Evil Wang Pampers His Ghost Doctor Fei

Chapter 14

An enhanced refund

Mu Ruyun was so mad at the way they've treated the Seventh Prince. She stomped her foot and asked in a painful tone. "Lord, how can you humiliate Brother Li Tian like this?"

"I humiliated him? No! Ask yourself, is he good-looking? He can't even compare to one-tenth of this Lord."

“Isn’t he a thrash? He can't even beat such a waste like me."


Mu Qian counted one by one, even though Mu Ruyun have a sharp tongue but now she can't even refute any words coming from Mu Qian's mouth.

Mu Ruyun stared at Mu Qian in shock. Mu Qian suddenly became powerful, even her eloquence is excellent.

Is she still Mu Qian Xi?

Mu Qian is too lazy to talk at this brainless woman, instead she turned at her little uncle by her side and asked.

"Little Uncle, what do you think of my writing?"

Mu Wushuang said. "Since both of your parents are not here, your divorce letter should be written by your Little Uncle instead."

“Alright! Then prepare another wooden board."


Mu Qian is a bit helpless; the reason why her uncle wanted to write another letter was maybe for her sake. He's afraid that she will offend Xuanyuan Li Tian's father, the Emperor of the Purple Moon Kingdom!

But she is very curious. What will her Little Uncle write in her divorce letter?

Xuanyuan Li Tian heaved a sigh of relief. Mu Wushuang is an adult even though he still doesn't have a wife, compared to Mu Qian, having him write the letter is more assuring.

Otherwise, if "that" kind of revocation of his marriage got out, he would feel too ashamed to be seen in the future.

After another piece of big wooden board was sent over, Mu Wushuang started to write.

Characters that moved people, gentle as jade, steady and reserved.

Although Mu Qian can't see, the strength is there. She's more sensitive to things around her than the average person. Naturally, there is no problem on her Uncle's writing.

Withdrawal of Marriage Letter, these three words came out quickly. He continued to write some more.

"Seventh Prince Xuanyuan Li Tian, although this marriage was arrange by my niece with the decree of the Emperor. I, Mu Wushuang am not willing to hand my virtuous niece due to the reasons that will follow. Appearance is unsightly, only has low strength, a complete trash to the core, untrustworthy, a dreg of society, cruel and merciless, has a cold temperament, absolutely not fit to match to any kind of woman, always picking the flowers and trampling the grass, have a lot of affair with other women, comes and go to red-light district everyday…"

The wooden board is not big enough, with Mu Wushuang voluminous words the people who saw it all turned foolish!

They know the Third Master is a master of pen and sword, but hadn't thought that the Third Master is a literary talent.

Mu Qian's mouth is twitching, her Little Uncle Ah! He's worse than her alright!

This is obviously the divorce letter she wrote, but when her Uncle wrote it, it became an enhanced version! An upgrade!

Mu Wushuang continued until the end. "After my "Shadows" investigation, we had evidence of his highness dirty deeds of playing with other women. In fact, in order to cover up his action, I did not mention this thing to anyone before but now I decided in behalf of Xi'er parents. I, Mu Wushuang is not worthy to be a part of the royal family, my niece, Mu Qian is also not worthy to be in the royal family. So hereby, I announced that starting today. Xuanyuan Li Tian is lifted from his marriage to Mu Qian Xi, henceforth, severing all ties to one another."


At this time, the crowd took a breath of cold air. They’ve never seen anything like this before.

I’m afraid if this comes out, the whole Purple Moon Country people will laugh at him.

Although they do not know that if the accusations are true or not, but Xuanyuan Li Tian's reputation is absolutely finished.

Mu Jia's Third Master, is truly not a person to be trifled with, else you'll die without knowing.

Mu Ruyun who is already weak at this time, can't stand properly.

She dares not to imagine what will happen to her if she leaves together with her Brother Li TIan. In her mind, she doesn't want to walk out of the Mu Jia's door with him at all.

"Third Master! Third Master please open the net on one side!" Mu Ruyun kneeled down and cried.

“When you and Xuanyuan Li Tian dared to hurt Xi'er, did you think that this wouldn't happen? I’m just giving you back what you did.” Mu Wushuang coldly said.

The face of Mu Ruyun is so pale, she believed that the Third Master know everything she had done.

Mu Qian sneer, although the previous Mu Qian is a waste, but after all, she is still a member of the main family, her reputation wouldn't be so bad if there is no one who started it.

It’s all because someone fanned the flames. Deliberately release some nasty information. Making the City known, almost every day Mu Qian is the hottest topic in the restaurants and such.

This time, Mu Qian suddenly smiled and said. “Mu Ruyun, you lose the bet, you should also need to fulfill your promise!”

Mu Ruyun felt all cold, stepped back and wanted to stay away from Mu Qian, What she did today was so scary!

She could not imagine, what would she do to her?

She shivered and said, "What are you going to do?"

Mu Qian smiled. "Aren't you very fond of your Brother Li Tian? He is lying inside the coffin alone. So…. You should join him in there to accompany him until you reached the Palace!"

“What? I’m not going inside the coffin; the coffin is so terrible, I……" Mu Ruyun screamed.

Xuanyuan Li Tian heard her, his cold trace flashed in his eyes.

This woman used to say that she loved him and was willing to die for him! Yet, she is not willing to suffer with him now.

Second Elder hurriedly ran over to intercede.”Lord that is impossible! If that really happen, Yun’er reputation will be ruined! How do you expect her to marry then?!"

pick the flowers and trample the grass - Chinese idiom for people who are frequent in brothels: to womanize.

master of pen and sword - well versed in letters and military technology / a fine scholar and soldier.

open the net on one side - to give one's opponent a way out

Translator’s Note:

Uh oh, Mu Ruyun is backing out now. What now Li Tian?

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