Evil Emperor's Wild Consort

Chapter 13: Refining Pills (4)

Chapter 13: Refining Pills (4)

In front of finely carved shutters, a man stood with his back to the door. A light wind was slowly passing through the room; inky black locks of hair swayed in the breeze.

As if feeling the sound of footsteps from outside the door, he tilted his head slightly, causing bright sunlight to hit the handsome face which was even more mesmerising than the light outside the window.

The door was pushed open, and Elder Yu slowly entered, lowering his head respectfully as he said: “Young master, your servant has something to report.”

The man lightly raised his palm, preventing the old man from speaking further.

His lips raised into a handsome arc, with moist eyes holding a watery lustre, sending waves into people’s hearts.

“Elder Yu, say no more, I’ve already seen everything that happened downstairs just now. This Gu Ruoyun, it looks like she’s not as unbearable as what the outside world says; at least, I wouldn’t peg her as a timid coward…”

There was no person in Azure Dragon Country who did not know, that the genius of that time, Gu Tian, had a good-for-nothing as his offspring. Born stupid and timid, she was not only a disgrace to him, but was even more a shame for the general’s household. From what he saw today, not only were the rumours false, but looking at that girl’s aggressiveness, how was she in any way a coward? He really wondered who had started those rumours.

“Gu Ruoyun?” Elder Yu opened his mouth in surprise, “Young master, you said, she’s the daughter of Gu Tian and Miss Yu’er, Gu Ruoyun?”

“Indeed,” the man’s slender fingers stroked the bamboo leaves next to him, lips holding an unreadable smile, “I admire only a few people, and Gu Tian was one of them, being able to grow to such heights in this kind of weak environment. If he had been born within those powerful forces, then he would definitely ranked amongst the strongest warriors now. He and older sister were a heaven-made match, unfortunately, some people were doomed them to never be together.”

Thinking up to here, the man sighed, saying with some regret: “Well, that Gu Ruoyun still has to call me uncle, but I’ve heard from the family that this Gu Ruoyun is really useless, that she can’t even be compared to Gu Tian, and this time I’ve come because of her! Elder Yu, Hundred Herb Hall is only one of the businesses in my hands, losing it is only losing some gold, so I agree to letting you use Hundred Herb Hall as the wager. However, don’t let her off easy just because she’s Gu Tian’s daughter, I want to see her abilities…”

With Gu Tian’s level of talent, how could he produce a good-for-nothing daughter?

So he wants to know, if this girl has the power to dominate the heavens!


Downstairs, when Gu Ruoyun heard the footsteps from above, her brows raised slightly, gaze sweeping over the briskly descending Elder Yu.

“How was it? Did your young master agree to my proposal?”

After knowing Gu Ruoyun’s identity, Elder Yu’s feelings were a little complicated, he had never thought that this girl would actually be the daughter of Gu Tian and the Dongfang family’s beloved daughter. Were he to offend her, then in the future…

Although the young master said not to let her off easy, just slightly decreasing the difficulty should be fine, right?


Having thought up to here, Elder Yu’s eyes turned, and he dry coughed twice before saying: “Miss, how should we compete?”

“Simple!” The corner of Gu Ruoyun’s lips curved up, “Elder Yu, your throat sounds a little hoarse, do you perhaps have an old ailment?”

Elder Yu froze for a moment, before honestly nodding his head, and said: “Indeed, I once fought with a strong warrior and was heavily wounded, causing permanent damage to my throat. Although I used medicine to save my life, I was unable to restore it fully.”

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