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Chapter 853 (END) - Extra (7): Another Encounter in the Azure World (2)

Chapter 853 (END) - Extra (7): Another Encounter in the Azure World (2)

Chapter 853: Extra (7): Another Encounter in the Azure World (2)

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“Master, what is your cultivation level now?”

After sharing his experiences, Liu Li’s gaze immediately fell on Chen Heng. His eyes were filled with anticipation.

He needed help right now. Not only did he need someone to help him remove the immortal curse on his body, but his sister and grandfather also needed the same help.

Otherwise, it would be a little lonely if he was the only one alive.

He didn’t know what cultivation level Chen Heng was at. But Liu Li speculated that he was at least a true monarch. Back then, Chen Heng displayed the strength of a true monarch, not to mention that he had reincarnated and cultivated for many years.


From the fact that Chen Heng’s ability to travel across the world and return to the Azure World, his strength must be at least at the peak of a true monarch and not weaker than Liu Li’s current strength, right?

If Chen Heng were really at this level, then Liu Li would have a much easier life in the future.

Liu Li’s heart was filled with anticipation as he looked at Chen Heng with a face full of nervousness and anticipation. At first glance, his appearance looked a little comical.

Chen Heng looked at Liu Li’s appearance and couldn’t help but feel it was funny. However, he didn’t keep him in suspense.

“I’m just a little stronger than you.”

Chen Heng said. Liu Li’s face immediately revealed a look of joy.

Stronger than him? Then wasn’t he stronger than a true monarch? Could he be a venerate?

Many thoughts flashed through Liu Li’s mind, and he was directly stunned the next moment.

In front of Liu Li, Chen Heng casually waved his hand, and a stream of light instantly rippled and directly shone on Liu Li’s body.

In just an instant, the immortal curse that had troubled him for a long time and tormented him day and night suddenly disappeared and was directly broken by a powerful force.


Liu Li could not believe what was happening to him. The immortal curse that he had spent so much effort and time on, but was ultimately powerless, was broken just like that? And in such an easy way?

This was an immortal curse, not some ordinary curse. But looking at Chen Heng, this so-called immortal curse seemed no different from an ordinary curse.

Immediately, Liu Li began to doubt life. But after a short moment of doubt, he was overjoyed. No matter what, Chen Heng could undo the immortal curse, so his strength was unquestionable.

Even the ancient soul that had occupied his sister Liu Yi’s body and wanted to possess her forcefully was not a match for him, right? With such strength, what was there to be afraid of? He could directly snatch his sister back.

“Don’t think about it.”

As if he understood Liu Li’s thoughts, Chen Heng glanced at him and said directly, “Those are things that you, as an elder brother, should do. They are not things that I should do.

“Other than when necessary, I will no longer help you.”

Liu Li was a little dumbfounded.

Just as he thought he had gotten the help needed, he was again on his own because the reinforcement declared not to help.

With a plop, he immediately knelt with a pleading look. “I don’t mind, but my sister Yiyi has already been captured. I’m afraid her life will be in danger if we delay any longer.

“Master, please save her this time.”

“Don’t worry.”

Chen Heng shook his head. “I promise you, Yiyi won’t die.

“This incident is not only a trial for you but also a great opportunity for her.”

After all, Liu Li and Liu Yi were both chosen.If Chen Heng remembered correctly, Liu Yi’s destiny was slightly inferior to Liu Li’s. Ordinary people couldn’t possess a chosen one.

Strictly speaking, unless one reached the Seventh Rank and had foundations of law. Otherwise, one couldn’t suppress and possess a chosen one.

Liu Yi would be fine. Even if something happened, Chen Heng would be able to pull her out of the trouble in time. There would not be any risks.

Liu Li did not understand the crux of the matter, but when he heard Chen Heng, he was relieved. He had always maintained absolute trust in his master. Since Chen Heng said that Liu Yi would be fine, he would not doubt it.

“This is the path that belongs to you.”

Chen Heng continued, “That kind of encounter is not only a disaster but also a tempering and fortuitous encounter. If I help you now, it might be easy for you in the short term. But in terms of your long-term development, it might harm you.

“Anyway, I promise that nothing will happen to you and Yiyi.”

“That’s enough.”

Liu Li raised his head, and a look of confidence appeared on his face again. “The immortal curse is gone, and Yiyi will be fine. Then what am I afraid of?

“Master, please stay here and watch over this place. I will show you my performance.”


Chen Heng nodded with satisfaction. Behind him, Carey and Krudo looked at each other with admiration. No matter what, at least this spirit was quite good. It had the drive of a young man who kept going forward. They got to see their shadows through Liu Li.

Chen Heng did not let Liu Li leave immediately. Instead, he continued to teach him here. He had once taught Liu Li to cultivate, but at that time, Liu Li’s strength was still shallow. Liu Li was only a mortal that had just stepped into cultivation.

But now, the situation was naturally different. Strictly speaking, what Chen Heng cultivated was not the system of this world. But as a Supreme Divine Power, he was the peak of the Boundary Sea. As long as he was willing, he could easily raise the system of this world to its peak.

Teaching a mere Fourth Rank was naturally not a problem. Liu Li quickly felt this kind of terror. In the past, he did not have this kind of feeling. But now, he felt that this master of his was simply unfathomable.

One had to know that now, Liu Li was already a true monarch. He stood at the peak of this world. In the entire cultivation world, besides a few domains, there were very few things that he did not know.

However, in front of Chen Heng, he felt like a child who had just learned how to walk. He was extremely clumsy and did not understand anything.

Time slowly passed. It was not until more than half a year later that Chen Heng stopped his teaching and directly kicked Liu Li out. Of course, before he chased Liu Li away, he did not forget about Carey and Krudo.

When Chen Heng was teaching cultivation, they were also present. They cultivated together with Liu Li, and now they had a shallow level of cultivation.

Chen Heng thought for a moment, then sent the two out together and entered this world to start cultivating.

Although the Azure World wasn’t exactly a great top-tier world, the environment inside wasn’t bad. Although it couldn’t cultivate a divine existence, it was enough to cultivate below the Ninth Rank. It was more than enough for the two rookies, Carey and Krudo.

The three of them went out together and began to cultivate. They formed a team, and with Liu Li as the leader, they began to travel outside continuously. During this process, Liu Li also discovered that these two elders’ aptitudes were simply heaven-defying.

They were like people who were born to cultivate. Whether it was their aptitudes or sense of spiritual energy, they were both top-tier, so strong that it was frightening.

Regarding cultivation, breaking through was much easier than eating or drinking. Liu Li couldn’t help but feel his teeth ache.

Carey and Krudo didn’t have any aptitude at the beginning. It was just that when Chen Heng revived them, he also strengthened them a little and directly filled up their various aptitudes. That was how it had such an effect.

After all, Chen Heng was a Supreme Divine Power, so it was well within his ability to do such a thing. If Chen Heng were willing, it would not be a problem for him to raise them directly to the Demigod level.

However, due to some considerations, he still did not do this. Instead, he chose to let them cultivate on their own. This result might not be any different from Chen Heng’s direct intervention, but the process was much more wonderful.

In any case, with Chen Heng watching from the side, nothing unexpected would happen.

The three traveled in the outside world, spending most of their time cultivating and exploring. Occasionally, they would seek revenge on Liu Li’s enemies and teach them a lesson.

Slowly, they gained a great reputation. The people around basically knew about this group, and they also understood their strengths.

Chen Heng watched the entire process and did not intend to interfere. He had already made up his decision. Unless Liu Li and the other two met with danger, he would not interfere. He would sit quietly in his seat and watch the show for the rest of the time.

Time passed slowly. Unknowingly, a thousand years passed in an instant. In a series of struggles, Liu Li led Carey and Krudo to rescue Liu Yi and found his family, overcoming one challenge after another.

Carey and Krudo had long since advanced to the true monarch level during this time and even faintly surpassed this level.

Along the way, Chen Heng saw a lot of things. He had been staying in the wasteland for a thousand years and usually studied some things there. At the same time, he observed the journey of Liu Li and the others, viewing their experiences as stories.

Liu Li did not disappoint him. The experiences along the way were very exciting and were not much worse than the novels of his previous life.

In the end, the entire Azure World began to shake violently. The earth began to tear apart, and the sky began to boil. The entire world seemed to have ended instantly, and a fatal force dissipated.

“You’re finished!”

In the distance, someone was staring at Liu Li and the others with hatred, and his eyes were filled with incomparable joy. “The Ancient Venerate is about to revive, and at that time, all the living beings in this world will die!”

“And you are no exception!”

He laughed heartily and spoke as if there was no one else around. But slowly, he felt that something was wrong.

Why were Liu Li and the others not panicking, knowing that the Ancient Venerate? And why were their gazes so strange?

From Liu Li to Liu Yi, from Carey to Krudo, all of their gazes were very strange. It wasn’t fear. It wasn’t fear. Instead, it was like … pity?

Pity? Why should they pity me? Aren’t you all afraid?

The people everywhere were confused, and all sorts of thoughts flashed through their minds. But soon, they understood why.

Because in the distance, behind Liu Li and the others, a pair of eyes as big as stars and bright as the sun gradually appeared. They were slowly opening. That pair of eyes seemed to be filled with the entire Boundary Sea.

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