Extraordinary Genius

Chapter 789 - You still need to hire people

Chapter 789 – You still need to hire people

When Feng Yu was still in shock, the analysis results in his hands were snatched away by a man with a full beard.

Feng Yu was about to flare up, and Kirilenko stood up. “Feng, this is the most famous stockbroker in Wall Street I hired. His name is Lennon. His analysis is about the same as our software. I am thinking of letting him handle all my market investments here. Help me see if he is qualified enough.”

Kirilenko was speaking in Russian and was not worried about letting Lennon hear this. Feng Yu nodded and looked at Lennon. Lennon’s eyes were glued to the data and did not care what was happening around him.

Feng Yu felt he was professional and forgave him for scaring him earlier.

“Hey, did you get all these results by yourself? You have researched these companies’ shares before?” Lennon’s eyes had turned red as he looked at Feng Yu. He wanted to hear from Feng Yu.

“If I am not the one who got these results, then where did these results come from? I did not even know the names of these companies before I come. This was the first time I heard of these companies.” Feng Yu replied with a smile.

“How did you do it in such a short time? You can get such detailed analysis with only a small team like this?” Lennon exclaimed.

Feng Yu could not tell him that many of the methods and techniques he used were from the future years and were not invented now. These were all Feng Yu’s secret weapons.

Feng Yu asked him back. “You are the stockbroker hired by Kirilenko? That means you should be quite well-known on Wall Street. What do you think of my analysis? Is there anything wrong with the results?”

Lennon couldn’t point out Feng Yu’s mistakes in such short time. He looked at Feng Yu embarrassedly. “Who is your teacher?”

Lennon was sure that this young man’s teacher should be someone famous and is an expert in either financial or mathematics.

“I learned all these by myself. Did you try to analyze these stocks just now? How many analyses have you completed?”

“Only 4.”

Lennon felt even more embarrassed when Feng Yu asked him this question. He had also tried to analyze these shares, but most of the staff were helping Feng Yu, and he only has a few helpers. After the whole afternoon, he could only complete the analysis of 4 shares, and the results were the same as Feng Yu.

Although Feng Yu had many people helping him, Lennon knew that he was not able to analyze all 10 shares with the same amount of people in one afternoon. In fact, his results might even be inaccurate due to some many people interfering with his analysis!

Feng Yu looked at the people in the office. He noticed that Lennon did not have many helpers helping him. Although the companies’ information gathered was the same, but Lennon did not have more advanced techniques and software to help him. To be able to analyze 4 shares accurately was already a great result.

Lennon’s standard was on par with Wind and Rain Consulting’s He Zhaoji. But He Zhaoji was more specialized in commodities. In terms of analyzing shares, He Zhaoji was not as good as this big mustache guy.

Feng Yu walked over to Kirilenko and sat on the sofa. The staff immediately serve him warm tea, and Feng Yu finishes it in one gulp. After that, he nodded to Kirilenko.

Kirilenko knew what Feng Yu meant. This stockbroker he hired was excellent and his analysis could be trusted.

“What do you think about the analytical software? Is it accurate?” Kirilenko asked. This was what he was most concerned about. He had paid those data analysts high salaries and still needed them to make money for him.

Feng Yu nodded. “It is more accurate than I expected.”

Kirilenko was overjoyed: “Then I will be able to use this software to make money. What’s the point of me hiring stockbrokers? I can become the god of trading. I heard there is a well-known expert in shares trading in the US. Warren Buffett? I, Kirilenko, will replace him in the future!”

Feng Yu laughed and shook his head. You really think you can take over the financial market with just analytical software? If it’s so simple, why is there a need for stockbrokers?

“Warren Buffett is well respected is because all his investments over the years generated more than 20% annually on average. He also has a large team of market analysts and was well versed in government policies. You have also seen what happened just now. I am also able to get the same results as your software. You can use this software, but you must not rely on it too much.”

“Why? Didn’t you say this software is quite accurate? Your analysis is also about the same as the software. That means I will know when the shares will rise or drop.” Kirilenko was irritated as Feng Yu had said something conflicting.

“Brother Ki, the analysis from the software can only act as a reference. Information is changing everyday, and the data needs to be updated every now and then. You also do not understand these data even if it is presented to you. That’s why you need stockbrokers to help you. Also, I have many ways to manipulate these penny stocks unnoticed.”

“Ah? The results can only be a reference? That means it is useless!” Kirilenko was furious. He had spent a lot of money to develop this software, and the results can only be a reference?

Feng Yu shook his head: “This software can reduce the manpower required and increase their efficiency. I used a long time even when I have so many people helping me just now, and the results are the same as the software. The software is much faster than me. The stock market changes very fast, and there’s the possibility that before I could complete my analysis, the data had changed. That’s why your software is still critical.”

Kirilenko brightens up. “You are saying that my money is well spent?”

Feng Yu showed him a thumbs up. “Of course! This software can still be improved. If it can receive real-time information and become a fully functional analytical software covering all aspects, you will be able to make tons of money when you sell it.”

“Sell the software? That means others will be able to use it. We will lose our advantage.” Kirilenko was unwilling to sell this software.

“I do not know how much you spent on developing this software. But if you sell it at 10,000 USD per copy, you would get at least 100 million USD returns. How confident are you to earn 100 million USD from trading using this software? I had also mentioned that it all depends on the person using this software. Without a good stockbroker, this software is also useless.”

Kirilenko nodded. He looked up and saw Feng Yu looking at him weirdly.

“I have already hired a stockbroker.”

“One stockbroker is insufficient. You need a team of them, and they have to work together to find the best strategy. One of them will make the final approval. Not all stockbrokers are like me who can make an accurate analysis.” Feng Yu patted Kirilenko’s shoulders with a proud look.

Kirilenko: “……” You still think I am not able to make money with this software!

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