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Chapter 608 - Unforeseen Circumstances

Chapter 608 Chapter 608 – Unforeseen Circumstances

Time slowly passed. On the spot, Huo Changliu was looking at the scenes seriously. His eyes were fixed there, and he seemed to be inexplicably nervous.

Of course, this nervousness was very normal. The Sword of Buddha in front of them was what they had been looking forward to for hundreds of years.

To make the Sword of Buddha in front of them take shape, they had laid it out for hundreds of years. Along the way, they had planned and designed with enormous efforts to get the result they had today.

If they couldn’t even succeed, it would be a defeating situation for them. At this thought, everyone stared at the door, looking extremely nervous.

A tense atmosphere emerged. Fortunately, the scene in front of them didn’t disappoint them.

As time passed, the origin of nine unique constitutions, including Song Qingruo, was slowly extracted and merged into the illusory longsword in front of them.

And as this action continued, the Sword of Buddha’s body gradually became real, as though it was about to awaken and take on its true form.


Lightning rumbled in all directions. Vaguely, there seemed to be dark clouds shrouding the area, as though the heavens were alarmed and angry.

Bolts of lightning struck down continuously, landing on the illusory Sword of Buddha’s body. However, they did not cause any ripples. Instead, it was as though they were absorbed by it. All of the lightning’s power disappeared. It fused into the Sword of Buddha’s body.

An Armed Catastrophe?

No, this was not an Armed Catastrophe, but the appearance of the Sword of Buddha’s aura and its connection with the Gen Qi in the outside world.

But even so, the lightning was extremely terrifying, not inferior to the second Armed Catastrophe of many Heavenly Weapons. But, compared to the level of the Sword of Buddha, the second Armed Catastrophe was far inferior.

“Good, very good…”

Looking at the gradually taking the shape of the Sword of Buddha, Huo Changliu’s eyes became more and more excited. At this moment, he couldn’t help but open his mouth and mutter to himself, “Let’s the condensation process continue like this…”

Everything seemed to be going smoothly. At least, that was how Huo Changliu and the others felt.

At this moment, the Qionghua Sword Sect had fallen into complete chaos under their design. All the powerhouses in the sword sect had been stalled. Or rather, even if they could pull out their hands, what could they do?

The Sword Tomb in front of them had its own rules. It simply could not allow existences above the Spirit Transformation Stage to enter. And even if a mere Spirit Transformation Stage cultivator entered this place, there wasn’t much they could do to interfere with Huo Changliu and the others.

When the Sword of Buddha in front of them took shape, they would leave. At that time, the Qionghua Sword sect would not be able to do anything to them.

What about Song Qingruo?

When the sacrifice of the Sword of Buddha was over, even if song Qingruo didn’t die here, she would most likely become a cripple in the end.

Was a cripple worth the trouble of the Qionghua Sword Sect? What could they do about it? Besides, the forces behind Huo Changliu were no weaker than the Qionghua Sword Sect, even stronger than them.

It was even more so when he obtained the Sword of Buddha. Since that was the case, what was there to be afraid of?

Various thoughts flashed through Huo Changliu’s mind. At this moment, he was full of confidence. However, compared to his confidence, Chen Heng, who was far away, clearly had a different opinion compared to his confidence.

“His destiny was not bad. Unfortunately, it is still a little lacking.”

In the distance, on a towering mountain peak, Chen Heng stood there alone. Looking at the scene in the distance, he couldn’t help but shake his head.

From the beginning until now, he had been secretly observing. At first, he thought that the ones who would enter the Sword Tomb this time would still be the Qionghua Sword Sect.

But from the current situation, it was not the case. From the fact that Song Qingruo had been captured and thrown down to be used as a sacrifice, it was clear that the Qionghua Sword Sect had also experienced a huge change. At this moment, they might not be able to control the Sword Tomb anymore.

Using an innate sword body and other unique constitutions as sacrificial tributes to the Sword of Buddha was truly a big deal. Even in Chen Heng’s eyes, such a big deal was still worthy of admiration.

Song Qingruo’s innate sword body was unique. It was a unique constitution that was born from this world. That kind of constitution made Chen Heng feel special.

As for the origin of the other eight physiques, although most of them were not as good as Song Qingruo’s innate sword body, they were still considered pretty good.

Even if it was Chen Heng, obtaining one of them was already a pleasant surprise, not to mention gathering so many of them. The group of people in front gathered so many of the origin. It was a big deal.

And the Sword of Buddha was worth it. From the Sword of Buddha, Chen Heng could feel a terrifying power.

“That origin…’

Chen Heng muttered to himself as various thoughts flashed through his mind.

The origin of the Sword of Buddha was very powerful. It was like the innate laws that were born in this world. It was exceptionally unique. It gave Chen Heng a very familiar feeling. It was similar to the initial space in the Main World.

It was the aura of world origin.

‘Is that Sword of Buddha one of the origins of this world?’

Many thoughts flashed through Chen Heng’s mind. At this moment, he subconsciously wanted to do something.

The world origin, without a doubt, was an extremely precious thing. It would be very beneficial to Chen Heng if he could obtain it. Not to mention the nine unique origin sources, including Song Qingruo.

If he could obtain these things, it would greatly help Chen Heng. It would allow him to advance further. Even his main body would benefit greatly.

Then… should he make a move? Chen Heng raised his head and looked at Huo Changliu and the others in front of him. This thought flashed through his mind.

It was not a big deal to make a move now. Although Huo Changliu and the others were quite strong, they were nothing in Chen Heng’s eyes. If he wanted to make a move, it would only be a matter of one sword for him.

However, that Sword of Buddha was somewhat troublesome. The aura on it made Chen Heng frown and feel surprised. However, no matter what, at least he still had the strength to fight.

If the sword was too troublesome, Chen Heng still had the confidence to suppress everything if he activated his true spirit power and consumed his strength.

However, just as he was about to make a move, a little accident happened.

“It’s him…”

Chen Heng looked at a figure beside Huo Changliu and couldn’t help but reveal a surprised expression.

Under his gaze, a young man was standing beside Huo Changliu. It was a figure covered in a long robe. He looked no different from the others around him, but the person was someone familiar.

Xiao Han.

He had also entered the Sword Tomb and compared to Song Qingruo, who had been thrown into the altar, Xiao Han was very good at disguising himself. He was standing not far from Huo Changliu, but no one felt anything strange about him. It was as if he had always been like this.

This kind of disguise was really surprising. Chen Heng had a strange expression on his face. He dismissed his original intention to make a move. He temporarily held back his actions and continued to watch.

‘Let him take the lead first… that’s good too…’.

Many thoughts flashed through his mind, and then he thought so.

Based on his understanding of the Chosen One, it was obvious that Xiao Han had lurked here to cause trouble. Since that was the case, there was nothing wrong with letting him take the lead.

Let’s see how he does it. This thought flashed through Chen Heng’s mind, and he couldn’t help but become interested. Therefore, he continued to look forward, silently watching.

Time passed bit by bit.

“She hasn’t fainted yet?”

Huo Changliu looked at Song Qingruo, whose face was as pale as paper, but she persisted in not collapsing. He couldn’t help but reveal a surprised expression.

Even for him, Song Qingruo’s willpower was still worthy of admiration.

“Young master, do you still want to continue?”

A hoarse voice sounded from the side. A man in a white robe walked up to Huo Changliu. He wore a mask and suddenly spoke. As he spoke, he walked up and half-knelt on the ground, silently approaching Huo Changliu.

Huo Changliu glanced at this person and did not pay much attention. He only said, “It’s not the time yet.

“Wait until the sacrifice is complete before saving her.

“At least we’re in the same sect, so let her live…”

Huo Changliu shook his head and said.

“Young Master is merciful…”

The surrounding people spoke in unison, praising him.

The white-robed man in front of Huo Changliu was the same. His hoarse voice rang out continuously. Then, he slowly stood up. From the looks of it, he seemed to want to retreat.

However, his actions were very slow. In front of him, Huo Changliu turned around and did not pay too much attention to it.

In the next moment, an inexplicable feeling emerged in his heart. It was as if a fatal crisis was about to occur. A chill rose and surged into his mind.

Feeling this feeling, Huo Changliu’s body paused for a moment. Then, he looked at the white-robed man beside him and said uneasily, “You…”

As his voice fell, a resplendent light appeared. A long blade suddenly chopped down and fell forward. In just an instant, the white-robed man in front of him suddenly attacked. A black longsword was pulled out and slashed fiercely at Huo Changliu.

This attack contained a terrifying power. Just as he attacked, the terrifying sound of air being torn apart was heard, causing a series of muffled sounds in the air. It was exceptionally clear and terrifying.

With just this attack, the terrifying power of a peak spirit transformation was fully displayed. It was exceptionally terrifying.


Huo Changliu’s expression immediately changed. His body began to shake, and he subconsciously wanted to make some moves. But at this moment, it was already too late.

He had calculated in his mind, and the distance was so close that even some divine abilities could not be used in time.


Drops of blood fell on the ground, bringing the smell of blood with them. The scene fell silent, and the air was exceptionally quiet. Only the sound of the long saber falling was so crisp.

“Who… Are you?”

In the distance, Huo Changliu’s voice came again.

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