Evil Emperor's Wild Consort

Chapter 1576 - Meeting Lan Ge Again (5)

Chapter 1576: Meeting Lan Ge Again (5)

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“Human, are you acquainted with this demibeast human?” The elder in flax-colored robes noticed Gu Ruoyun’s appearance but did not place any importance on her. He then laughed icily and continued, “I’d advise you to mind your own business. Leave this demibeast human to us!”

Gu Ruoyun emerged from her silence and raised her brow, “If I refuse?”

“Hmph!” The elder in flax-colored robes stared icily at Gu Ruoyun before he spoke in a stern and righteous manner, “If you are allied with this demibeast human and go against us humans, you’re a traitor to the human race. Your name will go down in infamy for the rest of history!”

Gu Ruoyun chuckled but her smile did not reach her eyes. A chilly light flashed in her gaze.

“A traitor to the human race? I wonder which angle of thought did you approach to determine my status as a traitor?”

The elder in flax-colored robes simply never expected Gu Ruoyun to arrive at such a conclusion. He promptly gritted his teeth and ordered icily, “This woman is in cahoots with this demibeast human and is a wicked person who’s playing the jackal to the tiger! For the sake of peace on the mainland, we must destroy the both of them today!”

Hearing this, Lan Ge became greatly angered. His eyes, which were like sapphire stones, flashed with an icy chill as he glared coldly at the so-called righteous men before him.

“This really is a case of ‘giving a dog a bad name before hanging him’. Lady Gu had done nothing wrong yet you won’t even spare her. Is this how humans like you should behave? Weren’t you all aiming for my body? If you want it, take it. This matter has nothing to do with her!”

Lan Ge turned towards Gu Ruoyun as a sense of worry flashed through his eyes.

“Lady Gu, it was you who had helped me back then. You had helped me to kill my enemies too and I owe you too much now! Besides, I had once told you that I would follow you so after your departure, Liu Yue and I had built an organization. Go to the Cloudy Wind Empire and look for Liu Yue, he will hand our organization over to you.”

Cloudy Wind Empire has no emperor and he had always left this position open.

All because he had been waiting to hand the Empire to Gu Ruoyun one day…

“You should stand back.” Gu Ruoyun frowned and said to the blue-eyed man by her side.

Lan Ge shook his head with a stubborn and resolute expression. “Lady Gu, I don’t want to drag you down. This matter has nothing to do with you and you’ve helped me so much. I’m already happy enough to see you again before I die.”

Upon saying this, he then turned his gaze towards the crowd before him and spoke as if he saw death as a welcome friend, “If you want my body, I can give it to you. But first, let Lady Gu go. Otherwise, I will explode in front of you immediately so that you won’t be able to get anything at all!”

Gu Ruoyun’s frown deepened, “Lan Ge, step aside.”

“Lady Gu, I know that you are talented and powerful but these people are very powerful as well. I really don’t want to drag you down.”

Lan Ge shook his head and remained standing in front of Gu Ruoyun the entire time.

Gu Ruoyun sighed and stepped forward in exasperation, “Lan Ge, I had come here this time to take you along with me to the Dragon Clan. After all, that’s where your mother originated from and you must want to go back and have a look. So now, please go to the side and wait. Give me three seconds, I’ll be done with them by then.”

Three seconds?

Lan Ge was shaken as he stared in astonishment at Gu Ruoyun’s delicate and pretty features.

He does not know why but when he saw the cool confidence on her face, his heart filled with belief in her.

“Three seconds?” The elder in flax-colored robes burst into laughter. “Young Lady, are you threatening us? Hmph, I’d love to see if you can actually finish so many of us in three seconds.”

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