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Chapter 1236 - Setting up a Company

Chapter 1236 – Setting up a Company

The Chinese Football Association’s Chief Secretary, Ma Bo, looks at Feng Yu in shock. “Manager Feng, what did you say? You want to set up a club league and organize a professional Football League?”

“That’s right. Do you still remember the Club World Cup two years ago? That is an international club league, and it is easier to enter it.” Feng Yu smiled.

In Feng Yu’s previous life, the Club World Cup had consoled the Chinese football fans. Although there are many foreigners on the team, it’s the same for all clubs. This competition is based on football clubs, and the players’ nationalities do not matter. After all, the Chinese clubs have their City’s name in it.

“But we currently have our own professional leagues. Chinese Jia-A League and Chinese Jia-B League, etc., and they are doing well.”

Ma Bo did not say that he felt the Chinese Clubs are doing great. The Chinese National Football Team had entered the World Cup for the first time in history, although they did not score a single goal.

“Secretary Ma, I know you don’t like to hear this. Most of the National Team players that entered the World Cup had studied overseas before. But how come I heard that we no longer competing with other clubs?”

“Who says? We played friendly matches every year and had been sending outstanding players overseas!”

“The overseas competitions are split into different levels. World Cup and the Olympics Games are on the same level, and the Euro Cup is on another level. Beneath them are the top leagues of some countries. Our country’s league is nowhere near their standards. I believe you should know this better than me, right?”

Ma Bo smiled embarrassedly as he knows the standards of the Chinese football clubs. He might be able to fool the football fans, but not Feng Yu.

“Manager Feng, we have thought about restructuring, and our proposal had been approved. It will be implemented next year.”

“Is it changing the Jia-A League to Super League, and Jia-B League to Jia-A League? You all are only changing the names, and you call this restructuring?” Feng Yu is speechless. If this is considered revamping the leagues, they can revamp it every year.

Chinese football needs to have a talent development scheme, which means they need to spend money to hire top coaches and trainers. The players must experience international standard competitions for them to show the results of their training.

To be honest, the Chinese Women Football Team is doing well and had gotten second place in the World Cup and Silver medals of the Olympic Games.

If the Women Football Team can do it, why can’t the Men’s team do that? There are not many women football fans overseas, and their training schemes are also not as good as the men. But they are at least better than China. However, the Chinese women team still managed to beat most of them.

Feng Yu felt the women have stronger fighting spirits than the men, and it’s not because they are more skillful than overseas players.

The world knows that black athletes have the highest explosive power. In contrast, Asians have better stamina, and white athletes are somewhere in the middle. Look at the sprinters, most of them are blacks, and mid-distance running is dominated by Asians.

But how come the Chinese Men’s football is not as good as their Women’s counterparts? This has nothing to do with their training, but the clubs are rotten!

The football league is corrupted with briberies and gambling. Those players can make money regardless of how they perform on the fields. Why should they do their best?

Just like the NBA. Many players had played well in their high schools and universities. Still, after they entered the NBA, and become a millionaire, their skills deteriorate.

Why is this so? Because after becoming rich, they start to enjoy life and relaxed. Only the players with self-discipline will continue to train hard to reach the next level and make more money.

In Feng Yu’s previous life, he saw football and basketball players hiring personal trainers for additional training after their team training.

Each one of them is richer than the Chinese players, but they know what they want now. Every year, the athletes have time off to rest and go on vacations. An athlete’s career span is short, and they can enjoy life after they retired from being a professional athlete!

Ma Bo looks at Feng Yu in shock. These are not announced to the public, and how did he know about it? But when he thinks about Feng Yu’s status, it should be easy for him to get this information if he wants.

“That’s right. Manager Feng, we will be following the European league setups where clubs can be promoted to a higher league. This will improve our players’ overall standards and motivate them to play better.”

Feng Yu shook his head. “I have a question. The teams entering the Super League from the Jia-A league are only picking the best out of a bunch of bad ones. Do you think they can last long in the league? What’s the point of entering this year and exiting the next?”

To Feng Yu, this promotion structure is a joke, unless teams will get high rewards and sign better players after being promoted.

It is always the same few teams at the bottom of the table. What’s the point of it? The other teams don’t worry about being regulated from the league and think of ways to make money. That’s why there is match-fixing!

I will give you the points for money!

“Then what do you think we should do?” Ma Bo is pissed. The European countries are using this format. If they can make it work, why can’t we?

“We should follow the NBA’s format. Teams that are promoted will not be regulated, and the number of matches will increase. Also, we should sign foreign players and let them compete with our players. But we must focus on grooming our local players as overseas players are still overseas players after all. The Jia-A league will be a stepping stone for teams to enter the Super League. Every year, only one team from Jia-A League will be promoted, and any Super League teams that had committed serious violations will be regulated to the Jia-A league…”

Feng Yu said a lot. These are from the proposal of an overseas professional he hired. Many countries’ leagues used this format when they started.

Football in China will become like table tennis, where the number of players will increase like crazy. But there will only be slightly more than 20 clubs in the end and not 30 to 40 clubs because there are not so many good players.

After Feng Yu finished, Ma Bo looks at him angrily. “Manager Feng, you made it sound easy. Do you know how much it will cost? Do you know how much we receive from the government each year? Do you know how many clubs are losing money each year? Our Association is not as rich as you.”

“That’s why I said we should set up a management company. I can provide most of the funds, and all the clubs will be given some shares. The Football Association can also buy some shares. This way, we can commercialize our football faster. What do you think?” Feng Yu smiled.

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