Evil Emperor's Wild Consort

Chapter 17: The Stern Crown Prince (1)

Chapter 17: The Stern Crown Prince (1)

The reason was none other than the crown prince’s birthday tomorrow. If it were like the past, as a good-for-nothing, it would not matter if Gu Ruoyun attended or not, but now the situation was different.

This time, the prince’s teacher, one of the strong members of Weapon Refining Sect would attend, and test the abilities of the younger generation of Azure Dragon Country, to see if any had the strength to enter Weapon Refining Sect as an outer disciple.

The Weapon Refining Sect had such a powerful status in the mainland that only the Dongfang family did not fear the Weapon Refining Sect’s strength. It was because of this that people would be envious even if you entered Weapon Refining Sect only as an outer disciple.

Therefore, the emperor had already sent down an order, every single person had to enter the palace to attend the crown prince’s birthday.

Old General Gu was thus forced to send people to look for Gu Ruoyun’s whereabouts.

Of course, in a normal situation, a power as strong as the Weapon Refining Sect would not recruit people unless they were naturally talented like the crown prince, so this time, even Old General Gu did not know what the Weapon Refining Sect’s true motive was.

Regardless of the fuss going on in the Gu household, the Gu Ruoyun within the Ancient Divine Pagoda knew nothing of the situation outside. At this moment, her gaze was firmly fixed on the medicine cauldron before her, two clusters of flames dancing within clear pupils.

The slightest hint of an air current seeped out from the top of the pill cauldron, releasing a cool stream into the air, at this moment, Gu Ruoyun could obviously feel that the spiritual Qi in the surroundings was much more richer than before.

“Girl, the final step of refining pills, is to form the pills! When the pills are formed, most medicine cauldrons will let out a strong impact. You have to control this, if you fail to do so, then you’ll have to start over.”

The man’s deep voice sounded right next to Gu Ruoyun’s ear, she took a deep breath, the look in her eyes became more imposing.

Forming the pills, is the last step to refining pills. It is also the most important step, if this step fails, then all efforts before would come to waste…


Bang bang bang!

With a sudden thrust, a huge impact burst out from within the medicine cauldron, causing tremors on the ground for a while.

Gu Ruoyun could not help moving back a few steps, it was at this moment that the tension around the medicine cauldron loosened, and it descended from where it was floating in the air. Her heart tightened for a while, as she hurriedly tried to take control of the cauldron.

Cold sweat slowly dripped down the girl’s pretty face, however, she did not dare to shift her focus in the slightest. Her whole consciousness was wound up tight, and due to excessive nerves, her thin, weak face became pale white.

Finally, just as Gu Ruoyun was about to lose control, the pills within the medicine cauldron stopped shaking, and quietly settled down in the bottom of the cauldron.

“I finally did it!”

Gu Ruoyun pushed down the joy in her heart, unable to wait, she opened the cauldron, taking out the five pills silently sitting within.

“Girl, you actually learned how to refine pills in three days, it’s enough to be called a genius. But, as the owner of the Ancient Divine Pagoda, this bit of talent is not enough for you. However, refining pills cannot be rushed, you can take it slowly.”

Zixie looked at the skinny girl before him, purple pupils filled with the urge to smile, and that unshakeable determination.

“You have to remember that this world obeys the law of the jungle, if you want to live, if you want to protect the people you care about, then you must stand at a peak that others can only hope to reach!”

To stand at the peak of the mainland, to accept the worship and surrender of the people of the world, that is the prestige that the owner of the Ancient Divine Pagoda should have.

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