Evil Emperor's Wild Consort

Chapter 15: Refining Pills (6)

Chapter 15: Refining Pills (6)

As she was mulling over her thoughts, Shopkeeper Zhao walked in holding a bowl of medicine. Looking at that pitch black medicine, Elder Yu hesitated for a moment, but lifted his head and poured the medicine in his mouth in the end.

A coolly refreshing feeling slowly settled down in his throat, giving him an unspeakably comfortable feeling, as if his mouth was filled with the fragrance of chrysanthemum, moistening his throat…

Time passed, minute by minute…

Elder Yu could feel his throat was gradually recovering, returning back to the moisture it had before his injury…

“Girl, your medicine is too magical, I, this old man, willingly admit my defeat!” Elder Yu smacked his lips and praised, “I wonder who you learned medicine from, for you to be this skillful?”

“My teacher prefers to live unknown in the world, I can’t reveal his name.”

Because, even if I said his name, you wouldn’t recognise it, since that old man isn’t from the West Spirit Mainland. I wonder, after receiving news of my death, what kind of blow Master suffered.

“Oh,” Elder Yu sighed regretfully, “Girl, I admit that I’ve lost this bet. From now on, Hundred Herb Hall is all yours, and I, will willingly become your slave!”

This time, he has totally accepted his loss, with no complaints.

“Good, however, I don’t dare to accept Elder Yu as a slave, I just hope that Elder Yu can manage Hundred Herb Hall for me. In general, I will not be able to reveal myself, so Elder Yu, you will handle everyday matters. There’s also no need to let people know that I’m the owner of Hundred Herb Hall; the taller the tree, the stronger the wind, I don’t want to become a target this early.”

Gu Ruoyun nodded with satisfaction, she had not expected to collect such a huge windfall right after stepping out. With a business as tremendous as Hundred Herb Hall in her hands, from here on out, she will not have to worry about gathering medicinal herbs, and she will even have a smooth path to walk on the journey of growth ahead.

The present Gu Ruoyun did not know yet, but on her journey of growth, Hundred Herb Hall played a significant role, and even accompanied her as she grew from weak to strong, walking into the pinnacle of this mainland step by step…

Ling family main foyer, Ling Yi suddenly burst in outrage, hating the luxuriously dressed girl before him for being such a disappointment.

“Ling Yu, you’ve done it this time! Ah!”

Ling Yu pursed her lips, and said in objection: “Isn’t it just a little medicine store? What’s so amazing about it, I have the imperial concubine as my aunt! Grandfather, send people to flatten that Hundred Herb Hall now! Really, it’ll be the crown prince’s birthday in a few more days, and I still need to go meet the crown prince, isn’t it so ugly to have this scar?”

“A little medicine store?”


Ling Yi sat down heavily, smiling bitterly as he said helplessly: “Hundred Herb Hall may be a medicine store, but even the emperor doesn’t dare to touch it! You still dare to say such words? Come with me when I go to Hundred Herb Hall to apologise tomorrow, otherwise, even your imperial concubine aunt won’t be able to save you!”

Ling Yu was speechless, it was just an ordinary business, why was grandfather this scared?

Even her uncle, the emperor, didn’t dare to touch Hundred Herb Hall? How could this be?

But at that point of time, Ling Yu knew that grandfather was still angry, and didn’t even dare to say another word. You should know that, in the entire Ling family, the one she was afraid of the most was the family head, her grandfather…

Author’s note: This story guarantees that there will be no cheating, there is no guarantee for anything else, for example, the female lead getting injured during fights, narrowly escaping death, getting humiliated and looked down upon by cannon fodder, etc.– However, the female and male leads will definitely be faithful to each other, the two will always be as one, they are all clean and pure good youngsters, please rest assured on this point.

TL note:

shifu = master (as in, master-disciple relationship, also you should know this from Kungfu Panda)

Our Wild Consort will always be faithful to her dear Evil Emperor, rest assured! There will be no cheating and shenanigans going on! (I find it really cute that the author posted a note like this XD)

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