Evil Emperor's Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss

Chapter 11

Chapter 11: Primary Martial Auction Hall

After a long while, Ye Yu Xi convinced Huo Ling that even if it did not currently have any abilities, she would not chase him away or eat him.

Although Ye Yu Xi could see that Huo Ling had stopped crying, his shoulders still twitched. She asked in a curious voice, "Your stomach is so small, so how can you eat that much?"

"Wu, those things turn into spiritual energy when they enter my body. After a certain amount of spiritual energy is accumulated, I can evolve. When I evolve, I will gain new abilities. When master reaches the fifth spiritual level, I can leave this Chaos Space and go outside….." Huo Ling answered while carefully watching Ye Yu Xi's face, afraid that his master would not be satisfied with him.

"Alright, I understand now. You'll be able to go out and play in just a few days."

"Really!" Huo Ling had been alone in the Chaos Space for a long time. When he heard he could leave in a few days, his chubby little face revealed a smile for the first time.

Ye Yu Xi allowed Huo Ling to play by himself. She walked to a bookshelf and took out two small jade pill bottles.

She still needed to exchange for money. Since she had no medicine, she could only use this.

With a flash of black in front of her, Ye Yu Xi held the two white jade bottles as she appeared outside the fence.

Entering the room, Ye Yu Xi gave one jade white bottle to Qing'er, "Qing'er, this is for you."

Qing'er opened the bottle in her hand and sniffed the medicinal smell. In a surprised voice, she asked, "Young miss, this is?"

"To eat."

Qing'er obediently swallowed the pills. A cool feeling came over her palms as the swelling disappeared after a while.

"Go and find two large clothes and then find some scissors and needles." Ye Yu Xi thoughtfully had Qing'er go find these items.

"Oh." Although Qing'er didn't know what the young miss wanted these items for, she still rummage through the boxes for these items.

After a while, with Ye Yu Xi's handicraft, two simple cloaks were made. They didn't look good, but they were enough to cover their faces.

"Young miss, we're going out robbing?" Qing'er looked these newly made clothes and the young miss' thoroughness to ensure that no one could see their faces.

Ye Yu Xi rolled her eyes at Qing'er. Your family's young miss is not as tasteless as those low class thugs.

"Hold the things and come with me."

Ye Yu Xi left the broken grass hut with Qing'er and brought her to the alley of Ning Yuan City's Primary Martial Auction Hall.

The two of them placed their cloaks over themselves and hid their faces.

"In a bit, don't let anyone see your face no matter what." Ye Yu Xi pulled the cloak over her and brought Qing'er into the auction hall.

Under the curious gaze of the guards, Ye Yu Xi and Qing'er entered the auction hall.

They crossed through the magnificent main hall.

Ye Yu Xi came to the door of a small room. There was a small plaque above the door that had the words "treasure inspecting room" written on it.

There were two guards holding blades like at the front entrance. Ye Yu Xi thought these people really spend a lot, these two guards were actually in the fourth spiritual level!

Ye Yu Xi led Qing'er into the room. There was a wooden table inside the room where a middle aged man was taking a nap while leaning back in his chair.

Hearing the sound of the door being opened, the middle aged man opened his eyes. Seeing the two cloaked people walking in, a flash of scorn appeared in the bottom of his eyes, "These two guests, do you want to sell something or are you here to appraise your treasure."

"Selling things." Ye Yu Xi deliberately lowered her voice.

But still her young age could be heard.

The middle age man revealed a bit of impatience on his face. Him being an appraiser was just an act. It was said he was on duty here, but the real person in charge would come out if anything important happened.

Thinking of the other side's age and the broken cloak they had, it didn't seem like someone of status.

The middle aged man gave a soft, cold snort, "Our Primary Martial Auction Hall is not some random pawnshop, you can't just sell any random broken item here."

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