Evil-Natured Husband, Don't Tease!

Chapter 319

Chapter 319 – Jianing


When Song Wuyou heard it, she almost choked with emotion.


He looks like her brother, and even his name also only different by 1 word.

Jiaxi, Jianing…..

[TN: 家喜 vs 家宁]

"Okay, then I'll call you Jianing in the future." Song Wuyou voice was a little choked with emotion.

Xu Jing, who was standing by the side, looked at him distrustfully.

Miss was very gentle towards this man, her gaze also looked different.

When she pestered Master Gu last time, her gaze that looked at Master Gu had never been as warm and gentle as when she was looking at this man now.

"Jiejie." Jianing faintly looked at Song Wuyou.

[TN: Jiejie = elder sister]

His sudden call of 'jiejie' made Song Wuyou's eyes became red.

Song Wuyou paused and her eyelashes trembled, there were tears at the corner of her eyes, "En."

"Jiejie." Jianing called again.

Song Wuyou suddenly missed her own younger brother, Song Jiaxi.

Although she had been separated from her younger brother for a very long time, they still in contact with each other through letters during the 8 years she spent on the battlefield. Even when she was banished to the cold palace, they never cease writing letters to each other.

They had a very deep kinship and their affection for each other was also very good.

She still remembered when she joined the army, on the night before her departure, her younger brother cried the whole night.

At that time, he was still very young——

When he was young, he loved to follow behind her.

Come rain or shine, he loved to look at her using his clean and clear eyes, and then adorably called her: "Jiejie"

Exactly like how this timid man called her 'Jiejie'. It softened her heart.

"After jiejie finished applying medication on you, then I'll take you to go home." Song Wuyou felt as if there's a lump in her throat.

When the man heard it, he blinked and seemed to understand her meaning.

At this time, Song Wuyou heard the growling from the man's stomach.

Song Wuyou looked up and direct her gaze at Xu Jing: "Xu Jing, called Sister Song and ask her to prepared some delicious dishes."

"Yes." Xu Jing nodded her head and proceeded to take out her mobile phone to call Sister Song.

Song Wuyou knew that the man was hungry and it was actually faster if they directly went to a restaurant to eat.

But she couldn't bear to see his fear when he went near any strangers.

What he needed the most right now was to have a warm home.

Right after Xu Jing finished with the call, Liu Zhiming and his brothers appeared.

Xu Jing glared at them: "You followed us?"

Liu Zhiming glanced at her coldly: "I come to find Mrs Gu, not follow you."

When Song Wuyou heard his voice, she raised her head and looked at him, "Is there anything?"

"Mrs Gu, I want to be your man," said Liu Zhiming.

When the medical personals there heard him, they all looked at him.

Song Wuyou frowned and felt somewhat ridiculous, "You want to be my man?"


Liu Zhiming finally noticed that what he said was obscure, he immediately changes the way he said it, "My meaning was I wanted to be your loyal follower and be your bodyguard."

Be her bodyguard?

Song Wuyou raised her head and size up Liu Zhiming.

Being looked by her, he felt very nervous. This was the 1st time in his life where he felt nervous being looked by a female.

He looked at Song Wuyou: "After you're free, let's find a place so that we can sit down and talk properly."

Song Wuyou did not reject him. Song Wuyou looked back down and continue to bandage the wound: "Sure."

After bandaged Jianing's wounds, Song Wuyou packed up the remaining medication and let Xu Jing carry it. She then held Jianing's hand and stood up, then said to Liu Zhiming: "We go now."

Gu Yanhao's villa.

When Liu Zhiming and his 2 brothers saw the luxurious villa, they only looked at it dazedly.

Liu Zhiming worriedly looked at Song Wuyou, "Mrs Gu, you bring us here, would Master Gu beat us up later?"

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