Fantasy: I Did Not Raise The Divine Beasts

Chapter 6

Chapter 6


Wang Luoli gasped for breath. The two of them had not stopped at all along the way. They had already consumed half of their spiritual energy, so it would be strange if they were not tired.

“I’m so tired from the journey!”

“Senior brother, didn’t my father forbid disciples from going down the mountain? Then why did we come down the mountain?”

Wang Luoli’s two big bright eyes stared at her senior brother with doubt.

“Master doesn’t allow us to go down the mountain. But two days ago, two people were fighting here. I heard the two are very powerful, both above the Nascent Soul Realm and likely to be in the Deity Incarnation Realm. Don’t you want to fight? ”

“It’s boring to stay in the Qingyun Sect all day.”

Huo Qingyun explained, his eyes filled with yearning.

He was the senior brother of the Qingyun Sect and an outstanding young man. At a young age, his strength had already reached the Deity Incarnation Realm, which was terrifying.

His master, Perfected Qing Yun, was an expert at the first level of the Heavenly Tribulation Realm.

The Qingyun Sect was also a famous top-rank sect.

However, Perfected Qing Yun rarely restrained him, so he naturally developed a combative character.

Besides, youngsters should be arrogant and bold. Otherwise, it would be a waste of the beautiful age.

When he heard that an expert was passing by Dayang Town, Huo Qingyun wanted to fight with him.

“Senior brother, why are you bringing me if you want to fight?” Wang Luoli was puzzled.

“Hehe. With you here, we’re accomplices, and the sect master loves you the most. According to the Qingyun Sect’s fair punishment, the sect master will not punish you severely. Then, wouldn’t I, your senior brother, escape this punishment?”

Huo Qingyun chuckled.

Wang Luoli was speechless.

“Stinky senior brother, you’ve been tricking me all day and taking advantage of me. Don’t even think about it this time.” Wang Luoli rolled her eyes and got up to leave.

Huo Qingyun would not want to let Wang Luoli leave. His master might punish him severely if he was back alone.

“Junior sister, I’ll take you to buy some clothes. I’ll pay for it!” He quickly tried to please her.

“Buy new clothes? Alright.”

Wang Luoli’s face brightened when she heard the word “buy clothes”. She immediately stopped leaving.

Meanwhile, the Empress was very fast. In a few minutes, she had bought the papers and steamed buns.

However, the papers that Mu Jiuhuang bought were of the highest quality. The steamed bun was also made with the best spirit flour.

Otherwise, she wouldn’t have finished her shopping so soon.

“So fast?”

Xiao Changtian, who had just set up a stall at the entrance, was surprised to see Mu Jiuhuang return.

He didn’t expect that a weak woman like Jiu’er, with such thin arms and legs, would be able to be such a quick runner. He suddenly felt that he had not taken her in for nothing.

Mu Jiuhuang handed over the paper.

Xiao Changtian took one of them and spread it on the table. He rolled up his sleeves and picked up the Phoenix Feather Brush.


Mu Jiuhuang watched Xiao Changtian pick up the Phoenix Feather Brush so easily and couldn’t help but gasp!

That was the Phoenix Feather Brush, refined from the feathers of the divine beast Phoenix. It contained a terrifying law.

Even if she used the Phoenix Feather Brush, she would have to activate her spiritual power and use some strength.

However, the senior was able to casually wave it around without any spiritual energy fluctuations. He had suppressed the laws contained within the Phoenix Feather Brush.

It directly suppressed the Phoenix’s laws. What a terrifying realm!

“Master, what are you doing?”

Mu Jiuhuang looked at Xiao Changtian in confusion as he picked up the Phoenix Feather Brush. He seemed to want to write something, but he was not sure.

The Phoenix Feather brush contained vital spirit flame and required unique materials to write. The Phoenix Feather Brush would burn the ordinary paper in front of him!

Mu Jiuhuang wanted to remind him. But after thinking about it, how could a powerful senior not know?

“Could it be that senior has some special means?” She thought.

When Xiao Changtian heard Mu Jiuhuang’s question, he smiled faintly and said, “Of course, it’s to write.”

“But…” Mu Jiuhuang was just about to raise her doubts.

Xiao Changtian was already holding the Phoenix Feather Brush. The brush tip was dipped in ink, and he wrote directly on the paper.

A line of large ink-like characters appeared on the paper within a few seconds.

“The sword Qi is a million miles long, and the sword light is cold enough to freeze fifteen continents.”

Mu Jiuhuang looked at the poem on the paper in front of her and was shocked.

Every stroke of that poem was firm. His calligraphy skills had reached the peak. However, his style was not uniform. He was unrestrained, graceful, and powerful like a dragon!

It was like a divine dragon soaring above the nine Heavens and a peerless swordsman waving his sword.

“The sword Qi is a million miles long, and the sword light is cold enough to freeze fifteen continents.”

Mu Jiuhuang muttered again, and a vast and overpowering intent rushed over.

A shocking sword light suddenly appeared in her sea of consciousness, slashing down at the Mainland of Tian Yuan.

The sword light expanded, and the sword Qi swept across millions of miles. It wiped out the five great continents!


Mu Jiuhuang only felt her sea of consciousness shake. The terrifying sword intent directly scared her so much that her face turned pale, and she took a few steps back!

“This isn’t calligraphy at all. This is a peerless sword intent!”

Mu Jiuhuang’s face was filled with shock and horror as she thought.

It was terrifying!

Facing that sword light, she felt even more powerless and unable to resist it than facing the Black Tortoise.

If she were to say that facing the Black Tortoise was like a leaf facing the turbulent sea, she felt like she was a speck of dust facing the vast universe when faced with this shocking sword intent!

It made people feel despair. Deep despair!

How was this calligraphy? Her master had hidden the peerless sword intent within the calligraphy.

The master had only hidden his sword intent in his calligraphy, which was already terrifying. The master’s move was simply unimaginable.

“This is my favorite line in the poem,” Xiao Changtian put away his brush, looked up at the sky, and said faintly.

Once upon a time, he had also yearned for such a carefree scene!

With a single strike, the white-robed swordsman flew on his sword and traveled between heaven and Earth!

How carefree that was!

Even on the first day Xiao Changtian had transmigrated, he had already thought that if he started cultivating, he would cultivate swordsmanship!

With a sword in hand, he could roam the continent, defeat all his enemies, and compete in swordsmanship!

He would also find a cute and mischievous junior sister. Every day, besides practicing his swordsmanship, he would prank his junior sister. This kind of life was simply like the life of an immortal.

“It’s a pity that this f*cking system doesn’t allow me to cultivate.”

Xiao Changtian sighed as he thought. His face revealed endless desolation. His eyes seemed to be yearning and recalling something.

Mu Jiuhuang saw all of this.

She suddenly understood why the senior had hidden himself in this small courtyard.

She felt the familiar loneliness, the desolation of standing at the top!

Because senior was invincible! He could no longer find an opponent, so he chose to hide in the mortal world and play in the mortal world!

“Master, what kind of calligraphy is this?” Mu Jiuhuang could not help but ask.

She had never seen such calligraphy before.

Xiao Changtian took a look at his calligraphy and nodded in satisfaction. That was a piece of calligraphy that could only be found on Earth. “Wild scribble!”

“It has another name, cursive writing!”

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