Ferocious Boss: Hubby, Let’s Get Married

Chapter 656 - Aren’t You Afraid That He Dies from The Fall?

Chapter 656: Aren’t You Afraid That He Dies from The Fall?

With a thud, You Xi hit the floor, then a cry of pain followed. No more sounds came forth afterward.

Yan Qingsi stood in front of the window, looking at the flowerbed he landed in. It was very dark below. She could not clearly see and was only able to confirm the general location he landed in.

Ye Shaoguang did not expect Yan Qingsi to really push You Xi down. His face was full of shock. “Aren’t you afraid that he dies from the fall?”

Ye Shaoguang leaned out the window, trying to search for You Xi’s silhouette. His eyesight was better and could somewhat make out You Xi’s struggling body in the flowerbed. Only after confirming that You Xi was alive did he let out a sigh of relief.

Ye Shaoguang finally admitted that Yan Qingsi was a ruthless woman. True to her words, she pushed him. Luckily, it was only from the second floor. If it was any higher, he would not survive.

Yan Qingsi sneered. “How was it me that pushed him? It was obvious that he tripped over the edge. It has nothing to do with me. Even if he’s dead, that’s his own bad luck.”

You Xi kidnapped Yan Qingsi, hoping to rape her while she was drugged. If he wanted to maintain his dignity, he would never expose this incident.

Otherwise, one count of criminal offense and a count of attempted rape would be sufficient to drag his name through mud in Hai City. Not only him, but the entire You family’s name would be tarnished.

You Xi would not be that dumb to make a police report accusing Yan Qingsi of pushing him down. To cover up the truth, regardless of what Yan Qingsi did to him, he could only suffer in silence.

Yan Qingsi had mixed feelings as she fiddled with the necklace. The necklace was not made of any rare or valuable materials. It was only a plain silver necklace and a used one at that. The half ginkgo leaf pendant, however, appeared polished from constant touching. It was apparent that someone constantly rubbed on it.

Given You Xi’s personality, why would he carry something worthless like this?

His family… heirloom? The You family?

The sudden appearance of this necklace helped provide some hints to her already complicated and clueless thoughts.

This exact necklace was something she had seen her mother wearing when she was young.

When she first saw the necklace on You Xi’s neck, she thought it belonged to her mother.

However, after obtaining it, she found that it was not the same, or rather… it was the other half. Her mother’s necklace and this one coincidentally can be put together to form a complete ginkgo leaf.

Yan Qingsi’s memories of her childhood were complete. She clearly remembered that the shape of the necklace on her mother’s neck was slightly different than this.

The only thing was that her mother’s necklace went missing after her death.

At first, Yan Qingsi did not bother. With her mother gone, what was the use of keeping a necklace?

However, Yan Qingsi never expected that many years later, she would see a necklace like this again.

This could be a coincidence, or… there was a connection between the two.

No matter the connections, Yan Qingsi felt that this was a very important lead. Perhaps… following this lead, she could dig up more traces.

To be able to discover this clue, getting kidnapped by You Xi was somewhat worth it.

Ye Shaoguang saw Yan Qingsi’s complicated expression. He did not know what was going on in her mind, but he was sure that the necklace triggered something inside her.

Ye Shaoguang did not know what repercussions this necklace would bring in the future. However, his goal was just to get Yan Qingsi out of there. As for anything else, he did not want to ask, nor make assumptions because certain things get scarier the more you think about it.

Hence, he did not make assumptions, nor pondered upon them.

Ye Shaoguang said, “You Xi is not someone you should mess with. Leave now.”

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