Evil Emperor's Wild Consort

Chapter 1798 - Side Story: Xue'er And Xun'er (41)

Chapter 1798: Side Story: Xue’er And Xun’er (41)

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Gu Ruoyun nodded softly and turned her gaze towards the family of three. Her beautiful features lit up with a smile.


Zi Qianjing stepped forward and his eyes gazed upon the young girl’s absolutely beautiful face, “Have you seen Ye Sihuang?”

The man’s voice brought Feng Qianhuan out of her initial excitement. She shook her head and said, “I haven’t seen Second Brother. Why, is Second Brother here as well?”

“Mm.” Zi Qianjing nodded. “Huang’er had come here to look for you first. I didn’t think that we would end up finding you first in the end. That’s why I had asked you if you’ve seen Huang’er.”

That fellow, Huang’er, who knows where he has run off to.

Feng Qianhuan furrowed her brows. She was just about to speak when Qianbei Xun approached her. His handsome and beautiful face was lit up with a smile as he said, “If you want to find someone, I can send people out to help with your search.”

His eyes were fixed upon Feng Qianhuan the entire time and his words were filled with tenderness.

Feng Qianhuan nodded. “Alright.”

She never had the need for courtesy when it comes to Qianbei Xun…

The entire great hall was filled with jubilation and the remaining banquet guests have all arrived.

Grand Lord Hong Lian, Dongfang Yu, and Gu Shengxiao had prepared a gift for Master Dongfang so they had arrived a little late. Once they had arrived, the birthday banquet truly began.

Gu Ruoyun walked slowly towards Master Dongfang and placed the pill in her hand in front of him before she spoke serenely, “Grandfather, this pill will allow you to instantly break through to the Exceptional State. However, you would no longer be able to make any more progress in your cultivation from now on. This is a pill that I’ve managed to refine after many years of research.”

Master Dongfang’s heart was filled with excitement. He then burst into laughter and accepted the pill which Gu Ruoyun had given to him. “Yun’er, your pill is the best present I’ve ever received. Of course, there’s another gift here that I like very much as well. That gift is the fact that my great-grandson has finally found a wife. It won’t be long now before I can hold my great-great-grandchild.”

To have four generations in one hall, nothing was more exciting than that!

At that moment, Master Dongfang was radianting with smiles. He was grinning from ear to ear as his eyes glanced across the crowd before him with a gaze bathed in a gentle light.

After the birthday banquet had progressed for a while, the sound of people fighting was heard from outside the great hall. The noise caused Master Dongfang’s expression to sink and everyone else began to dive into a fervent discussion as well.

Who would be so bold as to cause trouble in the Dongfang family?

However, just as Master Dongfang was about to send someone to investigate, a voice filled with excitement rang out from up ahead, “Xue’er, I’ve finally found you!”

A man quickly rushed into the hall as his blood-red eyes stared at Feng Qianhuan. However, when he noticed Mu Ruyue and the others who were next to her, his peerlessly beautiful face was astonished.

“Father, Mother, Big Brother. How did you manage to find Xue’er before me?”

He had compared auras to trace her and had used nearly one month’s time to find Feng Qianhuan’s aura. He never thought that his parents would actually manage to find her before him.

Could it be that this was the definition of mother and daughter being connected by the heart?

“Second Brother.”

An excited light gleamed within Feng Qianhuan’s eyes as she threw herself forcefully into Ye Sihuang’s arms and held the man before her in a tight embrace. Her voice was choked up with sobs as she said, “I’ve finally found you. Now, our family is reunited.”

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