Everyone Else is a Returnee

Prologue Part 2

­ Earth Alone

A beautiful woman wearing white feather wings appeared.

(Oh, so it is here!) Her first words were rude.

‘Wh..who are you?

Yoo Il Han had to cover himself with blankets for he practised nudity as a sleeping habit. The woman stared at his folly grotesquely and then shifted her expressions.

(Hm. You can call me how you see me as.)

‘A home invader?’

(I am God’s messanger, an angel.)

She stared at Yoo Il Han and spoke each word stressfully to disclose her identity.

Since she emerged without any signs, Yoo Il Han had already figured out her paranormal nature, so he accepted the disclosure with little surprise. Too many strange things had happened already to be astonished again.

But he was being unreasonably indifferent to reality. Her next words proved so.

(Since I am running out of time,, I will be straightforward. You have been left behind.)

‘….Left behind…?’

Yoo Il Han’s complexion showed confusion. Being left behind had always been intricately linked to his life. He was left behind by everyone in the primary school excursion, the middle school camping trip, the high school field trip and even in the university MT…

(God has recognised the arrival of ‘disaster’ on Earth, which has led to all humans being sent to numerous different worlds in case of this happening. Somehow, only you have been excluded.

No way, being left behind on a scale of entire humanity! Consciousness dwindled. Holding onto his fading mind, Yoo Il Han questioned the angel.

‘What is the disaster’

(Earth’s experience gauge has been filled, so it is levelling up to the next stage.

He was full of desire to tackle her like when he was forced to replace Dad in a Sunday league team, but he managed to subside it. Then he asked.

‘What happens when it levels up?’

(Energy of a higher level than that of Earth’s is revealed. It is called mana. Also, the archival records initiate contact with Earth, hence humans are permitted read a part of the records. This is termed status.)

‘Good concise explanation’

(I’m good, aren’t I?)

The angel and her huge breasts gloated at his praises. Yoo Il Han promptly continued his questions.

‘Why is there a need to send humanity to different worlds? In fantasy novels, it happens all of sudden for no apparant reason…’

(Mana being divulged to Earth signifies the obligation to face mana-evolved animals, so-called monsters.)

He expected it as soon as ‘mana’ was mentioned.

(Because animals adapt to mana better than humans, humanity will suffer a disaster and will be driven to extinction without intervention. There are dozens of doomed worlds already, therefore God has decided to move Earth’s humanity to safe environments where they could adapt to mana.)

‘Do you mean that my humanity has been transported to mana-adjusted human worlds?’

(Of course. Humans of other worlds will train them for a supply of a certain amount of ‘status’. Though there will be humans without capacity to do so, God cannot save them all.’ )

Indeed, it was obvious. Yoo Il Han thought he had heard enough, but he still had some doubts.

‘Can we not kill monsters with guns?Artilleries?’

(Nuclear weapons cannot slay them)

‘So there really is necessity to strengthen humanity.’

(Naturally. God is great and merciful)

The angel again gloated about in an arrogant expression and with her huge breasts pointing outwards. Seizing the opportunity, Yoo Il Han made the most despairing face possible and asked.

‘What about me?’

(…) The angel had no words to say

‘What about me?

As Yoo Il Han pursued her answer, she turned her head a little and answered in a slightly lower voice.

(There was a mistake)

‘Correct it please.’

(As all tickets have been booked out, you cannot go to other worlds.)

‘Not even standing rooms?’


‘What kind of shitty God is this?’

Finally, Yoo Il Han exploded. The angel, pitying the man, muttered as if to pacify him.

(There is a rejector bonus!)

‘I don’t need it! Send me too!’

(The instant the humanity was forced out, Earth’s time has stopped. Until they return, you are not affected by the effects of time. In other words, you don’t age. Though this includes all Earth’s humans too…’

‘Send me too!’

(Moreover, God, who has sympathised with your lone rejection, has gifted you with status bonuses when the disaster occurs. Amazing ain’t it?)

Details about status bonuses appeased Yoo Il Han’s tandrum somewhat. Yoo Il Han lifted his head, faced the angel and enquired.

‘How about mana? I need to learn how to use it as well.’

‘Till the upheaval occurs, it is not possible.’

‘Ah, send me too! Send me too!’


His racquets resumed, then Yoo Il Han firmly shook his head side to side. It was not going to happen. For God’s sake, he was GOD!

(God has adjusted humanity’s adaption period to be 10 years. Be cheerful and wait until then. I will supply meals.)

‘…I grow famished although time does not pass?’

(Your cells function, but they do not age.)

‘That is a bit contradictory from time coming to a halt.’

(Since you cannot train adapting to mana, should you not train your phisicality in the very least? Think optimistically: other humans adapt to mana at the expense of their physical enhancements resetting as soon as they return )

Yoo Il Han sighed and leered into her eyes. Was that really an encouragement? These useless assholes were responsible for his mess in the first place, now they were pretending to be charitable through some grand, superficial language. If this ‘status bonus’ was not noteworthy, I am going to lose my temper, Yoo Il Han thought.


Ten years. At last he could face reality. Ten years? I can live with that, surely. While his innate optimism persuaded himself, Yoo Il Han spat out his last question.

‘Why was I excluded. Why me?’

(Your name was not discoverable by God, who was recording the list of humanity to be sent. He was astounded by your concealment.)


And so, Yoo Il Han’s Earth life alone had begun.

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