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Chapter 672 - Battle

Chapter 672: Chapter 672 – Battle

Surging Gen Qi roared. The two different forces collided and clashed, turning this place into a void.

Seventh rank existences started to nurture their forces and would develop their domains by the time they reached the eighth rank. Then, the domain that belonged to them would develop even further at the ninth rank, almost becoming the prototype of a small world.

Two incomparably huge domains were displayed and collided.


A crisp sound was transmitted and continuously spread, almost shrouding the area of tens of thousands of miles. This was also why Chen Heng and Philip held back, retracted their powers and did not spread out at full force. Otherwise, just the battle between the two domains would be able to shroud half of the world.

Laws were colliding within this domain. Completely different domain powers collided and destroyed each other, turning the space into a void. Domains were the combination of the power of true spirit and the power of laws, and within them was a world woven by itself.

Vast and mighty powers would appear and explode at every moment. Therefore, the battle between domains was a test for both cultivators in all aspects.

This did not seem like Extraordinary Beings below the level of a Heavenly Venerate. Instead, the battle below the seventh rank was usually between the physical body and divine power, testing their Qi Blood.

As for above the seventh rank, the test for Chen Heng and Philip was more on accumulation, the comprehension and construction of the Power of Laws, and their comprehension of the world.

Every bit of accumulation and comprehension of the laws was being used. The amount of information needed to calculate every moment the domains collided was huge, enough to submerge thousands of the so-called supercomputers.


The collision between the domains instantly reached its peak. Then, both of them attacked concurrently the next moment. Behind Chen Heng, an ancient sword that was simple and unadorned shone. It moved forward and landed in Chen Heng’s hand. In Philip’s hand, several stone tablets also surged out and landed in his hand.

Initial stone tablets! A divine object like the initial stone tablet existed in the initial world. It was the embodiment of the world’s origin in the outside world. One would need the stone tablets as proof if one wanted to advance to a king in that world. Only then could they obtain the energy of the world’s origin and complete their advancement.

Philip had already gathered all the stone tablets in the countless years spent in the initial world. Now, he was using them as a divine weapon. Although their power wasn’t as strong as the Sky Heavenly Weapons in this world, it wasn’t weak either. At the very least, it was not weaker than the ancient sword in Chen Heng’s hand, which was known to be comparable to a Legacy Holy Weapon.

Soon, under the cultivators’ gaze, the stone tablets and the ancient sword collided, emitting stunning light. Then, a terrifying light surged from within, blotting everything. It was as if a pause button was pressed, causing the originally unceasing fluctuations and collapsing space to stop. There was no further progress.

However, a terrifying power erupted the next moment. A powerful force erupted, charging in all directions.


Two figures intertwined with each other in mid-air, truly attacking each other.

Chen Heng held the ancient sword in his hand. His divine power sublimated, and his aura rose to the maximum, charging forward and fighting with Philip. On the other hand, Philip was not inferior at all. His divine power was majestic, directly supporting the initial stone tablet, awakening the various Dao Principles on the tablet, boiling thoroughly.

Vaguely, the Power of Origin that originated from the initial world was activated, interweaving with Philip’s power and directly exploded. The battle between the two was exceptionally intense. Though it had only just begun, the terrifying attacks were enough to make people’s hearts tremble.

“What a terrifying aura…” A powerful Heavenly Venerate appeared in the distance. He could feel both Chen Heng and Philip’s rising aura and could not help but sigh heavily.

“Their battle prowess has long surpassed that of the supreme Heavenly Venerate. If other supreme Heavenly Venerates appeared before them, they would probably be defeated instantly. There’s no way they could compare…” Someone said with a bitter smile.

Although both of them were at the supreme Heavenly Venerate level, there was a difference between the two supreme Heavenly Venerates. Both the Hao Hua Sect Leader and the Star Alliance Leader before them were special. Their combat strength was impressive, and their weapons were shocking. If an ordinary supreme Heavenly Venerate dared to stand before them, they would be defeated in a minute.

The current performance alone was already said to be invincible at the immortal God level. Not to mention that the two of them had not used their full strength yet. One had to know that both the Hao Hua Sect Leader and the Star Alliance Leader were first-class immortal God reincarnations. They could draw on the Dao weapons of their previous lives and reproduce the immortal God’s power.

In other words, they were not born on the same level as other cultivators. The surrounding cultivators became even more bitter when they thought of this and no longer intended to chase after them.

Before them, the battle between the two auras became increasingly violent. The two seemed to have unleashed their true flames at this point in the battle, no longer restraining their power and attacking with all their might.

Chen Heng’s expression was cold. The ancient sword in his hand emitted a brilliant light. The divine power within it was channeled into his body. Both Chen Heng and the ancient sword united as one. The two Dao weapons fused with each other, unleashing a stunning attack.

Philip was not inferior either. The Dao Principle carved on the initial stone tablet turned into chains, engraving on his body, merging with his Power of Origin. Its might was not inferior to Chen Heng.

In terms of performance alone, even though the two of them had not used any immortal techniques, the power that they had unleashed had already surpassed the ninth rank and was comparable to the peak of the ninth rank.

Since they had already started acting, they naturally had to look more real. Chen Heng could imagine that Venerate Ming was currently hiding in the surroundings, spying on them using some unknown technique. Venerate Ming would probably leave immediately if they didn’t act properly and revealed even the slightest flaw. It was impossible for him to appear again by then. Thus, they had to fight well to draw Venerate Ming and couldn’t let him notice.

It was precisely because of this that their battle prowess was terrifying when they fought. Based on their performance, the level of danger they faced this time was far more terrifying than the last time. Each of their attacks contained killing intent.

It was unknown how many times they could kill existences below the ninth rank. Even a peak of the eighth rank would not be able to block a single move. A single move from them would probably cause serious damage to an ordinary ninth rank. This fighting level had far surpassed the others’ imagination.

In the distance, in the direction of the Star Alliance, Lu Yao, Gunali, and the others were also observing this battle. Their strength was generally much stronger than the distant Hao Hua Sect’s cultivators.

For example, the Crimson King and Lu Yao, who had already become a king in the initial world, were at the peak of the seventh rank now, just one step away from the eighth rank. Therefore, they could see more things.

At this moment, their expressions were somewhat solemn as they observed the situation before them.

“They’re evenly matched…” Lu Yao observed for a long time before she said, “If this continues, the result will be the same as the previous battle. No one can do anything to the other.”

When Chen Heng and Philip fought last time, both restrained themselves, so the final result was a draw. And this time, the two were fighting each other with life and death, but the result looked similar. Even though Philip still had a trump card that he had not used, Chen Heng was the same. So the outcome was likely to be equally matched.

“Venerate Ming.” Lu Yao frowned and looked at the void at the side. “I know you’re nearby.”

The void looked very calm. He did not react to Lu Yao’s voice as if he weren’t there at all. However, Lu Yao did not care about this, and her expression became more solemn.

“Now that we have fulfilled our agreement with you, when are you going to make a move?” She was somewhat vigilant in her heart.

Everyone in the Star Alliance, including Lu Yao, did not trust Venerate Ming, who cooperated with them and had always been on guard against him. And now that Philip was fighting with the Hao Hua Sect Leader to such an extent. So it would not make sense if Venerate Ming did not make a move.

A faint ripple emerged in the originally calm void as Lu Yao spoke. A figure appeared, shrouded in the somewhat hazy void, which could not be seen clearly. One could only vaguely see that there was an unparalleled divine weapon emitting a powerful aura beside a person, making others feel suffocated.

He nodded to Lu Yao and said indifferently, “I understand.”

By now, he was also clear that he had to make a move. If possible, he naturally hoped that the Star Alliance’s Leader and the Hao Hua Sect Leader would fight until both sides were injured, allowing him to reap the rewards.

Unfortunately, the Star Alliance was not a fool in this aspect. From the beginning to the end, Lu Yao and the others were on guard against him. Philip would probably stop if Venerate Ming did not make a move. Philip would not possibly fight foolishly with the Hao Hua Sect Leader until his last drop of blood.

Venerate Ming would not be able to reach such a level if that were the case, and he had to make a move if he wanted to cooperate. Various thoughts flashed through his mind. Then, Venerate Ming’s figure disappeared again into the void.

The battle was still ongoing. Looking at the figure that had disappeared again, Lu Yao and the others finally heaved a sigh of relief. No matter what, Venerate Ming was not a fool. He should know what was important and what was not.

The battle before them continued. Philip and Chen Heng were fighting, and the two appeared to be evenly matched. If a third party joined in at this moment, the result would be self-evident.

Thinking of this, the people of the Star Alliance, including Lu Yao, finally felt at ease and looked forward, observing the battle situation ahead.

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