Evil Emperor's Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss

Chapter 4

Chapter 4: Alchemist! Enhancing one's strength!

Ye Yu Xi combed through the combined memories in her head. This was the Purple Cloud Continent where practicing martial arts was normal. The levels people could reach from weakest to strongest was first spiritual level to ninth spiritual level.

Not only humans could train their spiritual energy, even spiritual beasts could also cultivate themselves.

It's said that high level spiritual beasts can even speak the human tongue.

But facing this gray little bird in front of her, Ye Yu Xi could not relate this fist sized little "swallow" with the word strong.

The little bird flying through the sky suddenly made a peng sound and burst into flames. A white skinned little boy wearing a flame red robe appeared on the platform.

The little boy rubbed his butt which was hurting from falling on the floor, then he walked over to Ye Yu Xi.

Two white and tender little fists grabbed onto Ye Yu Xi's clothes and gently pulled on it. He raised his large watery eyes and said in a young voice, "Master, the chaotic space was born by coincidence and I am the guardian beast created with the chaotic space. I don't have a name, so could Master come up with a name for me?"

Ye Yu Xi looked at the little child near her knees that shook as he walked. She gave a sigh deep down in her heart, this child could not relate to the word strong at all, "You'll be called Huo Ling from now on. What is the purpose of this chaotic space?"

Huo Ling was very satisfied with his name. He revealed a smile as he said, "The biggest advantage of the chaotic space is that refining pills in here will make sure that it does not fail. Alchemists do not all have a chaotic space, but the masters of the chaotic space will all become Alchemists!"

"Alchemist?" Ye Yu Xi's heart filled with shock.

Alchemists were very respected on the Continent. Each major power would try to recruit Alchemists.

Alchemists did not personally have a high cultivation, but they had many underlings to fight for them!

Huo Ling raised his little stomach and waddled over to the bookshelf. He jumped several times before he reached a box and he carefully held the box as he walked back over to Ye Yu Xi, "Master, there are cultivation increasing pills inside this box, it can help with your cultivation. Most of those book shelves contain a variety of pill recipes and information on talent increasing treasures. There are many other features of the chaotic space, but since the master is still weak, they won't be revealed until master increases her strength."

Seeing the white empty space around her, she thought, my strength is still too weak? This really is a martial arts centred world.

Open the box, a fragrance hit her.

Seeing the two kinds items inside the box, Ye Yu Xi was stunned once again!

"Purple Spirit Pill? Origin Returning Pill?" The Purple Spirit Pill was a high level spiritual pill and the Origin Returning Pill was a healing pill.

Seeing the countless Purple Spirit Pills silently lying in the box, she remembered how Ye Xuan Ran who she had crippled had framed her.

Wasn't Ye Xuan Ran talking about the Purple Spirit Pill! A single Purple Spirit Pill was treated as a treasure by the Ye Family, but there were quite a few Purple Spirit Pills here!

She waved her hand to allow Huo Ling go off and play by himself.

Ye Yu Xi sat down crossed legged as she began to try and cultivate according to the cultivation method in her mind!

When a Purple Spirit Pill entered her mouth, a gentle spiritual energy suddenly filled her mouth.

Ye Yu Xi could feel the spiritual energy coming from the pill cycling around her body once and finally entering into her dantian's spiritual sea.

Sou! It was like the giant spiritual energy had met a black hole and completely disappeared from her dantian!

It had to be known that cultivation went from the first spiritual level to the ninth spiritual level and legends told of another realm beyond the ninth spiritual level. Those at the fifth spiritual level and above were considered experts.

A single Purple Spirit Pill was enough to allow someone at the fourth spiritual level to directly breakthrough to the fifth spiritual level! They could become an expert in one fell swoop!

If it was a normal person, a single Purple Spirit Pill would be enough to bring them from the first spiritual level to the third spiritual level. It would save them at least ten years of cultivation!

This was strange! Ye Yu Xi could feel that her body had changed. The previous young miss could not absorb spiritual energy at all. Right now, she could only absorb a little spiritual energy into her body and the rest was all swallowed by her spiritual sea.

I want to see just how much you can swallow!

A sharp glint flashed in her eyes.

She threw two Purple Spirit Pills into her mouth! The spiritual energy began to cycle, but it was once again swallowed by her dantian's spiritual sea.

I don't believe you can keep swallowing! She then threw another three Purple Spirit Pills into her mouth.

After a while, ten Purple Spirit Pills had already been angrily swallowed by Ye Yu Xi.

If there was someone else present, their chins would have long fallen down from the shock.

Even if it was the imperial princess, they still would not be able to act as extravagantly as eating pills like eating beans.

For a single Purple Spirit Pill, it would cost at least several tens of thousands of gold coins!

How was this cultivating? This was clearly wasting money!

Ye Yu Xi cultivated like this for a full six hours.

She felt that whether it was her spiritual sea or her meridians, they both could no longer absorb any more spiritual energy. Ye Yu Xi finally awoke from her cultivating.

Pipa! Pipa!

All the bones in her body gave a crackling sound and Ye Yu Xi measured her own strength. Third spiritual level!

Patting her white palms, Ye Yu Xi muttered, "This strength should be at least half of what I had on earth."

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