Feng Yu Jiu Tian

Volume 18 Chapter 8 part3

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Luo Deng shakes his head and whispers to Feng Ming’s ear, “He was rescued from the outside of the city gate by the old craftsman of our Xiao family workshop a few years ago, after waking up, he looked so pitiful, so i took him in. Looking at his appearance, It’s like there’s something wrong with your brain and he doesn’t know how to communicate with others. According to his master, Zhu Xuan usually stays alone, after learning some skills, he likes to knock and hit on things that no one else has ever seen before. However, he recognizes the size of the graphics more accurately than anyone else and the best in making things according to the drawings of all his master’s apprentices. This one is the last person to leak secrets, so when his master fell ill, this subordinate assigned him the work. Don’t know how he did according to the drawing this time, but he completely made another strange thing.”

As Feng Ming listened, he looked at the ‘weapon-making master’ who was greater than he had expected and thought to himself, this looked a bit like a mild autism, but he didn’t know whether it was congenital or acquired.

Feng Ming asks Rong Hu to take the model and put it in front of Zhu Xuan and gently asks, “You see, this is the model you made. I originally wanted to make a trebuchet, as a result, you not only added the design of the winch, but also incorporated a concept similar to a crossbow gun. Did you know? This is a very powerful weapon.”

This time, unexpectedly, the skinny Zhu Xuan nods immediately.

Feng Ming and others are slightly surprised, and everyone quickly exchanged a doubtful look.Feng Ming asks, “Zhu Xuan, you intentionally modified the drawing that Luo Deng gave you to you want to make a powerful weapon, right?”

Rong Hu is alert at this time and interjects, “Where did you learn mathematical sciences?”

His question is crucial.

Because in this era, it’s not easy for ordinary people to learn to read and ordinary people don’t have the opportunity to come into contact with mathematical sciences which is closely related to architecture.

Back then Feng Ming used the principle of leverage that shocked Ruo Yan and others.

The third princess of Fan Jia was also attracted by Feng Ming’s babble up about “Xirei’s number one mathematics and science”. The degree to which mathematics is valued by the privileged class can be seen from this.

Science is a kind of accumulation and summary of knowledge.

No matter how shocking the talent of Zhu Xuan’s mathematical sciences, it’s impossible for him to achieve such a breakthrough unless he has had the opportunity to come into contact with the most advanced weapon designs in the world today.

The teacher who picked him up in the Xiao family taught him some exquisite craftsmanship at most, but he could never teach such a design idea.

For a moment, Feng Ming, Rong Hu, Luo Yun, Luo Deng, four pairs of eyes are fixed on him. Zhu Xuan doesn’t seem to know that his answer is being followed nervously by many people, he stands there and doesn’t seem to understand why everyone suddenly stare at him.

Feng Ming has no choice but to repeat Rong Hu’s question again, as if coaxing to a child, “Zhu Xuan, haven’t you learned mathematics? Do you remember who taught you mathematics?”

Zhu Xuan seems to have heard clearly this time, and his lips which have been tightly closed, finally moved.

Since the beginning of the conversation, he hasn’t said a word except to nod, now he’s finally willing to speak, his words are as precious as words and only says three words in total.

But these three words are more powerful than three hundred words.

He tells a name, “Dong Fang Tian.”

As soon as the name came up, almost everyone gasped.

Dong Fang Tian, isn’t he the famous arithmetic master in the world? His position in the field of mathematics and sciences is like Xiao Zong’s position in swordsmanship, he is definitely a top master!

What’s more terrible is that this funny old man who is proficient in mathematics and sciences is still a Li Kingdom people. At that time he took him to Fan Jia together with the intention to seduce the third princess of Fan Jia as the newly appointed King, but was destroyed by Feng Ming.

Therefore, Feng Ming is also considered to have a relationship with Dong Fang Tian.

Rong Hu’s thick eyebrows frown and looks at Zhu Xuan with a serious vigilance in his eyes, “Are you a Li Kingdom people?”

Luo Yun stares at Zhu Xuan and coldly says, “Even if he’s Li Kingdom people, it is impossible to learn this kind of thing unless he’s royal family or noble. Young Master, the man’s origin is unknown and he deliberately made strange things to attract Young Master’s attention, it’s clear that he has a plan, it is better to hand over him to this subordinate and this subordinate will interrogate clearly.”

Feng Ming glances at Luo Yun’s killer ice-cold face.

What kind of interrogation, probably torture?

If they really catch a spy, he must be tortured. The pitiful autistic look like Zhu Xuan’s, who has the heart to torture him?

Feng Ming sees Zhu Xuan’s face wincing, he’s holding his hand and comforting, “Don’t be afraid, I won’t give you to him. The name Zhu Xuan is very nice, it’s not a common name used for the children of ordinary people. Who helped you pick the name?”

His friendly offensive has a certain effect, Zhu Xuan makes two comparisons, it seems that Feng Ming is much more kind than the two black faces Luo Yun and Rong Hu, and he can’t help but move forward towards Feng Ming and give an answer.

This answer is also treasured such as gold, only two words in total.

But it’s definitely a sensational word.

Because Zhu Xuan moves his lips so simply, the words he says are unimaginably, “Father King.”

Feng Ming and others are blown into a daze once again.

If you want to choose the best spokesperson who is unsurprisingly shocking endlessly, this big brother Zhu Xuan is definitely deserves it.

Father King?

Even idiots know that he who can call the word ‘Father King’ except the princess is the prince.

Is it possible that this skinny, timid guy who is reduced to being seen and adopted by others is direct descendant by blood?

Which kingdom’s royal blood?

Connect the doubts before and after, and the answer is about to come out.

Dong Fang Tian is a master of mathematics and sciences of Li Kingdom who valued by Ruo Yan, and those who can be taught by him are probably the children of nobles of Li Kingdom. And Zhu Xuan is also a prince…

Looking at Zhu Xuan’s appearance, although he’s thin and small, he should be at least 17 or 18 years old, it’s estimated that Ruo Yan wouldn’t have such an old son.

That mean, it’s possible that he is…

No way!

Feng Ming gasped for a few times and asks in disbelief and high tone, “Are you The Li Kingdom’sRuo Yan’s younger brother?”

How is this possible?

But looking backward, it’s not impossible.

Ruo Yan is vicious, arrogant, and can’t afford to lose face, if he dislikes his autistic brother from an early age, it is not surprising that he will kick his own poor brother out immediately after registration.

It’s strange to make people believe that Ruo Yan is has brotherly love.

It might have been said that he did not drive his brother out, but ordered a killing, but for various reasons, Zhu Xuan successfully escaped his eldest brother's clutches and fled all the way to The Tong Kingdom. The noble prince was degraded to a street beggar, when he almost froze to death, he was saved by the old craftsman of the Xiao family and was kept in the workshop ever since.

Thanks to Feng Ming’s amazing imagination and deep fear of Ruo Yan, for a moment, the story of a thrilling-bloody-and-tearing-brothers-who-kill-each-other story has been excitedly sketched out in Feng Ming’s head.

Unfortunately, the whole story has not yet been completed, Zhu Xuan gently shakes his head and immediately wipe out Feng Ming’s wonderful story.

Feng Ming froze and blinks for a long time. “Uh? You’re not Ruo Yan’s younger brother? Then how can you have a father king? How do you have the chance to get in touch with people like Dong Fang Tian? Okay, in the end who exactly are you?” His pleasant manner come again and ask shamelessly.

“I’m not Ruo Yan’s younger brother,” Zhu Xuan finally shows great mercy this time, although he’s stuttering, he has a lot more words than he’s just now, which is really moving. He pauses, with a deep sadness on his face, he then whispers and murmurs in a low voice that’s hard to be heard, “I’m Yu Quan’s younger brother.”

Feng Ming is standing closest to him, his ears upright, and finally managed to hear this sentence clearly.

But listening clearly doesn’t mean understanding.

He is not Ruo Yan’s younger brother, this is still understandable, but where did that spring come from? He’s not one of Old King of Li’s illegitimate son, is he?

Judging from the current situation in various kingdoms, it seems that illegitimate children are also common in the royal family, and Feng Ming himself also has Cai Qiang ah!

(t/n: in case you forgot, Cai Qiang is An He (the prince’s body taken by Feng Ming) and the servant Cai’s son)

Stop! Where do this thoughts go?

What a mess…

Imagine the historical scene of the impassioned solicitation of weapon master turned into this, it’s really making people want to cry but don’t have tears.

Even if Liu Bei comes personally, the only thing he probably can do is showing off his skill to wail, right?

The more Feng Ming thinks, the more he gets a headache, but suddenly she saw Ronghu from the corner of his eyes as if he was comprehending the overall thinking expression, he quickly lifts his head and asks Rong Hu, “Rong Hu, Did you think of something?”

Rong Hu surprisingly nods, “This subordinate already know who he is.”

“Ah? You know?”

“He is Princess Yu Quan’s younger brother of the same mother.”

The so-called siblings of the same mother, it is only in ancient times when polygamy prevailed that the word half-mother came up all the time when explaining the relationship between brothers and sisters.

“Can you say it in one breath?” Feng Ming is anxious to scratch by Rong Hu’s calm style. “Well, I know Yu Quan is a princess, this princess has a younger brother, but who is Yu Quan? Unexpectedly, in addition to Miao Guang, there is also Yu Quan, why it seems like I have never heard of it.”

“Princess Yu Quan is not Li Kingdom people, she is Bei Qi people and the eldest daughter of Bei Qi’s King, her identity is the most honorable among all the princesses of Bei Qi, because she’s not only the eldest princess, but also the queen”.

Rong Hu explains, while Feng Ming nodding.

Don’t say that he is not concentrate in class, the maps of various kingdoms in the world at present time he’s more or less familiar. Isn’t Bei Qi right next to Dong Fan? He often sneaked into the Dong Fan army to spy on information.When he was deceived by Lu Dan to Dong Fan, he repeatedly heard the military commander mentioned Bei Qi. The lover of the thirteenth military assistant, the tree that died so miserably, was a Bei Qi’s spy.


Feng Ming still scratches his head. “What does this have to do with Li Kingdom? What does it have to do with Dong Fang Tian?”

Did Dong Fang Tian betray Li Kingdom and ran secretly to Bei Qi to start a class to receive his apprentice? Then he is bold enough, if Ruo Yan knew he would chop him up.

“Of course, it has something to do with Li Kingdom,” Rong Hu smiles and finally solves the mystery. “Because Princess Yu Quan of the Bei Qi was the first queen of Li Kingdom.”

Boom! There’s another bomb.

This time, the winner who is unsurprisingly shock people to death, replaced by Rong Hu.

Feng Ming is dumbfounded, “Ruo Yan’s Queen?”

Tsk tsk, how much courage it takes to marry of Ruo Yan’s woman.

“Unfortunately, after marrying into the Li Kingdom for a few years, Princess Yu Quan died inexplicably.”


“If Zhu Xuan had followed her sister to the Li Kingdom, he might have been taught by Dong Fang Tian as the queen’s own brother. Duke Ming should have understand the context by now, right?” After Rong Hu finished speaking, Feng Ming blinks in confusion. It’s not that he’s slow to respond, it’s just that there are too many things happening today, one thing is more unexpected than the other, the experience over and over again makes him more dizzy than riding a roller coaster ten times in a row. Who knows if such excitement will come again one after another.

Really awful, Feng Ming’s idea has just flashed from his mind and the sound of hasty footsteps came from the outside just at this time.

Everyone’s face change slightly and their eyes move out the door together.

Ran Qing appears at the main door of the living room with a dusty Xirei’s messenger.

“Young Master, the military report just arrived.”

Fearing that the letter was poisoned, Feng Ming was ordered by Rong Tian not to accept the letter in person. Rong Hu takes it first, he takes it apart and glances at it quickly, frowning lightly.

Feng Ming’s heart is throbbed, “Is it the news of Yue Zhong city?”

Rong Hu shakes his head. “This is sent by Mian Ya’s men stationed in other kingdom.”

He turns his attention to Feng Ming and condenses the whole military report to one sentence, “The detachment stationed at the border of Li Kingdom suddenly broke out, crossed the border between Fan Jia and Zhao Bei, and occupied Zhao Bei.”

The news is so shocking that the whole hall is suddenly silent.

After a long time, Feng Ming murmurs, “Isn’t Zhao Bei the kingdom of Princess Chang Liu?”End Of Volume 18Many surprises… and finally i’m done….. thank you so much and bye…..

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