. Of course, it wasn’t like he would stop training in mana.

However, there was something that Erta didn’t tell Yu IlHan. That was the special characteristics of his situation.

‘He learned a unique job so he should have originally acquired two active skills. However, he didn’t, and a record will remain and it will pass on. If the same thing repeats in the 2nd advancement, and he reaps the rewards in the 3rd advancement……’

Just what kind of skill would he earn. She shuddered just thinking about it.

Ah, is there another lower existence that is worth watching over like this person? She laughed and pulled at Yu IlHan’s hair for no reason.

[Well then, move.]

He hid the items. He advanced successfully. Now all that was left was to do his mission as an Executor.

Yu IlHan sighed shortly with a ‘fuu’ and asked Erta.

“Where do I go?”

[You will search for one now.]

“What the heck…”

The self-proclaimed almighty monster radar’s, Erta’s, words were not surprising now. He grinded his teeth and with her on top of his head, waited until she grabbed some of his hair for safety before leaving that place.

[You’re not the only Executor. Albeit unreliable, the moment I reported to heaven, they selected Executors to kill the monsters and sent angels. So you can just hunt monsters that are within your capable range.]

“Then that Empress person would also be an Executor, right?”

[Of course…… Although, I think that it’s quite rare for two exectutors to appear from the same university.]

What was she talking about? Empress is someone who grew in Lanpas, where Sung U’s people were sucked into, and Yu IlHan was a loner who matured in the thousand years on Earth. Yu IlHan felt uncomfortable being grouped together with her.

[Anyway, this is a quest from heaven. If your ranking……achievements are higher than the other Executors, then the reward will increase. So do your best.]

“That I like.”

Erta’s request was like this – Not ‘Everybody’s in danger so save them’ but ‘You will be rewarded according to your effort so show your best ability’.

Yu IlHan liked Erta for not speaking words of justice or morality despite being an angel carrying out heaven’s decree. Looking at the fact that an angel was like this, wouldn’t perhaps the existence known as God be a refreshing existence? Well, looking the scale of how he sent all of humanity as well.

“However, I don’t like the fact that I have to run around like this……!”

[You should ride a car, then.]

“I’m faster than a car!”

Yu IlHan searched the internet on his phone while running at his full speed for the first time in a while. As always, it was an action that stemmed from ‘It should be better than just runnig blindly, right?’ rather than expecting something.

However his actions gave fruit, which was rather rare.

While running without a destination and was feeling the growth of his body to his heart’s content, he clicked an article, [Who said that a tiger lived in Bukhansan (mountain)], without thinking.

[F*ck, bears are scarier than tigers. Soldiers are shooting loads but it’s not even going through.

Jeongneung’s going down T^T]

He could encounter a movie CG-like scene where a huge bear destroyed a store with its paws.

“Destination set.”

He raised his head. How could he be so lucky? He was about to arrived near the vicinity of Gireum station (T/N: Basically, 3~4km away). In his full speed, he would arrive in 3 minutes.

[If it’s set, then go quickly!]

Erta urged him. Yu IlHan accelerated without turning the direction and asked Erta carefully.

“But I can eat the gallbladder from the bear right?” (T/N: Thought to be healthy in traditinal Asia)

[Of course.]

Erta retorted while smiling brightly.

[If you have the poison resistance skill.]

Author’s notes

You have become a faint spearman!

Robin Thicke’s Blurred Lines (a song) was famous for various reasons. It’s the same ‘Blurred’.

This chapter will reach its climax soon!

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Translator’s notes

Lance = spear in this novel… well, a lance is supposed to be a type of spear anyway. (Lance is a spear that cavalry use)

The same thing happened here… People wanted too cool of a job for first job…(the same thing happened in Munpia) It’s just the first job! Why do you think he’ll get ‘sage’ ‘executioner’ and other cool things… although… Blurred Lancer is… cool(?)

The soul – that’s the close translation I could find.… the original word is ‘격’ which literally means the ‘class’ of his existence (but I can’t use class… it’s already there). So I’m guessing MC’s soul is becoming more refined. Ofc, if you have anything better do feel free to suggest

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