Evil Wang Pampers His Ghost Doctor Fei

Chapter 24

Unreasonable and arrogant

The big one is the dowry. Compared to the dowry, Mu Qian Xi’s food and clothes is simply a drop in the bucket.

In order to marry Xuanyuan Li Tian, the previous Mu Qian let out a great sum of dowry to the Emperor of the Purple Moon Kingdom. When the Emperor saw the list he immediately decreed for them to marry.

An inexhaustible supply of golds and jewelries, ten thousand Immortality Elixirs, the Emperor swallows all of it into the Imperial Treasury, clearly not afraid to die.

Mu Qian’s face is gloomy; the Emperor of the Purple Moon is obviously selling his son.

Now that she returned, everything that the Emperor swallowed, he will spit it all out!

She returned the defective goods. Naturally, the other party has to refund.

She's not a cheap skate but when it comes to these types of people she really need to get back at them for what they did

In order to make Mu Qian more uncomfortable, the Elders said the things she spent one after another.

“Lord, although you are young and not sensible enough, why do ten thousand taels aren't enough for you? You're being extravagant!”

“That's' right ah! The Lord spends thousands of gold every day, we Mu Jia disciples can't even eat meat. Don't you think the Lord is being excessive?!”

"At this rate, our whole clan will fall because of you! When that happened, how can we face the old Lord! "


She slaps her hand on the table, these old guys are afraid to continue to place the blame on Mu Qian Xi.

Mu Qian slowly stood up, the purple dress with silver embroideries outlines her perfect curve. Her eyes are dark like the night, her every hand movements are confident and at ease.

"Mu Jia is what my father had left me, I love to spend money, so what? Why do you all care on what I ate and what I wear, did you guys pay it for me? No! The answer is no!"

“Dare to reprimand me…compare to me, you Elders are much more profligate! Second Elder, you say I ate a lot of expensive foods? That is because of your granddaughter! Who indulges me to buy all of it, even the dowry given to the Emperor is your granddaughter's brilliant idea. Since you're absolutely wrong, let your granddaughter be my scapegoat, after all, if she did not say all of it then I wouldn't do any of it at all!"

"Now, what do you elders think? This is a wise decision isn't it?" Mu Qian let out a playful smile.

The Second Elder heard Mu Qian's shameless words; He was so angry that even arguing with her almost caused him to vomit blood. "These things are your own doing! You wanted to throw the dirty water on Yun'er? You've already hurt Yun'er ruthlessly before, isn't that already enough!"

"I'm the Lord but she was given more cultivation resources than me. Now you're asking me if it isn't enough. Clearly you're joking right? For everything that she had done to me, shouldn't she offer her life?" Mu Qian raised an eyebrow.

In addition to the dowry, the previous Mu Qian Xi allotted a huge sum of money to the two sisters for them to buy cultivation resources and elixirs.

Without the help of those things how can Mu Ruyun become a genius?

The Second Elder shouted. "You're simply making trouble without reason!"

"Me? Making trouble? Second Elder, do not forget, I Mu Qian Xi is the Mu Jia's Lord." She coldly said.

She walked away from where she'd stood before and pointed the Lord's position in the hall. “If you do not recognize me as the Lord, then step up there to be the Lord of this clan!"

The Elders looked at each other, how could they!

As long as someone takes a step, I'm afraid the Third Master won't keep them alive!

"Pft! hahaha!" Mu Qian softly laughed.

"Since you are all cowards, and do not dare to be the Lord, then please remember this one thing, I Mu Qian Xi is the Mu Jia's Lord, no matter what! Actually, you're all right about one point, no one from the group of you elders deserves the word "Lord". Without my father and uncle you're just a bunch of old men!"

The elders are cursed one by one by Mu Qian, the Ninth Elder looked up to the Mu Qian Xi, his mouth twitched slightly.

In the past this little girl is weak and timid, but now this little girl is like an evil tyrant.

Vicious but not evil, the way she admonish is really good.

The elders have been scolded, Mu Qian Xi who was once a timid mouse now turned to a purple bully, both unreasonable and arrogant.

"Lord, forgive these servants, we wouldn't dare to pursue on this matters." The Great Elder bowed and respectfully said.

The Second Elder is confused.

'What is he doing? How can we deal with this girl if we won't pursue anymore?!'

The Great Elder then added. "But the Lord is still young and our capital is limited. So I think we still must control the expenses of the Lord."

Mu Qian smiled mischievously. "Control? Don't know how much the elders intend to control?"

"One thousand silver taels are enough for the Lord to spend."

“Do you really think that’s enough?"

“As long as the Lord won't be extravagant like before, it is absolutely enough."

Mu Qian pointed to them and said, “You say that the Lord only needs one thousand silver taels a month, then all of you elders should just spend 10 taels a month! That is fair enough right?"

A few elders almost spurted blood, ten silver taels! What a joke!

The Great Elder quickly said, "My lord, don't be foolish. There are hundreds of people in our family who are young and old. "

“I am the Lord but only have a thousand taels, then, it is just right for the elders to only have ten silvers taels."

Although these people have the same surname as her, but that was because her father recruited or bought them as slaves, because of their talents, her father let them take care of the family business.

Did not think that more than 10 years have passed; they really thought that their surname is "Mu" the same with her family, and they will be able to control the Mu Jia freely?

The Great Elder had a headache: “Lord, this cannot be counted on! I …I ……"

His words have not yet finished, but he was interrupted by Mu Qian Xi, She said, "Well, it's a true that it's too small to give you 10 taels each per month. Even the Purple Moon Imperial Capital's beggars eat two times half a month. So elders, shall we have a bet? "

She looked at them with a smile.

All the elders froze! Bet? What kind of bet!

Mu Qian words left them in a daze, before, Mu Qian is a young chick, whatever she said, they can immediately draw the line but now, they needed to pay attention on every word coming out from her mouth.

Now this Mu Qian Xi is like a gust of wind, they are not allowed to touch this gust of wind else they will never know where she'll take them.

The Great Elder said. "What does the Lord mean?"

Mu Qian proudly said. ""Bet, of course the literal meaning! In the past, this Lord is free to spend every amount she wanted each month but now you're saying that I only need a thousand silver taels. With it being too little, how can you assure that I will fulfill that at all?"

A thousand taels, she can't even afford an entry level elixir with that amount, she absolutely won't let them succeed.

“However, I also know that the elders made such a decision for the sake of Mu Jia."

The elders froze, the change of her temperament, from arrogant to the defenseless Lord made them curious!

“So let’s make a bet! I bet in three days that I'll earn three million gold taels. If I cannot do it, then I will only have one thousand silver taels every month.” Mu Qian is filled with smiles as she said this to the elders.

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