Evil-Natured Husband, Don't Tease!

Chapter 322

Chapter 322 – Don't Be Afraid, Jiejie Will Protect You

"A lot of blood, dad's head was at the back of the room. So scary…."

"They want to kill me, they, they……."

Ban Jianing shook his head. His horrified gaze was out of focus and it swept around the large living room as if there were people here who wanted to kill him.

"Don't be scared. Jiejie is here, don't be scared…."

"Jianing, don't be scared. Jiejie will protect you."

"Jianing is a good boy. Come and hold Jiejie's hand."


Song Wuyou only concentrated on pacifying Ban Jianing and approximate 2 minutes later, she only reacts.

A shock passed through her eyes. Looking at Ban Jianing, she felt her heart tightened.

What did he just say?

His father's head was at the back of the room?

Song Wuyou's face changed slightly. Could it be that this child was not sent to the psychiatric hospital by his family but by his enemy?

Song Wuyou gritted her teeth secretly, suppressing the turmoil she felt in her heart at this perilous situation. She looked at Ban Jianing in surprised.

Has his family been killed?!!

The way he was right now, he was actually suffering from emotional trauma! It had nothing to do with his IQ nor was he suffering from any mental illness!

Who was it?!

Who was it that actually killed his family?!

Suddenly, a wave of anger rose up from the bottom of Song Wuyou's heart.

If she found out who it was that killed his family and then sent him the psychiatric hospital, she will definitely strangle the other party.

Under Song Wuyou patience, she managed to pacify and calm down Ban Jianing who was out of control earlier.

After the initial disturbance that he created earlier, his whole body had now collapsed. He was currently curled up on the sofa and he seemed to be somewhat exhausted with a thin sweat on his forehead.

Song Wuyou held his hand and murmured softly: "Jianing, don't be afraid. Jiejie is here, Jiejie will protect you….."

While she murmured, a scene suddenly appeared in Song Wuyou's mind:

In a damp cave, the sounds of dripping water can be heard.

In the darkness, from time to time, there'll be bats that flew by. The bats will even make some squeaky sounds which were very scary.

Under the wall near the cave mouth, a little girl and a little boy hugged tightly together.

"Jiejie, I'm scared." The little boy's voice trembled but it was not the voice of a kid.

"Don't be scared. Jiejie is here, Jiejie will protect you." Compared with the voice of the little boy, the voice of the little girl was much more calmed.

"Will Father and Mother be able to find us? Has the tiger outside gone away?"

[TN: I capitalize the father and mother because the original text read Die for father and Niang for mother which was how the people in the olden days called their parents. It was not in use in modern society.]

"Definitely, Dongfang-gege knew that we are catching birds in this mountain. Since we didn't go home after so long, he will definitely come and look for us." The little girl tried to appease the little boy that she held in her bosom.


Suddenly, several bats flew around randomly in the dark cave and hit the wall of the cave beside them causing the little boy to cry out in fright.

"Don't bite me, don't bite me! Jiejie, I'm scared, wuwuwu (crying sounds)….."

The little boy kept crying in the little girl arms and calling out to her from time to time.

"Don't be scared, don't be scared!" The little girl kept patting the little boy on his shoulder, trying hard to calm her voice: "Jiejie hug Jiaxi closely. If they wanted to bite then they will be biting Jiejie. They won't be biting Jiaxi."

"No…..wuwu, I don't want them to bite Jieje….wuwu…."

"They didn't bite Jiejie. They don't dare to bite Jiejie."


At this moment, the hole that was blocked by the little girl with stone was suddenly knocked down and the stone rolled to the ground.

"Ah…..!!!" The little boy in the little girl arms screamed in fright and thought that the tiger had entered the cave.

The little girl was very scared but when she saw the torch and the little boy around her age that was holding it, her eyes suddenly light up and she cried out in surprise: "Dongfang-gege!"

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