Evil Wang Pampers His Ghost Doctor Fei

Chapter 28

Before we start, I'd made a change in Mu Wushuang's strength. It seems that he's in the Peak of Martial King; I still get confused on the strength and ranks due to the same words in Chinese. So yeah hope you guys forgive me T_T

He's the number one strongest in the Purple Moon Kingdom but due to his legs and eyes, that strength isn't at its best. Now back to the story!

Is it just coincidence or not?

Soon a person from the auction house with the strength of a Ninth-Stage Spirit Warrior was invited to come, Master Yun said: “Drink this.”

Master Yun’s position in the Snow’s Chamber of commerce is very high, the guard without saying anything took the elixir and drink it down.

Mu Qian then added. “Try to work on your spiritual training."

When the guard tried to feel his qi in his dantian, he was all startled.

(TN: Qi (气) - the vital energy which exists in all things while Dantian (丹田 dāntián) - literally translates as "Cinnabar Field" or "Elixir Field". Refers to the region in the body where a person's Qi is concentrated.)

“What’s happening? Why do I feel that my speed in absorbing qi is rising to three or four times than normal! Am I being possessed?”

“Oh God! I’ve been stuck on my bottleneck for almost five years. I want to qualify as a Spirit Master since then. I was ready to give up but have never thought that in this life there is still a chance to breakthrough!"

The guard almost cried with emotion.

Master Yun and Master Bai turned to Mu Qian’s direction, both with a look of horror in their faces. Master Yun waved: “You can go back, continue your cultivation, put a lot of effort.”

Master Bai said. “Son, for that bottle of elixir, we’ll pay you three hundred thousand gold taels.”

But Mu Qian insisted. “No need, that bottle of elixir, consider it as a token for starting my business with your auction house. I still got ten bottles of elixirs here. You can auction these instead.”

Master Bai took a breath of cold air.

‘Ten bottles!’

Mu Qian dropped two more bombs and said. "I also have Spirit Blood elixir here. This elixir can stop any bleeding in an instant, and make the wounds recover for half an hour."

“Lastly, the Spirit Master Breakthrough elixir, this elixir will successfully bypass the bottleneck to be a Spirit Master by a hundred percent!”

Looking at the three kinds of elixirs placed in front of them, a total of thirty bottles, Master Yun and Master Bai felt numb.

Master Bai couldn’t believe himself so he asked. “Are you sure you want to give these precious elixirs to us for auction?"

“Mm!” Mu Qian nodded.

“Are there instructions which I still didn’t know of?” Master Bai asked again.

He knew that these elixirs will make a great change in refining medicines. And this son of nobility absolutely won’t like to be the centre of attention with the way he hide his features.

“I will have to trouble you to auction these elixirs for tomorrow, and then if you can find an alchemists that has this elixir and herbs, inform me. Just sell it to me at a market price.” Mu Qian took out a list.

Master Bai looked at the list of medicines, some of the elixir is extremely valuable, while others, are names he had not even heard of.

“Also, the state of medicine in the Purple Moon isn't advanced yet. I believe someone will doubt the elixirs, so you have to prepare a person to test it out."

The Master Bai nodded. “I know."

Master Bai took out a purple Jade tablet. "Son, this is our tablet for honored guest, you will need this in order to attend to the auction tomorrow. With this, you can also enjoy having our best auction box."

Mu Qian replied. "In that case, I'll take it."

Mu Qian took the Jade tablet and left the auction house, leaving two old guys who are still in a daze.

Upon going out, Mu Qian suddenly felt a dangerous air; an ink-colored figure appeared in her sight

A cold Ashura man, even in broad daylight his dark breath can cover up all the light.

Mu Qian wanted to speak but decided to keep it herself instead. 'This person, did he really thought that with a mask during the day, no one will recognize him?'

At this time, a cold gaze came as if to see her through.

Housekeeper Bai asked. "Master, what's the matter?"

"Eh!" Housekeeper Bai looked at where Jiu Ye is looking then froze.

With his strength, he could still see Mu Qian's face under her cloak. He already thought that his Master was beautiful but didn’t think there was a boy in this world that wasn’t much worse than his master.

And the boy’s eyes, turned out to be light green, a colored-iris like his master.

Mu Qian acted like a stranger that didn't saw them, she directly walked past them. But she always felt a glance fell on her back, for a long time it hasn't disappeared.

She won't be recognized is what she believed.

She looks like this now; even her Little Uncle won't recognize who she was either right?

Housekeeper Bai can feel the breath of the master is a little dangerous, he dare not make a sound, he can tell the Master seems to look at the boy furiously?

The boy is enchanting and very strange but seeing a person isn't enough to cause the master this angry!

"Go!" Xuanyuan Jiu Ye, like a ghost moved upstairs.

At the treasure room Master Yun couldn't react, he looked at the elixirs in the table and pinches himself over and over to see if he's not dreaming.

“Master Bai, didn’t you say that the next auction will be in seven days later, is it really possible to start tomorrow?" Master Yun asked.

"Who says we can't!"

“But there are treasures that are still on the road, there are things that aren't prepared yet so how can we start the auction?"

Master Bai glanced at the elixirs and proudly said. "These elixirs are already enough, even without those treasures, this auction can afford to start!"

“Don't worry I’ll talk to the Lord."

But he learned that the Young Master is meeting some important guests. Master Bai can only wait.

After the guests leave, the Lord of the Snow's Chamber of commerce summoned Master Bai. His opening was. "The auction will be held early this evening."

"Huh! Master what's going on?" Master Bai was confused.

“Someone came to me for an auction with something incredible, and asked me to hold the auction ahead of time."

Master Bai said. “Lord, what a coincidence! Actually I also have…"

He told the master about the elixirs.

"There's no such thing as coincidence, I think that they are somehow connected to each other."

The Number One auction house suddenly opened ahead of time. On that evening, the capital's major clans and royal family was totally unprepared.

And from the news, they will also auction some things that are unacceptable.

The Mu Jia's elders also prepared themselves to go to the auction. With fear that Mu Qian will join them and spend lavishly there, they did not tell her the news.

After all, there are many times that their Lord participated in the auction before. No matter what they come up with, there is no use, she always call the price.

Coupled with the two daughters of the Ouyang Jia deliberately acting up against their Lord. The price ends up with a huge amount and the Mu Jia will be the only one who will suffer such heavy losses.

Mu Qian who got the message from the auction house was surprised. “Tonight? It’s too early ah!" she remembered the important part and said. "Hehe, I can’t wait to collect my money!"

The sooner you get the money, the better. When the auction is about to begin, Mu Qian once again became Ah Ting, she quietly left home.

Mu Qian just entered the auction, she heard someone talking, “Miss, that woman, Mu Qian Xi did not come to the auction this time. What kind of Lord is she? She doesn't even have the qualifications to participate in this auction ha ha ha!"

“Good luck to that fool, if she dared to come this time, I'll make sure she bleeds.” A savage voice came.

In a moment, the doorman found Mu Qian Xi and politely said. "Guest! You have come. Please come inside."

Mu Qian glanced at Ouyang Wei and smirked. 'Bleed? Let's see who will bleed this time?'

Translators’s Note:

Hey Guys! I’m back!!!

Remembered Ouyang Wei in the 1st chapter? She’s the one who killed the previous Mu Qian Xi, I will enjoy every revenge that the current Mu Qian will give to her. She deserves all of it.

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