Evil-Natured Husband, Don't Tease!

Chapter 317

Chapter 317: I Won’t Let You All Take Him Away

"We are the staff of Yong-an Psychiatric Hospital" One of the older men stepped forward and said.

He pointed at the man behind Song Wuyou and said: "This person ran out when the person on duty was slightly inattentive. We're here to catch him back."

When Xu Jing heard that the man ran out from a psychiatric hospital, she looked anxiously and nervously at Song Wuyou.

This man from the psychiatric hospital, will he be someone that was sent by Eldest Miss?

"Won't go back, I don't want to go back!" The man suddenly poked out his head and screamed at them: "Someone wants to kill me. If I go back someone will kill me……."

Song Wuyou tilted her head and glanced at the man. When she heard the man's words, she felt pain in her heart.

Moreover, this man's face looked exactly the same as her younger brother from her previous life.

She knew that the words spoken by people with mental illness cannot be believed.

But the man's hand that was holding onto her arm was trembling nonstop.

Even only through his fingers, she also can felt how strongly he trembled. Song Wuyou's heart was swept over by a strange feeling.

Just like the originally calm water, suddenly a stone was dropped into it. It then created ring after ring of waves.

As if what he said was the truth, there really was someone who wanted to kill him——

Song Wuyou glanced coldly at the few people in front of her. Then she turned around and hold the man with both her hands, softly asked, "There's really someone who wanted to kill you?"

The man lifted up his eyes and looked into Song Wuyou's eyes. His body shook hardly.

He kept nodding his head: "He had a knife and wanted to pierce my heart. There's a lot of blood, a lot of blood….. "

"Did he hit your heart?"

"No, but there's a lot of blood."

"If he didn't hit your heart, where did the blood came from?"

"Arm, shoulder…….."

When Song Wuyou heard this, she grabbed the man's arm for a look.

Above his elbow, there really was a very long and deep wound. Furthermore, it was not appropriately taken care of and it was still bleeding.

She then pulled down the man's neckline, right below his shoulder there really was another wound as deep and as long as the one she saw on his arm.

If Song Wuyou did not guess wrongly, both the wounds were created by the perpetrator when he slashed the man from the back. Both the wounds were also inflicted by the same weapon.

According to her conjecture, the wounds were no longer than 4 days old. Therefore, it should be inflicted within the past 4 days.

Looking at the man's wound, Song Wuyou felt like she's looking at her own brother being injured. Her heart really felt very painful.

Suddenly, her heart was gripped by fury. She swiftly turned around and protectively stood in front of him. She stared at those men in uniform sharply and said: "His wounds were so serious, why you didn't treat it?"

The older man who stepped forward should be the leader among them.

The man said helplessly: "Fights in the hospital often happened and had already become a commonplace. When the wound was treated well, another wound will appear."

"So, you're all so irresponsible? " Song Wuyou was very angry.

Xu Jing was who standing on the side felt confused, she inexplicably looked at Song Wuyou.

Why did the Miss get angry for someone who came out from the psychiatric hospital?

"Miss, this is our hospital's business. As the head of the department, I know what to do." said the man.

Song Wuyou looked calm, her gaze was determined, "I won't let you all take him away."

Upon hearing this, the hospital head looked at Song Wuyou in surprise: "You know him?"

Xu Jing and Liu Zhiming also looked at Song Wuyou in surprised.

Why did she want a psychiatric patient?

"You do not need to care about this, all of you can go away."

"How can this work? He's a psychiatric patient and will randomly hit people." Said the department head.

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