Ferocious Boss: Hubby, Let’s Get Married

Chapter 791 - Talking About Tearing Up That B*tch

Chapter 791: Talking About Tearing Up That B*tch

Everybody was excited—excited to see what Mrs. Yue would do.

Would she swallow it down and accept him, or… make a scene?

But no matter what, everyone would enjoy the upcoming show.

That was how people were; there was a dark side inside of everyone…

Seeing that woman who was higher and wealthier than themselves to fall and to be stuck in such a state, they could not help but feel a sense of pleasure. As if seeing her suffer would make them feel better!

Mrs. Helan looked at Mrs. Yue with a gentle smile at the corners of her lips. Upon seeing that Mrs. Yue was unmoved at all, she was a little puzzled and surprised that she was able to hold it in.

Yet she was still confident about the power Yue Pengcheng had over Mrs. Yue. Otherwise, all of her preparation would go to waste.

Mrs. Helan smiled winsomely and said, “Brother Yue, you two have been husband and wife for years, don’t be shy! Hurry up and give Sister Su a hug. You have not seen each other for so long, I’m sure you’re excited.”

Yue Pengcheng went up immediately with excitement on his face and said, “Ningmei, I’m back… All these years… I’ve left you alone. It’s my fault, from here on, I’ll make it up to you, we’ll live happily as a family!”

Yue Pengcheng’s expression was full of guilt; his eyes were focused and filled with emotions. Those who had no idea would think that his love for Mrs. Yue was that deep!

Yue Pengcheng stretched out his hands wanting to hug Mrs. Yue. Yue Tingfeng stood up and smiled from the corner of his lips. He looked at Yue Pengcheng without a word, but his gaze was as if pointing a sharp blade on Yue Pengcheng’s neck. That made him shiver and stopped where he was at.

Yue Pengcheng rubbed his hands awkwardly. “And… Tingfeng, I’m sorry… Don’t worry, I’m back. I’ll make it up to you too…”

Yue Tingfeng just smiled and said nothing. What a show today. If he did nothing, then it would be such a disappointment toward their intricate arrangements.

Mrs. Helan’s face was filled with a smile that spilled, ‘It was all for your own good’. “It has not been easy all these years for Mrs. Yue to have brought Tingfeng up and lived on their own in the country”, she said. “For a husband and wife to be separated for almost thirty years, I, as an outsider did not feel good just looking at it. For a woman to raise a child all on her own, it’s really difficult. Both of you were not together when you were young, but now that you’ve aged, it’s best to have someone by your side. They said young couples turn into old companions, isn’t this what it meant exactly? So, this charity dinner today is also to welcome Mr. Yue back to Luo City.”

She then said to Mrs. Yue, “Sister Su, please don’t blame me for being a busybody. Husband and wife don’t hold a grudge against each other overnight. Even if Brother Yue had wronged you in the past, he knows his mistakes now, does he not? No matter what, you are all a family. If I can reunite you all as a family, then I have done a good deed, just right to settle what I had done to you, don’t you think?”

Mrs. Helan was anxious to see that Mrs. Yue was unmoved at all and had said this deliberately, expressing her efforts in every word and sentence, as though Mrs. Yue would be deemed insensible if she did not accept this.

She had dug a deep hole for Mrs. Yue today, one deep abyss for her.

Yan Qingsi chuckled. For a person to be so despicable, it was unimaginable.

The lady who had an argument with Mrs. Yue on the same table earlier also said, “Mrs. Yue, look at how nice Mrs. Helan is to you, don’t be mad at her anymore. Where can you find another good sister like her!”

Mrs. Yue who remained unmoved all this time had finally raised her head, smiling gently and calmly. “You’re right. Suya, come here. I really like this present today, I’ll have to thank you properly.”

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