Evil Emperor's Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss

Chapter 13

Chapter 13: Can you make the decision?

Housekeeper Qiu's face sunk, "What does the young miss mean by these words?"

Guang dang!

Ye Yu Xi threw the blade in her hand onto the floor as she kicked the half kneeling Manager Zhao in front of the table to the side. She then sat down in the chair, "Your Primary Martial Auction Hall has such a large temper. Guests come to sell something and because they are wearing shabby cloaks, they get thrown out before you even see what they're selling. Treating guests like this, if your place gets wrecked, you can't blame anyone."

While she was speaking, Manager Zhao held his injured leg as he scrambled behind Housekeeper Qiu.

"Old Qiu, I……"

"Shut up!"

Housekeeper Qiu cut off Manager Zhao's words. He looked at Ye Yu Xi and thought in his heart: Could these two people not be sent by Strong Pass Auction Hall?

Taking back his aura, the temperature in the room returned to normal. Housekeeper Qiu revealed a faint professional smile, "Today's matters are because our Primary Martial Auction Hall's hospitality was lacking. I wonder, what treasure are these two young misses planning to sell? Can you take it out and let me see it?"

Ye Yu Xi pulled the cloak over her head, making sure the other side could not see her face. She lowered her voice as she said, "Can you make decisions here?"

"Old Qiu is our Primary Martial's….."

"Be quiet!"

Manager Zhao on the side saw that Ye Yu Xi did not trust Housekeeper Qiu, so he took the chance to flatter him, but he just dropped a rock on his own foot.

Housekeeper Qiu only looked at Manager Zhou who began shivering like he entered a refrigerator.

Housekeeper Qiu looked back to Ye Yu Xi and said, "Young miss can take out whatever treasures you have, I still have power over this kind of small matter."

"The watchdog beside you said we didn't have anything on us, he really isn't embarrassed! Let him correct himself!" Ye Yu Xi said with a playful tone.


Almost all the guards moved forward a step as they raised their blades. This girl in front of them was clearly trying to cause trouble!

Manager Zhao's small eyes turned sinister, "Humph, I knew you two sluts didn't have anything good, relying on the little skills you have to cause trouble. With this many guards present, I want to see how you die!"

Housekeeper Qiu's eyes also turned a bit colder. If it wasn't Ye Yu Xi giving him a strange feeling, he would have had the guards directly take these two away.

When he spoke again, his voice became much colder, "Speaking like this, these two young misses really are here to wreck our Primary Martial Auction Hall!"

Ye Yu Xi's pretty face revealed a smile under her cloak. With a flick of her jade hands, she threw the white jade bottle containing the Purple Spirit Pills to Housekeeper Qiu, "There isn't many of these items, there is only this bottle. Housekeeper Qiu, if this is too little, return the items to me and I'll find somewhere else."

With the white jade bottle in hand, Housekeeper Qiu looked at it and his eyes became more serious.

The white jade bottle was this small. Perhaps there were pills inside!

Thinking of this, Housekeeper Qiu carefully opened the white jade bottle and a rich medicinal fragrance drifted out.

The medicinal fragrance filled the air and when Housekeeper Qiu smelt it, his face turned pale. Even if he was stupid, he would be able to guess that what was inside the bottle…..

Seeing the purple pills inside the white jade bottle, Housekeeper Qiu's heart was shocked. They really were Purple Spirit Pills!

Although the Purple Spirit Pills were only second grade pills, but the medicinal strength was calm, so everyone below the seventh spiritual layer would feel some effect from it. Because of the calm medicinal strength of the Purple Spirit Pill, the complexity of refining it was not below a third grade pill!

The price of each Purple Spirit Pill could be counted with several tens of thousands of gold coins. Even if they were placed in large families like the Ye House, the Zhao House, or the Li House, they would still be considered treasures!

This girl could actually take out this kind of pill, could she be an alchemist?

Covering the white jade bottle, Housekeeper Qiu revealed a serious expression as he cupped his hands towards Ye Yu Xi's group of two. With a respectful tone, he said, "I don't know where these guests are from, but the Primary Martial Auction Hall has been disrespectful. I ask these two young misses into the VIP room because these items are too precious. This old man needs to ask my family's young master about this matter. We will personally come to the VIP room later to apologize to these two guests."

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