Ferocious Boss: Hubby, Let’s Get Married

Chapter 481 - I’m Very Talented In Judging Women, Hence I Choose You

Chapter 481: I’m Very Talented In Judging Women, Hence I Choose You

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Staring at Yue Tingfeng’s smug look on his face, Yan Qingsi was tempted to punch his face in.

Yan Qingsi felt a slight itch on her hand as she extended her arm toward Yue Tingfeng’s face and pinched his cheeks as hard as she physically could. She said. “So what if you’re filthy rich, why don’t you buy everything on the surface of the Earth then!”

Yue Tingfeng groaned in pain. He said. “I know money isn’t everything, but… the truth is, I look extremely gorgeous. Having both money and amazingly good looks would give me the extra credit to flaunt. Just look at everyone on the streets, does anyone even come close to compare with my god-like beauty?”

Mrs.Yue cringed as she felt extremely embarrassed at her son’s bold statement. Seeing how her son acted, she was ashamed to even mention that she had any ties to this man.

Mrs.Yue was tempted to knock on her son’s head just to make sure it was not missing a brain.

Yue Tingfeng pouted and said. “Mom…won’t you say something!”

“What do you want me to say? Wasn’t whatever you said was always right? You do have god-like beauty!” Mrs.Yue replied as she cleared her throat.

“See, even my mom agrees…”Yue Tingfeng said.

Yan Qingsi chuckled sarcastically and replied. “You’re right, you know, aunty used to also say, besides your good looks and money, what exactly do you still have?”

Yue Tingfeng was speechless after hearing her reply.

After a brief moment, Yue Tingfeng laughed out of nowhere and replied.”I was being humble just by talking about my infinite riches and god-like appearance, I happen to have another amazing quality, and that would be my very talented insight in judging good women.”

Upon hearing her son’s snarky reply, Mrs.Yue nodded in agreement instantly and said. “Oh yes, absolutely right! His greatest quality as a person was his undeniable talent in judging good women, or else, he wouldn’t have fallen so deeply in love with you on his first sight. The only right thing he’s ever done in his life, would be that. Hold that thought, there’s one more thing left for him to do.”

Yue Tingfeng felt great as his mother had finally helped him out for once in front of his girlfriend.

“What did I tell you, my judgement is amazing…right?” Yue Tingfeng said.

Yue Tingfeng swiftly picked up a slice of pork rib and place it on Yan Qingsi’s bowl. He said. “Here, you’ll need to eat more.”

Yan Qingsi’s smile grew wider and was literally beaming with joy. She let go of Yue Tingfeng’s cheeks and gently caressed his cheeks instead. She replied. “You’re right, I’ll need to eat more so I’ll have more energy to work later at night.”

“Work on what?” Yue Tingfeng asked.

“My movie, silly.” Yan Qingsi replied.

Mrs.Yue lowered her head to drink some soup.

Yan Qingsi went to her set to watch Song Qingyan and a couple of male supporting actors acting a scene after her meal. It was fantastic work. Everyone in that scene was truly phenomenal. They were doing an amazing work in capturing the character’s emotions, all the frustrations, greed and desperation of the character that they were playing was so beautifully expressed through their acting.

Acting for both female and male actors was on a completely different spectrum. Judging from their scenes, Yan Qingsi could feel the sadness and desperation from their scenes.

Yan Qingsi felt that this movie would be an amazing one during the premier. In other words, this very movie would win them plenty of awards.

A good movie marketing promotion would be the single most important thing to do. A good script along with amazing acting skills from every actor, would be without a doubt win them several awards.

Yue Tingfeng noticed just how focused Yan Qingsi was in that scene, he felt a little jealous and simply teased. “Looked better than me?”

“Yep, better looking than you.” Yan Qingsi answered as she playfully pushed his head.

Yue Tingfeng grabbed onto Yan Qingsi’s hand and explained from the perspective of a businessman. “I don’t think this movie would break any box office records. The ticket sales would not be as high, but surprises can happen. Since the expectations from the general public has been unreasonably high lately, it might flop.”

Yan Qingsi nodded and replied. “But it would certainly win some awards.”

“Would you like to use this movie to propel you to win the most promising newcomer award?” Yue Tingfeng asked.

“Of course I would…” Yan Qingsi replied.

After a brief moment and hearing no replies from Yue Tingfeng, Yan Qingsi turned around to look at him. She asked. “What are you planning?”

“Nothing, I’m not planning anything.” Yue Tingfeng played dumb.

Yan Qingsi scratched his palm a little and said. “I can rely on you to get the resources I need, I can allow myself to be as underhanded as I needed to be for a role I wanted. However, everything else has to be done on my own. To reach the peak of my career, will be my sole responsibility alone.”

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