Evil Wang Pampers His Ghost Doctor Fei

Chapter 11

He is the best


The few guards who heard the laughter suddenly vomited blood and fell one by one on the ground.

More than a dozen guards in an instant had fallen; Xuanyuan Li Tian felt an inexplicable shiver ran down his spine

The remaining few guards hurriedly blocked themselves in front of him. Not letting the guy harm the prince in the slightest. If push comes to shove they will fight till death.

In a moment, the yard was filled with silence that even a drop of needle could be heard.

Sound of wheels is heard, as the sound gets closer, a white figure slowly appeared in the line of sight of Mu Qian.

An elegant man wearing snow-white clothes without any stain or dust appeared. A flawless face that can compare to a jade. His hair that flows like a waterfall was tied in a simple way as if he was a messenger of god.

Such a perfect man, sitting on the wheelchair as he pushed it with his hands to come over. He looked up slightly to face the crowd and stopped once as he saw Mu Qian Xi, pushing his wheelchair to reach her side.

Mu Qian saw the pair of eyes under the thick eyelashes that were filled with traces of sadness.

“Little uncle…” Mu Qian involuntarily called out these two words.

This shout is not because of the feelings of the previous Mu Qian, but from her heart.

The only man in the eyes of the previous Mu Qian will always be Xuanyuan Li Tian. The little uncle who she can’t see eye to eye most of time is like a stranger to her.

Even if Mu Qian could handle the situation just now, but when he appeared, he fought for her without any reason and defended her without reservation.

Because of the prince’s order, the other members of the Mu Jia turned a blind eye but he was the only one who cared to defend for her. If she counted the people who will unconditionally love her no matter what she’d done only her Little uncle would appear in her mind.

Hearing his niece call out his name sweetly, a smile appeared on his lips as if a spring breeze is blowing. “Xi’er…”

“Mu Jia’s Third Master! Mu Wushuang!”

For Mu Wushuang, killing Xuanyuan Li Tian is not a major thing. Even if he is suffering from a double illness, he still has the strength of the peak Ninth-Stage Martial Warrior and is considered as the strongest among the Purple Moon Country people.

“Seventh Prince, would you like to give me an explanation on what is happening here?” His gentle gaze and tone when talking to Mu Qian disappeared when he turned to look at Xuanyuan Li Tian, the air suddenly turned cold.

At the same time, the Mu Jia’s people who disappeared earlier all rushed to return to the yard, and each cautiously shouted and kneeled. “Third Master…”

An Elder put on a brave front and said. “Third Master, we didn’t expect you’d come.”

Mu Wushuang suffers from a double illness, after letting his niece, Mu Qian Xi become the Lord of this clan, he did not care about the big and small things happening and concentrated on treating his illness first.

But the aberrant Mu Wushuang is here and almost everyone is deeply afraid of him.

The people of Mu Jia came, and Xuanyuan Li Tian breathed a sigh of relief. With these people, Mu Wushuang will not kill him without any scruples.

Xuanyuan Li Tian politely explained. “Third Master Mu, this prince is here originally to send a gift after hearing the news that my fiancée was dead. But I didn’t think that after coming here that she is still alive. Faking her death and making everyone here worry for nothing, causing this incident to disturb your peace. I hope she will learn not to do things like this again.”

“Are you lecturing me on how to discipline my little Qian? Your highness, just who do you think you are?”

Mu Qian moved beside Mu Wushuang, sneered and added fuel to the fire. “That’s right! My Little uncle is still here, why do you keep on reprimanding me that it’s my fault? You make it sound that you people didn’t started it first?”

“As for your gift, sending a coffin for your dead fiancée, is that really how the royal family works? Or is it just your ingenuity!” Mu Qian said in one go.

Li Tian felt unparalleled pressure coming from Mu Wushuang almost making him want to vomit blood, he said quickly. “Still, Yun'er was worried about her safety and wanted to check on her but was seriously injured by Mu Qian instead. Even now, Yun’er hand still hurts! ”

Seeing his glance, Mu Ruyun picked up her sleeve and revealed the swollen wrist that looks like a pig’s elbow. She let out a pitiable and painful cry, performing her best sorry look, so that the men present can not help but feel pity on her.

However, Mu Wushuang doesn't care. Even if he can see it with his eyes, I am afraid that he will not pity Mu Ruyun in the slightest.

“Leave it!”

“Leave it!”

What is more astounding is that Mu Wushuang and Mu Qian actually spoken at the same time, and even the tone was the same.

Everyone twitched; sure enough these two are like two peas in a pod! This is a tacit understanding.

Mu Ruyun's face turned purple with rage, and Xuanyuan is unwilling not to continue. "This prince was wronged; I just said a few words to her but the result are as you can see. She attacked this prince and also wanted to throw this prince into the coffin. She clearly wanted me to die!"

“My bodyguards were quick enough to protect me from danger, so I also have to shoot, but this prince never planned to hurt her, just wanted her to stop.” Xuanyuan is playing the victim card.

Mu Wushuang raised his eyebrows and asked. “Is that true?”

All of the three elders and other Mu Jia people nodded again and again, an Elder said. “This old slave was present at that time; everything that the prince said is true.”

“Everything that was said by the prince is not false. This time it is really the Lord's fault.”


These old guys don’t seem to be surnamed as "Mu" instead they immediately changed their surnames as "Xuanyuan", one by one they all took Xuanyuan Li Tian's side.

This way made Xuanyuan felt that he had already won, even if Mu Wushuang is short-sighted with these many people acting as his witnesses, Mu Qian doesn't have a chance.

Mu Qian win the battle, but lose the war today and he is on set on humiliating her.

“Is this really the case? Could it be that this old man was blind?” an old voice interrupted.

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