Evil Emperor's Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss

Chapter 2

Chapter 2: Coming out to play, you still have to repay the debt!

Ye Yu Xi was lying down on the ground and the wounds on her body quickly healed. Memories began to pour into her mind as her soul and body began to fuse together.

Feeling the memories in her mind.

Her fingers dug deep into the ground. Ten years, ever since Ye Yu Xi debuted ten years ago, it was always her hitting other people. When had anyone ever dared to hit her?

Congratulations Ye Xuan Ran!

You have succeeded in making me remember your cheap face. But, if you want to play, then you have to be ready to pay!

"You two, quickly go and see if she's dead yet!"

Ye Xuan Ran urged the two maidservants to go forward and check.

The flash of lightning in front of them had clearly attracted the attention of the three of them.

"She should be dead, she's not moving at all."

"She was even struck by lightning. A waste of a person like her, how could she not be dead?"

The two maidservants carefully walked over to Ye Yu Xi and one of them raised a foot to kick Ye Yu Xi's head.


A white hand grabbed onto the maidservant's foot.

Ye Yu Xi's eyes slowly opened and the two maidservants felt a chill run down their backs.

The arm pushed out and with a putong sound, the maidservant's hundred pound body was thrown away. She slammed onto tree trunk and fainted.

"Ah! It's a zombie!"

The other maidservant saw her companion's fate and loudly screamed without closing her mouth. She quickly turned and ran toward the third young miss, Ye Ran Xuan.

Ye Xuan Ran glared at the terrified maidservant and shot her palm out. She scolded, "Why are you panicking? Even if it's a zombie, how could waste that can't even enter the first spiritual level cause any harm?"

The maidservant was awakened by this slap and she thought in her heart: That's right. The young miss is a cripple, even I'm at the second spiritual level. She hasn't even reached the first spiritual level, why should I be scared of her!

Ye Xuan Ran picked up the whip by her feet and cracked it a few times in her hands. Then she walked in the direction of Ye Yu Xi, "No matter how many sluts like you die, no one will care. You should have just kept pretending to be dead. If you kept pretending, you would have lived a little longer!"

After finishing, Ye Xuan Ran cracked her whip at the newly reborn Ye Yu Xi's face.

A glow shined on the whip, it was the spiritual energy injected by Ye Xuan Ran. It increased the strength of the whip several times. Even if it was a block of wood, it would still be shattered to pieces!


Ye Yu Xi did not cower or dodge.

Ye Xuan Ran's whip landed right on Ye Yu Xi's body.

But the whip did not split open Ye Yu Xi's skin like Ye Xuan Ran had imagined. Rather, Ye Yu Xi caught it in her hand.

Ye Yu Xi felt the pain burning through her hands. Too weak!

Her body was too weak.

If it was the previous her, this kind of blow wouldn't have caused her any kind of pain. This kind of body was so weak that she didn't feel safe, she had to train this body until it was as strong as it was on earth!

Ye Yu Xi forcefully pulled on the whip in her hand.

Ye Xuan Ran wasn't even able to react yet before she felt a strong force pulling on the whip in her hand.

In the next minute, Ye Xuan Ran's body was just like a kite as it was pulled in front of Ye Yu Xi.

Ye Yu Xi raised her chin and a jade hand grabbed onto Ye Xuan Ran's neck. She raised Ye Xuan Ran's body up with just a single hand.

As Ye Xuan Ran was being held by her neck, her face turned red from the pressure. Her feet swung back and forth as she struggled without being able to say anything.

A breeze blew.

"Ye Yu Xi, go and die!"

Taking advantage of the few seconds Ye Yu Xi was fighting with Ye Xuan Ran, the maid that had been awakened by Ye Xuan Ran's slap charged over. She held a thin stick which she raised high above her.


The stick came down and blood flew out.

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