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Chapter 674 - - Shocking Change

Chapter 674: Chapter 674 – Shocking Change

It was pointless discussing good and evil with the evil sect cultivators, not to mention that they had been suppressed by the righteous sects led by the Hao Hua Sect all these years. They did not have a good impression of the leader of the righteous sects, including the Hao Hua Sect Leader. They wished that he could die immediately.

Therefore, they were naturally happy and excited about the result before their eyes. This was because if Hao Hua Sect Leader died, the vast territory that originally belonged to the Hao Hua Sect would no longer be defended and would gradually fall into the Star Alliance’s hands.

The cultivators who had joined the Star Alliance would all be able to gain more by then. This was indeed exciting for them. However, no matter what the cultivators below thought, the final result would still depend on the three people on the battlefield.

The divine blood scattered in the air, and pieces of flesh and blood scattered around. Chen Heng kept retreating, facing the heaven-cleaving sword’s sharp edge. His aura was extremely weak. In the previous battle, he had already lost a lot of energy in the fight with Philip, and his strength was no longer at its peak.

Furthermore, he was repeatedly injured in this state. Not only was he struck down by Philip from his recovery state, but he was also directly injured by the heaven-cleaving sword’s sharp edge.This was an absolutely hopeless situation.

However, even so, he didn’t give up. He erupted in the sky, and his Qi Blood almost dyed the entire sky red. He expanded his vast domain and combined himself with the ancient sword, striking out a stunning attack.


The sound of metal colliding resounded. The ancient sword and the heaven-cleaving sword collided again. The exquisite profoundness surged like a roaring Azure Dragon crushing everything.

The situation changed for a moment. Even the heaven-cleaving sword’s sharp edge was somewhat concealed, forcibly suppressed. That majesty that only belonged to the Sky Heavenly Weapon was constantly displayed. However, it was still unable to suppress Chen Heng.

Venerate Ming’s face immediately changed, sensing this situation. What an incredible situation this was. He was only at the supreme Heavenly Venerate level and didn’t have the power of an immortal God, but he could exert such a terrifying power and forcibly shake the heaven-cleaving sword.


Even Venerate Ming was shocked by this stunning performance. He was certain that if he didn’t have the heaven-cleaving sword in his hand, he would undoubtedly be easily suppressed and crushed by Chen Heng.

With this thought in mind, the killing intent in his heart became even stronger. Divine power surged into the heaven-cleaving sword, causing the heaven-cleaving divine sword in his hand to shine and explode with even more terrifying and infinite divine power as it surged forward.

The ancient sword also erupted. Vast and mighty power spread and surged forward, colliding with the heaven-cleaving sword. Chen Heng was unable to withstand it after a short collision. His domain was broken, and he couldn’t continue. However, his performance was still extremely stunning, and everyone was amazed.

After all, it was nothing but a supreme Heavenly Venerate of the same level and a heaven-cleaving sword above the supreme Heavenly Venerate and comparable to immortals Gods. So it was already an extremely shocking outcome to be able to do this.

Seeing that Chen Heng was about to fall into a hopeless situation and that he was about to die, Philip, who was silent at the side, finally made his move. The initial stone tablet shone with a golden light, and runes emerged, spreading in all directions, vaguely condensing into a complicated and mysterious mark.

Following that, Philip extended his hand and directly slapped it down with the initial world’s Power of Origin supporting him. As if a layer of sky shrouded this place, no trace of light could be seen. Chen Heng’s body was instantly smashed apart under that majestic power. His flesh and blood splattered everywhere, scattering in all directions.

The outcome had already been decided at this point. Under Philip’s control, the pioneer origin stone tablet, the condensation of all the stone tablets in the initial world, flew out and directly suppressed Chen Heng’s scattered flesh and blood, sealing and fusing them into the stone tablet. Even the ancient sword was the same, the origin stone tablet did not spare it, but its divine essence was directly absorbed, fusing into the origin stone tablet.

After all this, the stone tablet flew back to Philip’s body. At this moment, the Dao Principle seemed to have become clearer. A faint Power of Origin spread, making it seem even more mystical. After absorbing Chen Heng’s flesh and blood and the ancient sword, it seemed that this stone tablet was about to transform, becoming an immortal God artifact.

“What do you mean?” Then, looking at Philip and the origin stone tablet that had taken away Chen Heng’s flesh and blood, Venerate Ming’s expression frowned as he questioned, “Our agreement seems to cover just a joint attack against the Hao Hua Sect Leader.”

Philip’s expression was indifferent, facing Venerate Ming’s gaze. He was not moved at all but only said indifferently, “Now that the Hao Hua Sect Leader had fallen, the agreement between us is naturally fulfilled. As for the things the Hao Hua Sect Leader left behind, they are naturally my spoils of war.”

Hearing Philip’s words, Venerate Ming’s gaze became even more hostile. Naturally, he had his motives to make a move against Chen Heng and cooperate with Philip without hesitation. It was very likely that he was also after the Dao Principle and flesh-blood essence left behind by Chen Heng after his death.

However, now, all of this had been snatched away by Philip, leaving him with no spoils of war. This was equivalent to him making a wasted trip but obtaining nothing. No one could take it.

Hence, he remained silent and stared at Philip with hostility. However, Philip was also very impolite and laughed coldly, “So, what is it?” He revealed a cold smile as if he was disdainful, “Back then when you attacked the newly promoted Hao Hua Sect Leader, you couldn’t do anything to him but could only escape by relying on your heaven-cleaving sword. What can you do now with me?”

As he spoke, he didn’t look at Venerate Ming. Instead, he stared at the heaven-cleaving sword that was emitting endless light.

His attitude was contemptuous. It meant that he did not care about Venerate Ming but only cared about the heaven-cleaving sword instead. But, of course, that was indeed the case. If it were not for the heaven-cleaving sword, Venerate Ming himself didn’t deserve to stand before Philip. Venerate Ming became furious, feeling Philip’s attitude. Finally, however, he chose to calm down.

“You’re right.” He looked at Philip and said calmly, “The Hao Hua Sect Master has died, and our agreement has been fulfilled. Since that’s the case, I’ll leave.” He said indifferently and turned around as if he was preparing to leave.

Philip stared at Venerate Ming’s figure and secretly frowned as if he was somewhat uncertain.

Time passed slowly. In the next moment, a ripple emerged from the void in a flash. Just as Venerate Ming was about to leave and return to the void, Philip finally made his move. A powerful aura emerged, and it was incomparably violent.

Philip stretched out a hand and quickly charged toward Venerate Ming. Venerate Ming seemed unaware of this, as if he hadn’t discovered anything. However, at this time, Philip felt that something wasn’t right. It seemed to be going too smoothly. Based on his understanding and speculations of Venerate Ming, he shouldn’t be such a careless person.

‘What was happening?’ He was puzzled and thinking.

A sense of danger appeared from the side. A faint killing intent emerged from the void. It was erupting at this moment and was accurately grasped by Philip. Philip did not hesitate and directly retreated in a flash. However, it seemed to be a little too late this time.

The Immortal Bell was ringing and vibrating. Endless Dao Principle tremored, suppressing the surrounding. Even with Philip’s terrifying power, comparable to that of an immortal God, he couldn’t help but stop for a moment before the bell rang. His body seemed to be frozen, unable to move.

Before him, Venerate Ming had unknowingly turned around. The heaven-cleaving sword in his hand revealed its sharp edge, and a terrifying aura pressed forward, erupting with a terrifying attack.


A terrifying explosion occurred. A powerful force interweaved in this place, continuously rippling far away. A huge gap was created, and divine power and Dao Principle continuously devouring everything like black holes, seemed to lead to an unknown distance.

Everything here had turned into a void. No matter how hard the many cultivators below tried, they couldn’t see the real scene. Instead, they could only vaguely see another human figure between Philip and Venerate Ming. There was also the virtual shadow of an Immortal Bell, releasing a clear and bright bell sound.

Then, the terrifying Dao patterns submerged this place, making it impossible for people to see the scene.

“Your Majesty!” All the Star Alliance’s cultivators, including Lu Yao and Gunali, had a change in expression, looking at the scene before them.

They had a bad premonition and subconsciously wanted to rush over, but they found that the battlefield had already shifted again and entered the unknown void. There is no way to enter or even capture the coordinates with their strength. They can only wait.

Everything was so dim in the void. Only a few rays of light twinkled, appearing particularly bright. Philip and Venerate Ming came to this place, and a new figure appeared between them. It was a human figure wearing a long robe, but it wasn’t a human cultivator. Instead, it was an outlander cultivator with scales all over his body and a single horn on his head.

This person’s aura was also very powerful and had reached the supreme Heavenly Venerate level.

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