Fantasy Simulator

Chapter 2 Simulation

After lunch, Chen Heng and Chen Jing chatted for a bit before walking back to their own rooms.

After walking into his room, Chen Heng thought about it and changed his clothes before lying on his bed.

"Would you like to begin the simulation?"

Before his eyes, the familiar letters and numbers once again appeared.

Looking at these words, Chen Heng felt a strange sense of nervousness.

He deeply breathed in and accepted, "Yes."

As he made this choice, he noticed that his Points quickly dropped to zero.

The Points he had accumulated over 20 days directly returned to zero.

Following this, the interface before him went through changes.

"Please choose your character."

A line of words appeared before his eyes.

Chen Heng looked at the interface, which now had many more options. They floated in front of his eyes, waiting for him to make a decision.

The story is about to begin. You are projected into an unfamiliar world and will become part of an unfamiliar family…

1. Sorcerer Family

You are born into a Sorcerer family. Both of your parents are Sorcerers, or one of them is a Sorcerer.

You are born into a Sorcerer family and have good resources. Compared to ordinary mortals, your starting point is above what their maximum potential is (Potential).

Your body flows with noble blood, giving you superior advantages compared to most people. Whether it is your body or mind, you are naturally much stronger than ordinary people.

Points to Exchange: 3,000 to three million.

2. Noble Family

You are born into a noble family. Both of your parents are nobles or at least one of them is.

You are born into a noble family and have good resources. Compared to ordinary mortals, your starting point is above what their maximum potential is (Potential).

Your body flows with noble blood, giving you superior advantages compared to most people. Whether it is your body or mind, you are naturally much stronger than ordinary people.

Points to Exchange: 1,000 to 300,000.

3. Ordinary Family

You are born into an ordinary family. Your parents are both ordinary people.

Compared to the noble families, your family situation is ordinary. Your family may be a bit poorer or richer compared to others, but it will still be ordinary.

Everything about you will be plain and unremarkable.

Points to Exchange: 0 to 1,000.

4. Outlander Family (Elf)

You are born into an Outlander family and will be an Elf.


Information appeared before Chen Heng's eyes, and only he could see them. There were at least thousands of lines.

These thousands of lines contained all kinds of options. There were noble Sorcerers, as well as lowly Kobolds.

Anything that one could imagine was included.

"So I get to choose my identity…" Chen Heng looked through the options seriously.

Of the identities that Chen Heng was looking at, most required very few points. For example, the Kobolds or ordinary families did not even require any points to choose.

However, some options, such as Sorcerer family, cost a ridiculously high number of Points. Even the lowest option required an astronomical number of Points.

Looking at these options, Chen Heng could roughly understand their use.

The identity he chose would be the identity he would take after going to the simulation.

As for the difference in Points required within each option, that would determine the quality of each option.

After all, even for people who had the same type of family or social status, there could be massive differences.

A family with one million dollars in assets and a family with hundreds of millions of dollars in assets could both be called millionaires, but were they the same?

As such, the difference between people was often bigger than the difference between humans and dogs.

This was the difference within the options.

Chen Heng guessed that after choosing an option, he would choose how many Points to spend.

The more Points that he spent, the better the identity would be.

That was most likely how it worked.

However, right now, Chen Heng did not have much of a choice.

He did not have a single Point on him, so he naturally could not do much.

Right now, he could only choose the identities that did not require Points.

As such, he glanced over the options and looked at the ordinary family option.


After selecting it, the options all disappeared, and a line of words appeared.

"Please select the talents you would like to add…"

Following this, more options appeared before Chen Heng's eyes.

1. Sorcerer Talent

You have the talent to become a Sorcerer. This means you have the aptitude to become a Sorcerer.

Points to Exchange: 1,000 to 100,000.

2. Knight Talent

You have the talent to become a Knight. This determines whether or not you can have Life Energy, and it gives you the aptitude to become a Knight.

Points to Exchange: 100 to 10,000.

3. Memory Talent

You have an extraordinary memory that surpasses that of ordinary people's.

Points to Exchange: 10 to 1,000.

4. Body Talent

You have an extraordinary constitution. Your body will be strong from a young age and surpasses ordinary people's.

Points to Exchange: 10 to 100.


5. Comprehension Talent

You have extraordinary comprehension abilities. You will be proficient at studying from a young age and have great comprehension abilities towards various things.

Points to Exchange: 10 to 10,000.


All kinds of options once again appeared before Chen Heng.

"They all look pretty good. What a pity…"

Chen Heng looked at the prices and his mouth twitched.

He did not hesitate to skip these options.

Following this, the options disappeared and a new choice appeared.

"Please select your operation time…"

This time, the choice was time.

The default age seemed to be 20 years old.

Chen Heng looked at the option.

It seemed that he could control the time; the earlier it was, the more Points were required.

From 20 years old, every year prior required ten Points.

"In that case, if I want to start from a baby, I need to invest 200 Points?"

Chen Heng thought to himself and came to this conclusion.


However, given his circumstances, there was not much to consider, so he chose the starting age of 20 years old.

After all, right now, he did not have anything.

After selecting his age, the interface disappeared.

Rays of golden light appeared before his eyes, filling his vision.

Chen Heng raised his head and looked ahead. He just so happened to see a golden door seem to open in front of him, sucking him in.


Darkness, chaos.

A hazy feeling came from above.

Chen Heng woke up and gradually came to consciousness.

When he became fully awake, he found that the place he was at had changed.

In front of him was a dim forest. There were large trees all around him, and they seemed to have existed for a long time.

He had a bow in his hands and seemed to be aiming into the distance.

"This is…"

Looking at the bow in his hands, he felt stunned.

In the previous moment, he had been in his warm room. In the blink of an eye, he was standing in an unfamiliar forest.

Following this, large amounts of memories started to appear in his mind.

Suolo, 20 years old, an ordinary hunter in the Salo Region.

For Chen Heng, there was a barrier between these memories and his own memories, but it was a bit hazy.

"Is this what the simulation is like?"

Chen Heng held his head and only recovered after a few moments.

After getting used to his current identity, he looked around.

In front of him, the Points Interface was still there. Now, it had a few more words, showing that he was in a simulation.

Right now, he was within a simulation.

However, as long as he wanted to, he could exit from the simulation at any time and return to his own world.

At the same time, no matter how much time passed in the simulation, in the real world, only a moment would have passed.

After understanding these things, Chen Heng felt much more at ease and confident.

What he had been the most afraid of was discovering that his body had died of hunger after going back.

Since this kind of thing would not happen, there was naturally nothing for him to be afraid of.

Standing there, Chen Heng thought to himself.

He was a hunter, and the region he was in was called Salo.

He was born into a hunter family. His father was an outstanding hunter, but he was getting old and did not have much strength.

Suolo was also an excellent hunter. Even though he was not very old, in his generation, he was quite famous.

After confirming his identity, Chen Heng left this place. He followed the path in his memories and returned home.

He began to go about his life according to what his memories were like.

He was just like the Suolo in the past, living in this area. There was not much difference in what he did and what Suolo would do.

The main difference was that compared to the Suolo of the past, when there was no one around, he would do some strange movements, continuously training his body.

These strange movements had a name in Chen Heng's word, which was Body Forging Technique, or the Foundational Body Forging Technique.

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