Evil Emperor's Wild Consort

Chapter 3: Shameless Man (3)

Chapter 3: Shameless Man (3)


Her voice held heartbreaking pain as tears slid down from her eyes.

Seeming to have heard the woman’s desperate cry, the teenage boy finally moved. He opened his tired eyes, clear pupils gazing straight at Xia Ruoyun, thin lips trembling lightly, with a weak voice: “Big sister…”

“Cough cough!” Xia Ruoyun coughed out two mouthfuls of fresh blood, her blood-soaked figure dazzling under the sun’s rays, “Let him go!”

“Let him go? Give us the Ancient Divine Pagoda, and I’ll let him off!”

Lu Chen let the emotions on his face fade away and gazed coldly at Xia Ruoyun.

Even if women were important, they could never compare to power. With might at hand, wouldn’t he be able to have any woman he wanted?

Xia Ruoyun’s face turned even more pale. Her eyes turned towards the cold, cruel middle-aged man behind her, and said one word at a time: “Yu’er is your son, the bloodline of your Xia family!”

“Haha!” Xia Ming laughed twice and said callously: “In the bloodline of I, Xia Ming, there is only Chuxue alone! Xia Linyu, this sickly, useless good-for-nothing, isn’t qualified to be my son! However, to obtain the Ancient Divine Pagoda, even if he dies, it would be a worthy death!”

Xia Ruoyun’s body trembled once and she slowly closed her eyes. She only opened them after a long while, a gentle gaze shining on the teenage boy’s wounded and scarred body.

“Yu’er, will you be afraid?”

Xia Linyu stubbornly shook his head: “I’m not afraid! Big sister, don’t give them the Ancient Divine Pagoda, otherwise, mother and grandfather would have died in vain… I believe that, one day, big sister will avenge my death…”


Lu Chen stomped on Xia Linyu’s chest, causing him to spit out a mouthful of fresh blood, his face turning ever paler.

“Men!” Lu Chen raised his brows and said without any expression: “Dig out Xia Linyu’s heart, and tear his limbs off while he’s alive!”

The man’s cold voice rang like a hammer, knocking fiercely on Xia Ruoyun’s heart, she roared angrily in heartbreak: “Lu Chen, you bastard, I shouldn’t have entrusted Yu-er to you to protect, I’m the one who killed my own precious little brother!”

Two men pressed Xia Linyu to the floor, and an icy sword slashed towards his limbs; fresh blood splashed out, dying her pupils in red…


Xia Ruoyun hoarsely shouted, with bloodshot eyes: “Let Yu’er go, if you let him go, I’ll…”

“Big sister.”

The faint voice was feeble, but in this valley, it clearly fell on Xia Ruoyun’s ears.

“Don’t… give them… the Ancient Divine Pagoda, only with the Ancient Divine Pagoda, can you… avenge mother, otherwise… otherwise I would rather die.”


The sword fiercely stabbed through Xia Linyu’s chest, his last words lost within his throat…

Xia Linyu laid in the pool of blood, eyes open as if wanting to say something at the last.

At this moment, he felt his life disappearing, gaze full of attachment and dismay.

He can finally meet mother again, but, what about big sister? He was already the last of her family. If he died, how much pain and loneliness would big sister feel?


Xia Ruoyun spit out a mouthful of her heart’s blood, stumbling as she ran towards Xia Linyu.

“Yu-er, it was all my fault, I trusted others, and caused your death!”

“Grandpa is dead, mother is dead, even grandfather has also died, you’re the only one by my side…”

“Yu’er, if there’s an afterlife… I’ll give you a lifetime of peace, and I’ll never let anyone hurt you again!”

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