Farming in the Mountains: Max Level Jiaojiao Is Three Years Old

Chapter 672 - Chapter 672: Family’s Subconscious…

Chapter 672 - Chapter 672: Family’s Subconscious…

Chapter 672: Family’s Subconscious…

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Liu Guixia smiled and said, “The seeds of the tree have sprouted on the ground. Looking at the appearance of this tree, it should be two or three years old. It’s also because we don’t come here often to gather firewood that we don’t know about.”

Xue Erfu saw that these small trees were the same species as the surrounding trees, so he didn’t find it strange. He also felt that the surrounding trees had dropped their seeds and only grew like this after two or three years of growth.

However, Xue Erfu was not in a hurry to go down. Instead, he stood on the slope and looked at the faint golden color among the small trees. “There’s also one there, there’s also one there, and there’s also that… One, two, three, four, five, six, seven. Mother, there are seven trees with that golden thing hanging on them. It should be the fruit of that tree, right? Why is there a fruit hanging on that tree?”

“Since we’ve come all the way here, let’s go take a look.” After saying that, Liu Guixia held Jiang Yue’s hand with one hand and Xue Yan’s hand with the other, in case the two kids fell down the slope.

When they went down the slope, Liu Guixia and Xue Erfu realized that there was quite a lot of grass under these small trees.

Jiang Yue and Xue Yan had expected that small trees and grass would grow in this area yesterday. Now, they were unsurprisingly calm. They just followed Liu Guixia obediently and shuttled between the small trees to the lemon tree closest to them.

There were many golden lemon fruits hanging on them. On each tree, half a bag of lemon fruits could be picked.

“This tree looks a bit like an orange tree,” Xue Erfu said as he stared at the tree in front of him. “But the fruit doesn’t look like an orange.” He even pinched it. “It’s all yellow. It should be ripe, but this is quite hard. If the orange is yellow,

it’ll be much softer than this.”

However, Liu Guixia thought of something and quickly said to Xue Yan, “Xue Yan, do you still remember that when your father and I went to the academy to visit you two years ago, there were a few of these plants in your academy?”

Xue Yan said, “It shouldn’t be this thing. The ones planted in the academy are citron. They look very similar to this one, but the fruit of the citron is much bigger and the surface is rougher than this one. This one is much smoother, and the leaves of this one are much thicker than the leaves of the citron.”

“That’s true.” Liu Guixia stared at another golden fruit. “What is this? I wonder if it’s delicious? Do you want to take it back and take a look? It’s already this color. It should be ripe enough.”

Hearing that, Jiang Yue and Xue Yan’s gazes met.

Previously, they had to pretend to accidentally eat the wild fruit. Now, as long as there was wild food, their family members would subconsciously wonder if it was delicious.

“Then take it back. It’ll rot on top of this anyway.” Xue Erfu laughed. “There’s about seven of them. Two baskets are about enough. I can carry them back in one load. Jiang Yue knows how to eat them, right? Maybe she can make something delicious.”

Great, Jiang Yue and Xue Yan’s gazes didn’t even meet before being called out.

Then, Xue Erfu ran to Yifu, who was still picking the sweet potatoes back, and told him to remember to bring two empty baskets when he came back from home to pick, saying that there were wild things that could be harvested.

Xue Yifu agreed with a silly smile.

There wasn’t even a wicker basket, so they didn’t know where to put the fruits. Xue Erfu and Liu Guixia went to gather firewood again. It wouldn’t be too late to pick the yellow fruits after Xue Yifu brought back an empty wicker basket.

Now that her family had found out, Jiang Yue and Xue Yan were even less anxious. They went to the tree where they gathered firewood and helped to pick up the firewood and tie it up..

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